Signs of Attraction: Reading Romantic Body Language

Signs of Attraction: Reading Romantic Body Language

Forget about men always making the first move. Sometimes they just wait for a cue from you and it’s important to know how to give it, based on the guy’s body language. Get familiar with the most obvious signs of attraction men can’t hide, including shy guy body language.

Romantic body language is simple to read once you know the basics and the signs of attraction a guy subconsciously displays give you all the power: make a move to show him his attention is welcome and he’ll be ready to “pounce” like the hunter that he is.

Signs of Attraction: Reading His Face

Your first glance can often give you a lot of info about the guy’s intention. It only takes a few seconds for men to decide if they’re into you and show it right away.

Take a good look at his face: if his eyebrows are raised even a bit or if his lips part when your eyes lock, he’s into you. Smiling is a sure sign, but it’s even more certain when it’s followed by a second of nostrils subtly flailing.

Romantic Body Language: Preening

Just like women lick their lips when they’re about to talk to a man they like, men tend to have simple preening gestures, including stroking their ties or smoothing a lapel. His hair is also important: based on his hairstyle, he’ll most likely either mess up or smooth his hair in preparation.

Once he feels confident enough, you might see other signs of attraction based on romantic body language: including playing with buttons, playing with objects and touching his face, especially while looking at you.

Signs of Attraction: Reading Romantic Body Language

Signs of Attraction: Posturing

From standing erect to show you his best posture with all the muscles pulled tight to spreading his legs while sitting opposite, men give off a lot more signs than they know.

Standing with his hands on his hips is another sign of male body language attraction that he’s showing off for you and waiting to get noticed.

Attraction Body Language: Touching

After he lets you see him check out your body and you reciprocate, the next step is touching. First he gets closer and leans in, then he’ll go for any excuse to put his hands on your elbow or touch the small of your back. Even if he’s not there yet, look out for the moment he crosses his legs: if the top leg points in your direction and so does his torso, he’s definitely interested.

For the shy guy body language, even if he’s not posturing for you or touching you, you can clearly spot most of the more subtle signs of attraction in the arsenal of male romantic body language.

Signs of Attraction: Reading Romantic Body Language

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