Orly Spellbound Halloween 2020 Nail Polishes

Orly Spellbound Halloween 2020 Nail Polishes

Attention to details can make the difference between a nice costume and a cool Halloween look and one of the details you don’t want to overlook is your nails. The perfect nail polish can add the finishing touches to any look, making it flawless and to help you achieve that perfection, Orly put together the Spellbound Halloween 2020 nail polish collection featuring 3 hues of the brand’s new Flash Glam FX collection and a cool wicked black nail lacquer that will stand as the perfect base to help bring out the full effect of the intensely pigmented nail glitters.

The Spellbound collection is capable of delivering “a ghoulish glitter look” with ever application, so mash up the pigments to reveal a monstrously cute manicure that will surely sock from first glimpse. Apply the glittered nail lacquers over the bare nails for a sheer look or bring out the drama queen in you with the ‘nail shiners’ over a layer of black to intensify the look and obtain a stare-at manicure. The small Spellbound collection by Orly includes the following nail lacquer shades:

Orly Spellbound Halloween 2020 Nail Polishes

Liquid Vinyl – black

Right Amount of Evil – orange glitter

R.I.P – black and red glitter mix

Monster Mash – green glitter

The nail polishes can be purchased individually or as a set which includes a stylish Spellbound display box to help you store your fave nail lacquers in style, and get the glitter nail polishes for $10 each and $8.50 for the Liquid Vinyl. The collection is already available for purchase, so grab on to your favorites and get the most mesmerizing Halloween manicure.

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