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9 Beautiful Finger Puppet Craft Design Ideas For Kids And Preschoolers

With the increase in craft items, the students are also introduced to new designs and patterns of making interesting crafts. A new design introduced in the list of art and craft are finger puppet craft items. It is made with the shapes of various animals and birds which make the puppet show unique.

Best Finger Puppet Craft Design Ideas For Kids and Preschoolers:

Here are some attractive finger puppet craft ideas you can help your kids make with,

1. Giraffe Finger Puppet:

Giraffe Finger Puppet

Want to have giraffe! Here is a cardboard piece cut in the looks of a giraffe which is given brown spots on it. On the lower portion, two holes are made to move the giraffe with the help of fingers.

2. Finger Bunny Puppet:

Finger Bunny Puppet

A cute finger puppet craft for kids is made using textile material in wool. The bunny is made which can be worn on the first finger with ease and moved to and fro while uttering dialogues.

3. Facial Animal Puppets:

Facial Animal Puppets

Animal finger puppets craft is given a new design when the finger is given only the facial part of the animal or bird. Made from cardboard papers, it is given lovely designs of facial parts in various colors that look live.

4. Fruit Puppets:

Fruit Puppets

Fruits when used to make paper finger puppets craft, give the best way to learn and have fun. Each finger is given the shape of a different fruit to play the guessing game that makes it easy for the kids to learn.

5. Family Puppets:

Family Puppets

Want to have a family puppet show! Here is an amazing design of family finger puppets craft design that carries a complete family on fingers. They can be modified according to the members of the family.

6. Forest Family Puppet:

Forest Family Puppet

The family finger craft is given a new design where the forest animals are combined for narrating a jungle story. The characters of the puppets can be changed according to the story.

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7. Fiesta Puppets for Fingers:

Fiesta Puppets for Fingers

Want to exhibit the famous stories! Here is a set of fiesta crafts finger puppets that help you. The packs come with finger puppets of all the characters included in the story line. These are cool stuffs for your kids, get this and make them happy.

8. Spring Finger Puppets:

Spring Finger Puppets

A simple and easy design to make is the spring puppets. Finger crafts for preschoolers in this design are made with the help of springs which are made with cardboard for the facial portion with wool and velvet.

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9. Weather Craft Finger Puppets:

Weather Craft Finger Puppets

Finger puppets with the design of weather changes give the complete pleasure to understand the weather and related aspects with ease. It is also used for rhyming up with various weather-related poems. This is best method to teach your kids about weather and seasons, he or she will surely love this new learning way.

If you want to make a smile on baby kids face then this one finger puppet crafts will be helpful to let your kids laugh. You can make them as per your logic and creativity too, use home basics stuff and papers to make a craft. The finger puppet craft has been much in trend as it has made learning easy for the kids. They are also used by the adults for the formation of specific advertisements or campaigns which makes it simple for the people of the rural area and villages to understand the message.

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