Eating Sausage in Pregnancy – Safe or Risky?

Pregnancy in itself is a battle. Battle with the body hormones running berserk, battle to keep up with the daily chores, battle of holding oneself together. Ask any pregnant woman about the nine months in which she carries another life inside her, you’ll always get the same answer: Pregnancy is like a roller coaster. I mean sure you get the beautiful glow along with the happiness of carrying your little angel inside you, but you also get terrible mood swings, pain and don’t forget about the hunger!

You find yourself craving for any and all kinds of food.

Though women usually crave for something sweet or sour, sausages are also reported to be one of the most ‘craveable’ as the saying goes. Since, pregnant women worry about everything that goes inside them, as they should, we bring to you the effects of eating sausages during pregnancy.

Effects of Sausages During Pregnancy

Effects of Eating Sausage During Pregnancy:

1. Researchers believe that eating of sausages while pregnant can be harmful because sausages are meats and meats need to be avoided as far as they can. While slaughtering of animals, there could be bad hormones accumulating in them due to sudden death and this could lead to the formation of a not so good natured baby as per research.

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2. Sausasges are fat inducing and could be over the line spicy at times, harming the pregnant mom in various ways. It cannot be termed as very healthy. An ounce of sausage contains about 85% of saturated fat which could lead to obesity and complications.

3. Fats and cholesterol are necessary for the proper growth of the baby though as it is said too much of anything leads to trouble. So excessive intake of fat by consuming too many sausages during pregnancy might create problems.

4. Also there is a lot of Sodium compound in hot sausage. Thus, eating sausages while pregnant could lead to urinary and coronary diseases and malfunctions for the mom as well as the baby.
Though sausages contain zinc, iron and other minerals in it which are quite important for the development and growth of a baby.

5. Toxoplasmosis is a disease which is caused by the bacteria present in an under cooked sausage. Meat attracts bacteria of many kinds and these cause various diseases like nausea, stomach pains and other acute ailments but for pregnant women these are hugely effective on their foetuses and may even cause unnatural deaths, premature births and other dysfunctional defects which also include mental syndromes.

6. Scientific research also shows that sausages cause the acid present in the stomach to go absurd and reflux through the glottis causing angina pectoris which is also known as heartburn and is shown with symptoms like severe pain in chest. This could trigger chronic ailments in the child and also risk the life of mother and the baby causing pressures in blood to dysfunction.

What to do about the Cravings?

Cravings should never be just ignored as it could lead to some serious defects in the unborn’s nutrition. There are deficiencies of some minerals or vitamins and so the mother craves for particular food.

If the craving for sausages doesn’t fade away soon, the mom to be should heat it and eat hot sausages instead of eating the packed and preserved meat. Heating the meat is beneficial as it kills the bacteria. Once, the bacteria is dead, the sausages are no longer contaminated and therefore safe to eat.

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Pregnant women can also benefit by eating sausage in pregnancy as they provide some vital nutrients but more than useful, these are harmful and should be avoided as long as possible.