Signs Your Relationship Is Doomed

Signs Your Relationship Is Doomed

Signs Your Relationship Is Doomed

Ignoring the red flags or trying to fix problems that can’t be fixed in the short term can lead to a bad breakup. If you’re not happy in your relationship and you see more than one sign that things are headed in the wrong direction, you might want to reconsider your commitment.

Discover the biggest signs your relationship is doomed, red flags that show you the relationship probably can’t be saved, unless both you and your partner put in a lot of work for it. From lack of trust to constant sacrifices, here are the signs that spell doom.

There’s No Trust

Whether your guy doesn’t trust you or you have trouble in believing everything he says, that’s a huge problem. Trust is a huge part of the foundation of your relationship, and when it’s gone, that usually means that you should split up. If you caught him in a lie, then you can decide to forgive him or not, but letting it destroy your trust is the worst way to go.

You’re Dealing with a Lack of Respect

When one or both of you are being dismissive and stop showing respect for the other half of the couple, that’s one of the signs your relationship is doomed. Berating and name calling, whether it’s done in private or in public, is very close to abuse and it should be a wake up call.

There’s a Growing Distance

If you’re trying to get get some place and avoid intimacy or a real connection, that’s a big problem. If he’s doing the same, trying to seek distractions to avoid real communication, the emotional bond is starting to become severed and that’s a big red flag about the impending doom.

Emotional Infidelity Comes into Play

One of the most obvious signs your relationship is doomed is when one or both of you are seeking that connection to someone outside of the relationship. Even if there’s no cheating, opening up to someone else in a way that’s almost romantic is a bad idea. Allowing your friends to become boyfriend surrogates and fulfill your emotional needs more than your guy leads to trouble.

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Verbal Abuse Is an Issue

Even when it’s followed by apologies and promises that things will change, verbal abuse is not something you should stand for. Engaging in it creates a hostile atmosphere that will slowly poison the relationship. Everyone slips up, so don’t see it as a huge red flag if it’s just an isolated incident. However, if it keeps happening, you might be better off calling it quits.

Your Interactions Are Mostly Negative

If you fight more than you have sex, that’s a problem. However, those are just the two extremes of the spectrum. When more than half  of your interactions with your partner are negative, that’s one of the signs your relationship is doomed. Going through a rough patch doesn’t always lead to a breakup, but when you notice this sign, you should definitely start working on your relationship.

You’re No Longer Each Other’s Top Priority

It’s one thing if you’re both focused on kids, but as a general rule, when you stop being your partner’s top priority, there’s a problem. When you just don’t put the effort in anymore, it’s time to admit that there are some unsolved issues, or you’re just drifting apart, and a split is imminent.

You Make Constant Sacrifices

When you have to ignore your own needs constantly just to avoid conflict or keep your partner happy, that’s definitely one of the signs your relationship is doomed. Compromise is very important in any relationship, and sometimes making temporary sacrifices is a great thing for both of you. But if this is the status quo, you might be better off single.

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Your Guy Is Your Biggest Stressor

If your partner is always a source of stress for you, whether you have to clean up after him or deal with his emotional issues constantly, it might be time to consider ending the relationship.

You Lost Yourself

Being part of a couple doesn’t mean you stop being an individual. If you’re losing your identity outside of the relationship and giving up things that are important to you, you’re dealing with one of the signs your relationship is doomed. It might not end tomorrow or this year, but it will eventually end.