Signs Your Relationship is Heading Towards Marriage

Signs Your Relationship is Heading Towards Marriage

There are special indicators that a relationship stands on a strong and almost indestructible basis. If you decide to make a quick analysis to your life as a couple, it is wise to keep in mind the following signs your relationship is heading towards marriage. The secret to a fortunate union is in fact tolerance, patience and commitment.

If you’re ready to work on these subjects, you’ll be able to please your soulmate and enjoy the bliss of a happy marriage. Skim through our brief review on the traits that characterize a relationship strong enough to be turned into marriage.

You Talk About The Future As A Family

In this case couples tend to talk about a future that involves both of them. They are eager to share their plans and dreams with their partner. If your boyfriend says (accidentally or consciously) ”we’re gonna have super-cute babies”, this is an obvious sign that he has serious intentions with your relationship.

Signs Your Relationship is Heading Towards Marriage

The ‘Marriage’ Subject

Guys often skip this subject in order to avoid the pressure of an ultimate decision. However, those men who have no problem sharing their wedding plans even if they don’t mention the name of the bride are obviously ready to make a long-term commitment.

See whether your partner feels 100% comfortable when talking about this delicate subject. If the answer is YES, the door is open for future plans.

You’re Considered Part of The Other’s Family

The two families share the fondness for you and your boyfriend? This is one of the secret indicators that your relationship stepped to the next level.

Moreover, you’re also invited to family trips and festivities. Consider this as the best sign that your cutie has long-term plans with you.

You Skip The ‘If’ Lines

Couples who start to use the word ‘when’ instead of ‘if’ have a clear intention to marry each other. Saying things like ‘when we move together’ is one of the indicators that this relationship has a guaranteed future.

You Get Along With Each Other’s Friends

In order to avoid conflicts, it is important to get along with each other’s friends. It is a common mistake to neglect buddies for the sake of keeping up a relationship. Friends are a must when it comes to a relaxing social life. Partners have to make an effort to melt into the closest circle of the other one.

He’s Not Trying To Change You

In the first phase of a relationship partners are eager to adapt to the needs of the other one, even if it means to make smaller changes in their own behavior. After months of being together you’ll get used to the weak and strong points of your sweetie. The moment you no longer feel the drive to change the other one is the ultimate sign that you belong together and can make plans for the future.

Signs Your Relationship is Heading Towards Marriage

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