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9 Stunning Tissue Paper Crafts For Kids And Adults

When it comes to homemade crafts, tissue paper crafts have been quite popular among the kids of any age. Easy to crinkle, jumble, crumple or decoupage, tissue papers have an important place in paper crafts as they give the best outcomes when used to make different items.

Best Flowers And Other Designs With Tissue Paper Crafts:

Here are some of the popular tissue roll craft items as flowers and other designs that are widely practiced by various people of any age.

1. Tissue Role Butterfly:

 Tissue Role Butterfly

Tissue papers make adorable butterflies with desired colors. When colored, squeezed and crumbled in desired way, it makes a lovely beautiful butterfly on cardboard paper with drawing in the center. You can try this type of craft in your free time. Simple and looks good after complete this craft.

2. Tissue Paper Wind Chime:

Tissue Paper Wind Chime

Yes, wind chime made with tissue paper craft ideas make an artistic decoration for any room. They can be given desired colors and shapes to form a wind chime with a fluming effect. Get few more colorful designs or shapes and make your home decorative in simplest way.

3. Tissue Paper Ducks:

Tissue Paper Ducks

When it comes to tissue paper crafts for adults, making small animals or birds has been widely observed. They can be given required color according to the design selected with, and is decorated with pearls and other charms. This type of crafts looks very much pretty, get this craft and teach to your kids too.

4. Tissue Paper Dolls:

Tissue Paper Dolls

Yes, tissue paper crafts for kids would be incomplete without the set of dolls in it. With complete finishing, the dolls can be given any kind of dresses which also remain flawless with hats and other decorations on it. You can gift this craft to baby girl or your dear one too.

5. Paper Flower Bouquet:

Paper Flower Bouquet

Tissue paper craft flowers make a lovely bouquet for decorating your homes, offices or special desks during dinners. They can be made with various colors in desired shapes as they also come with an open outlook. Paper flower will be good choice for gifting to anyone, get this craft or make your own craft for flower vase.

6. Candle Box From Tissue Paper:

Candle Box From Tissue Paper

Candle boxes are mostly made for festivals using tissue paper squares crafts. With the help of ice cream sticks, the tissue paper candle box is given accurate design. The tissue paper is also given designing prints with various colors on it. This is nice craft and will be good collection for your free time.

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7. Tissue Paper Lantern:

Tissue Paper Lantern

Lanterns have been trending tissue craft items these days. Made from all homemade items, they are given different color prints which give desired look when lightened in dark rooms. You can also make it using old jars, balls, etc.

8. Party Decorations From Tissue Paper:

Party Decorations From Tissue Paper

Yes, party decorations made from coloured tissue paper for crafts give your party a new and decorative look. This includes hanging charms, floral bouquets, and other items used for decorating rooms.

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9. Tissue Paper Fans:

Tissue Paper Fans

Fans have been popular tissue paper art and craft items. Made from various colorful tissue papers, they are also decorated with similar cuttings from tissues with designing corners at the edge.
Tissue paper craft ideas hold an important role in decorations and also give the children a new way to use the tissue roles in making something best. They have also replaced the shining paper decorations for parties and events that give a new look in an Eco-friendly manner.

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