Hip Pain during Pregnancy – Causes and How to Treat

When you are in your second trimester, you will have a cute little baby bump which most likely make your body go out of shape. You will also wear loose and baggy clothes but nonetheless, people will smile when they look at you and offer you seat in public transport. However, with that cute bump comes along a host of pains and swellings in your body. The most common of them all is the hip pain while pregnant.

hip pain during pregnancy

Hip Pain during Pregnancy:

Common Causes:

This pain is caused by the loosening of ligaments which holds together the spine and the pelvic bones. These bones are loosened to help in the process of giving birth, but this loosening of joints can cause pain in hips, lower back and legs. It can further lead to bones milling against bones and inflammation.

Another cause of hip pain during pregnancy is that as your baby develops, his head comes to rest on the sciatic nerve which is located in the lower part of the spinal canal. This leads to a sensation of numbness and pain that seem to emerge from deep in your buttocks and radiate downwards to your legs. Women who are overweight or those who already have hip problem before getting pregnant are more likely to be affected by it. The pain can be really really intense at times but gradually as your baby will shift its position inside your womb, the pain will vanish as quickly as it came.

The pregnancy hormone, relaxin, leads to the softening of the pubic bone and this can also be the cause of hip pain in pregnant women. Hip and pelvic pain is something that nine out of ten women experience when pregnant.

The main cause, as already mentioned, is the increased pressure on your sciatic nerve. This causes a problem or a pain that is known as sciatica. As you move closer to your due date, it will probably go away and this hip pain is not a major cause of concern.

How To Deal With The Pain:

The Best Part Is that this hip pain in pregnancy can be dealt with in very easy ways:

The best ways to combat pregnant hip pain is to maintain a good posture. While you are sleeping, keep a pillow in between your knees and one body pillow beneath your back or the side to ensure proper blood circulation in your body and reduce the pressure on your joints.

Do not sleep straight on your back. Sleep on your side and keep your knees a little bent. This is not only a very good posture for the baby but this will also reduce the pressure on your pelvic and hip joints.

Pregnancy results in a heavy uterus that comes to bear its weight on the pelvic joints of your body. To not stress this joint any further, it is advisable to give up on wearing heels till the time your baby is born. Heels can dis-balance your body and might exaggerate the pain that you are already experiencing. Wearing platform heels are the best option for those who somehow cannot do without heels. If you do not like platforms, go for flat foot wears that will not slant your sole and will maintain the balance of your body.

Pregnancy will rob your bones of calcium. Hence, it is advisable that you include calcium in your diet so that your body does not become deficient in calcium. Calcium deficient bones are weak and lead to pain. If from the start of your pregnancy, you intake adequate amounts of calcium then you will not feel much pain during your second or third trimester. Foods like yogurt, milk and eggs should be a regular part of your diet. Additionally, you could also intake calcium supplements but only with prior permission from your doctor.

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When the hip pain during pregnancy gets unbearable, you could fill the bathtub with warm water and enjoy a long warm water bath. You can also use a hot water bottle to reduce the soreness of your joints and nerves and thus reduce the pain in your hips. You could also ask your midwife to gently massage your hip region. She could also apply some warm oil during the massage. It will help you feel better.

How To Get Rid of Hip Pain While Pregnant 2

In advanced stages of pregnancy, almost every woman experiences a hip pain. During this period, a pregnant woman should not engage in a stressful physical activity. Lifting heavy things and standing for long hours should be avoided. Give your body and your baby adequate rest and you will definitely feel good.

Prenatal yoga is also known for providing relief for hip pain in pregnancy. However, the yoga should be performed only by a certified instructor because wrong positions can backfire and aggravate the pain. Ask your instructor to teach you simple yoga exercises like pilates because it reduces the hip and joint pain immensely.

Also, avoid slouching and maintain a good posture when you are sitting or standing to ensure proper blood flow in your body. Avoid walking for too long as that also pushes the pain in your hips a notch higher.

These simple and easy steps should go a long way in relieving your body of pain and stress. Keep your mind and soul peaceful and do not stress much.

Hip pain in pregnancy generally goes away as the baby shifts position inside your womb but just in case the pain is too much for you to bear and it incapacitates you, do not jump the gun and take painkillers because that could be detrimental to your child. Follow these natural steps of curing the pain and it should make you feel better. However, as I said, if the pain is a little too much, inform your doctor on your next prenatal visit and take his advice into account before you do anything. Be Healthy, Be Happy!

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