The Second Trimester of Your Pregnancy

The Second Trimester of Your Pregnancy

In comparison with the first trimester of pregnancy, the second one is believed to be a much easier and comfortable one. After all the fatigue, nausea, discomfort, now your body’s feeling much better.

Still, you may experience muscle aches and pains, a completely normal effect of your body stretching and expanding to accommodate your growing baby.

With some mild daily exercise, pregnancy yoga and daily stretching, you’ll surely feel better.

The Second Trimester of Your Pregnancy

Many pregnant women find that their skin changes in appearance, either the well known pregnant glow, or, in much worst cases, acne or splotchiness. In your second trimester, you may experience weight gain, one pound per week. Now let’s see what your baby’s doing. By the 15th week of pregnancy, all of baby’s major organs are formed.

Some, such as the heart and kidneys, will continue to develop further this trimester. But fingernails are formed, eyebrows too, his wrinkled skin is now covered with fine hair. This is incredible! He or she will now be able to swallow and hear!

By the end of this trimester, your baby is between 11 and 14 inches long and weighs about 2 to 2½ pounds.  One of the most amazing things that happen during this trimester is that your baby’s kicking! He moves, kicks, he sleeps and wakes.  A miracle is growing inside you!

Just to be safe, remember : although you may be feeling much better, it’s important to monitor your body to make sure everything is progressing as it should be.

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