Top 15 Amazing Paper Cup Crafts with Pictures

Nurture your kid’s creative spirit with these fun ideas for making simple and unique crafts. Making use of these inexpensive craft materials, you will be giving your kids, the needs to escalate their imagination and creative play. Let’s craft!

Unique and Best Paper Cup Crafts Design Ideas:

Here are the Top 9 collections of paper cup crafts.

1. Duck Paper Cup Crafts:

Discover this new range of collection of crafts for kids, which makes use of economical paper cups. These disposable cup crafts are so simple for the kids to make, and come out with their creative knowledge. Along with it, chart papers are used for adding some details and ultimately we get a funny duck animal.

2. Chick and Bunny Treat Holders Paper Cup Crafts:

If we literally want to make use of this low cost material, for kids crafts, then we can go for choosing this kind of paper cup craft ideas. Along with enhancing the kids activity power, we can also make use of this craft as a good household item. It can be used as holders for kids stationery purposes.

3. Funny Kids Paper Cup Crafts:

When kids are keenly interested to make some funny crafts, then they can go for these kinds of paper cup craft works. They are personalized funny animal crafts which are totally based on one’s own ideas. Also the materials used are cheap and cheerful.

4. Mushroom House Paper Cup Crafts:

Making use of such paper cups and some paper plates, along with one’s own imagination and few interesting colours, one can turn up with this type of paper cup craft activities. This cute little mushroom house is simple and enjoyable cup craft to make.

5. Handmade Paper Cup Crafts:

If you are working in a theme based project which has tribal characters, then you can make use of this sort of plastic cup crafts. It is truly uncomplicated and kids would really enjoy making this type of handmade cup crafts.

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6. Funny Animals Paper Cup Crafts:

There are many possibilities to decorate our own imagination. These funny animal crafts using paper cups are the one among them. Making use of the low cost but effective materials, these crafts are really a tremendous and marvellous outcome. They are very popular among pre-schoolers.

7. Cartoon Paper Cup Crafts:

The most loveable and adorable characters by the kids are the cartoon characters. It may be a Donald Duck or a Minnie Mouse, making such art and craft using paper cups should surely make their day a great one. It will be a great entertainer for your kids and also a great enhancer of their imagination.

8. Strawberry Treat Paper Cup Crafts:

These cute and plain sailing little cups would be perfect for a strawberry party, which can be extraordinarily filled with treats. This can be the perfectly remarkable paper cup craft, enjoyed by the kids when these are filled with homemade goodies from our kitchen. This craft can also be decorated using various colours and shades, making it look beautiful.

9. Crab Paper Cup Crafts:

This exceptional yet amazing disposable cup crafts is another step of kids’ imagination. This type of animal crafts are truly enjoyed and entertained by the kids. This proves to be a great tool to improve patience and concentration in your kids.

10. Paper Cup Hats Craft:

Paper cup hats are very cute and beautiful. They are easy to make. You can paint the cups and can decorate them with ribbons, feathers; beads etc. kids can use these paper cup hats for their toys whereas they can also be used as room decor.

11. Paper Cup Angels Craft:

This craft is adorable. It adds cuteness to every single thing. These paper cup angels also generate positive vibes. Paper cup when held upside down can be used as angel’s body and you can attach a cute little face of the angel to the top (practically the end) of the cup. This angel can be decorated using ribbons, beads, diamonds, feathers etc. you can draw various designs on the cups too.

12. Paper Cup Santa Craft:

This craft is very popular. People, on the eve of Christmas, make Santa of small paper cups and this Santa is placed on the Christmas tree. This adds beauty to your Christmas tree and also adds happiness to your Christmas celebrations.

13. Paper Cup Lamp Craft:

This is another best option you can consider when looking for paper cup crafts. You can paint the cups and decorate it and can place lights in them. Various designs and patterns can be carved on the cups to give it a different and finished look. You can hang these lamps in your balcony and also in your bedroom or hall way.

14. Paper Cup Snowman Craft:

This is yet another option to make your Christmas celebrations look perfect. You can make paper cup snowman by using materials like paper cups, ribbons, beads, diamonds, small paper hats etc. this paper cup snowman looks beautiful and is very popularly used, especially among kids.

15. Paper Cup Valentine Craft:

Want to gift something different and cute to your valentine this valentine’s day? Then do try out this paper cup craft. You can use it as an explosion box or gift box. You can also use 2 or 3 cups at one time and make it a gift box using your own ideas and imagination. This cute and unique gift would surely bring a cute smile on your valentine’s face.

If you think, you should make your kids come out with their own imagination and creativity, and then this is it. Make use of such inexpensive yet amazing paper cup crafts to make your kids attentive and focused on their innovation. Even young people can try these amazing crafts and can enhance their creativity and imagination.