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Red Flags Not to Ignore When Dating

Red Flags Not to Ignore When Dating

Forming new relationships is no easy task. Finding compatible personalities, learning to accept quirks and different habits and finding middle ground despite differences is a real challenge even when there’s chemistry and things appear to go well. Let’s face it: dating is not always a winning game and most of us would like to be forewarned about things that can go wrong.

Watching for red flags seems a bit overrated when things are beginning to become interesting, but paying attention to potential problems beforehand can help you avoid a lot of frustration and grief. Pay attention to some of these red flags and see if the person you’re dating is guilty of any of these:

Red Flags Not to Ignore When Dating

Dating at odd hours Life can be hectic and finding time for romance as we know it might be a challenge. Still, getting together only at strangest hours of the day/night is one of the signs that can signal big troubles. Unwillingness to be seen in public with someone is usually a sign that the other person is hiding something from you, often being one of the leading signs of infidelity.

Not feeling special No secret here: the main reason we choose to engage in a relationship is to feel special, appreciated and loved. Still, if things just don’t seem to go in the desired direction, it can often mean that further efforts are futile and can prove to be extremely frustrating for both of you. Postponing the inevitable moment is usually more painful for everyone.

Being weary with calls Cellphones might have changed the way we communicate lately, but some things have remained unchanged. Leaving the room frequently when receiving a call is suspicious no matter how we frame it. Something fishy might be going on if your cutie feels the need to create distance from you in such moments.

Facebook un-tagging Social networks are the ‘it’ thing now and while you may or may not be absorbed by the whole concept of constantly checking updates, relationship statuses and photo tagging can be revealing when it comes to determining his intentions. Taking the time to untag himself from photos of you two signals nothing good.

Not being around in times of need No matter how independent one might be, we all need support at one time or another. If you find that you can’t count on your cutie for more than superficial stuff, it is a clear sign that he is definitely not a keeper.

Being stingy with personal details Men and women undoubtedly have different ways of communicating. While most men aren’t excessively descriptive when it comes to their feelings or experiences, if he makes it difficult to get to know him or makes it hard for you to have a clue about what he might be thinking after dating for a while, things aren’t going well.

Red Flags Not to Ignore When Dating

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