9 Amazing Sea Animal Crafts For Kids And Preschoolers

Sea & ocean animals are wonderful creatures created by God. They are inspiring and enchanting as well. Help your child go wild with his imagination in creating some Sea animal crafts easily at home.

Best Sea Animal Crafts And Design Ideas For Preschoolers And Toddlers:

Here is few top 9 sea animal crafts or ocean animal crafts for preschoolers and toddlers,

1. Colorful Octopus:

Colorful Octopus

Half of the orange or sweet lime left after removing the juice and colorful tinsels, Glue / stapler / sticky tape are what you need. Dry up the sweet lime or orange before using. Cut the tinsels as per the length required and staple them or stick them to the inner side of the orange / sweet lime. Just make sure you use only 8 strips as an octopus has only 8 arms. You can also make use of an old broken tennis ball.

2. Bright Colored Fish:

Bright Colored Fish

Take a few Colored ice cream sticks and glue. Stick them in the form of a fish and attach a wiggly eye or big and bright colored button. You can hang them on a string or just stick it to the wall of your kid’s room. In case you do not find colored ice cream sticks, just take plain ice cream sticks and color them as you want to.

3. Paper Bag Jelly Fish:

Paper Bag Jelly Fish

For making the paper bag jelly fish you need one paper bag for one jelly fish, some wiggly eyes, glue, paint brushes, paint colors, glitter glue, and scissors with jagged edges. Your child first paints the paper bags with a mixture of many colors – as he / she pleases. No designs required. Just paint haphazard. Add glitter when the paint is wet – it gives a wonderful effect. Cut strips half way with the jagged-edge scissors. Stick the eyes. And hang it up!!

4. Clothes Pin Shark:

Clothes Pin Shark

To prepare this sea animals art and craft, first gather up clothes pin, grey & white card sheets. Wiggly eyes, tooth pick and some glue. Cut the upper part of the body of the shark in grey card sheet and the lower part in white. Don’t forget to draw the fins before cutting. Stick them to sides of the clothes pin which opens. Stick a small fish to the toothpick and attach it to the opposite side so that it appears as if it is being eaten by the shark. Make the dangerous Shark your pet…

5. Sea Urchin:

Sea Urchin

These are the very easy sea animal crafts for preschoolers. Just take non-toxic clay and some toothpicks. Ask your child to roll a piece of clay into a ball. Stick some tooth picks into the clay and voila your Sea urchin is ready. You can also paint the toothpicks as per the color of the clay.

6. Egg Carton Whale:

Egg Carton Whale

In Sea Animal Craft ideas, this one is the perfect craft for a toddler. For this you need – egg cartons, blue paint, some blue and white pipe cleaners, wiggly eyes, blue card sheet and glue. Cut one piece of the egg carton and turn it upside down. Paint it blue and leave it to dry. In the meanwhile, cut fins and tail for the whale. After the paint dries, pierce a hole on the top and put small pieces of blue pipe cleaner to show the water sprouts. Curl them on the top. Stick the tail, the fins and the eyes. Draw the mouth and your smiley whale is ready.

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7. Colorful Paper Plate Fish:

Colorful Paper Plate Fish

In Ocean animals crafts for preschoolers, you can use paper plates to make a swell aquarium on your wall. You will need lotsa paper plates and paints. Let your child paint the fish. Don’t forget to cut and paint the tail and the fins as per the paper plate color. Stick these fish on the wall. You can paste photographs on it and it becomes a lovely wall décor.

8. Paper Plate Walrus:

Paper Plate Walrus

These may be one of the easiest ocean animals arts and crafts for toddlers. All you need is paper plates one big size and one small, white card sheet or plastic spoons, brown paint, wiggly eyes and some white wool. Paint 2 small paper plates and one big paper plate with brown paint. Leave it to dry. Cut the handles of 2 plastic spoons and small strings of white wool for whiskers. Cut one of the small paper plates into half. These will be the legs. Stick the other small paper plate on the top of the bigger one to form the head and the body. Stick the legs & the wiggly eyes. Draw the nose and the mouth. Stick the white wool as the whiskers. The handles of the spoons will be the teeth of the walrus.

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9. Toilet Paper Fish Craft:

Toilet Paper Fish Craft

Gather some toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls cut in half, paint, glitter, , paint brushes, scissors, glue and wiggly eyes. Paint the toilet roll. You can spread glitter when the paint is wet or you can add the glitter to the paint before painting the toilet rolls. After the rolls dry, push in the sides of one end of the tube to make a point and press the tube to make it flat. Make two diagonal cuts at the end of the tube and then in the middle. Now glue the eyes, then that will become best sea animals craft for preschoolers.

Sea and ocean creatures are really colorful and mesmerizing to look at. Your kids’ wild imagination can be seen in their craft. They can make really enchanting and lively sea animal craft that you could become speechless.

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