Vitamin C for Anti Aging

Vitamin C for Anti Aging

On the list of anti-aging substances, Vitamin C occupies a very important place. Because of the protective and regenerating qualities is considered the queen of all vitamins.

In her pure form (such as fresh fruits or veggies) applied on the skin, Vitamin C helps the skin to keep it’s youth and prevents aging.

Vitamin C therapy is the solution for preventing premature aging and maintaining a young and healthy complexion.Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant and protects the skin against environment aggression such as pollution or solar radiations. Vitamin C is also effective in protecting the skin against damage caused by smoking.

Vitamin C for Anti Aging

A regular applying of this formula of Vitamin C helps fighting against these “youth and beauty prigs”.

It stimulates the the production of natural collagen, essential proteins that help to maintain the flexibility and firmness of the skin.Also, accelerates the process of healing acne and acne marks.

Tests shows that the protection force of Vitamin C lasts maximum 3 days after applying.

So use more often fresh fruit and vegetable base facials and if you never tried, start using them for your health and beauty.

Vitamin C for Anti Aging

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