1 Month Old Baby – Weight, Care, Development & Milestones

In this article we will be discussing about some basic facts about the 1 month old baby. 1 month old means that the bay has just been brought home from hospital just a few days earlier. This is one of those times when the baby requires intensive care and if you’re new to this job, then the facts discussed in this article will obviously help you. This is one of those time, when the mother as well as the rest of the members of the family becomes really emotional as there is a little angle or a little king sleeping almost throughout the day in front of their eyes. A lot of measures have to be made when it comes to the baby’s development, food (feeding), care, sleep, toys, and even milestones. We will discuss one by one.

1 month old baby

1st month old baby – Weight, Care, Development & Milestones:

Let’s see how to be in the first month newborn baby care and what to do in his development at this stage.

Weight (1 Month Old Baby Weight):

This is one of the most important things regarding a new born baby. When the baby is nearly one month old a weight checkup should be done that means the baby should be measured if he weighs enough or not or if he or she is overweight (which can be problem later on) and according to that a future diet has to fixed.

The baby which is mostly breast feeded will gain not more than than this limit, 112-120 grams which means the baby will weigh4-7ounces per week. The weight of the baby should be checked almost every week or per month for the first six months. Monthly, the baby should weigh around 1/2 to 1 kilograms. That means there should be an increase of 1/2 to 1 kilograms of weight per month. This is one of the most important steps when it comes to taking intensive care of the baby and should be strictly followed.

1 Month Old Baby Care:

Now that a new member has stepped into your family and your life, your life has probably changed a lot. A lot of affection and strict behavior should be put into when it comes to caring for the 1 month old baby. Each and every day will be like a challenge for you, as the baby is growing each and every day. The needs of a 1 month old baby are pretty basic, but there can be some unpredictability and uncertainty in their behavior. You will be have to be prepared for all possible outcomes. A 1 month old baby will have to be served frequently (feeding). Most of the babies of this age nearly sleep throughout the day. However, there are some babies who show a different behavior where they wake up suddenly at certain intervals. Now your job is to make sure that the baby is getting proper amount of sleep or else the baby will get sick pretty easily if proper sleep is not provided.

1 Month Old Baby Feeding:

The baby should be fed at least 6 times per 24 hours when it is of 1 month old age. During the first 6 months, breast milk should be the only supper, lunch, dinner,breakfast for the baby. Do not try to influence heir feeding habits or their might get disturbed and later on this will result in lack of growth. The baby knows how much it needs to drink and in case they are premature, then that is a different scenario. This is one of the prime steps that needs to be kept in mind before feeding the baby.

1 Month Old Baby Sleep:

Sleep is one of the primary requirements of the baby. The baby should be provided with plenty of opportunity for getting sound sleep. Sleep is what will make the baby grow actually. One of the prime needs of the baby is sleep at this stage. The environment should be deigned in such a way that the baby gets proper sleep. The room should be made totally sound proof. If not possible, all the windows and the doors should be closed keeping enough space for the 1 month old to breathe. The baby should be placed at the cot, even though they are 1 month old for providing them with effective sleep time.

Development (1 Month Old Baby Development):

The weight of the baby is fairly increasing and it is sleeping enough as well. This means that the baby is developing without any bad sign in development. If for some reasons the baby is not gaining proper weigh, then it is must that toy consult a professional.

By now the baby will be able to identify the mother and will be able to move and close and open the eyes as well. This is one of the most basic development that the 1 month old baby has to pass through. The baby will now know about the importance of breathing even though it doesn’t know about the term. The baby will also respond to your gentle and kind behavior. The time of response will vary from baby to baby.

1 Month Old Baby Foods, Toys and Milestones:

Playing and interaction is one of the basic needs of the baby at this time. Toys that will be suitable for the baby to hold by its hand should be bought. Baby food includes mother’s breast milk and if anything else is recommended the doctor.

The developmental milestones of the baby includes, identifying people, colicky behavior, alarming superiors about any discomfort, passive and calm behavior. These are some of the basic signs that the baby needs to show to prove that he or she is properly developing. These were some of the 1 month old developmental milestones.

Beside, all these attributes, the baby should be kept safe, should be provided with enough room for interaction and playing, etc. The baby should also be taught some self care measures. Along with the baby, the mother needs to take care of herself as well.

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If you eager to know about the different developmental, sleep, feeding requirements of the baby then you will find above article educative. If you’re willing to take care of your baby and you’re coincidentally a first timer, then you have come to the right place, of course.