Top 15 Problems During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most sensitive period in a woman’s life. Ample amount of care must be taken to ensure that the baby and the mother both are healthy. But this phase is also accompanied by several problems and complications which should be considered seriously so as to avoid further complications in pregnancy and have a happy and healthy pregnancy. Here are common pregnancy problems that most of the women face-

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Problems During Pregnancy:

1. Nausea and Vomiting:

Nausea and vomiting are common early pregnancy problems. The cause, according to the experts is due to the rise in the level of hormones specifically estrogen and progesterone – that is produced in more quantity during the first trimester. For early morning, take something light and bland before getting out of bed and other remedies include eating a light snack at bed time to keep the tummy from becoming empty and unsettled overnight. For the problem of puking in public, keep polybags at handy, and plenty of breath mints to encounter the problem of nausea. If this is persistent and causing other problems, you may need to consult doctor as this may be due to being malnourished or dehydrated or any other medical condition.

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2. Breakouts:

Pregnancy leads to rise and fall of hormones and it is similar to nine months of PMS for women, since it triggers bumps and blemishes which might have vanished after your teenage was over. The problem can be encountered by using acne products that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide as their constituents. Talk to your doctor to recommend you some remedies and follow them strictly. Acne breakouts are a common thing and hence are not a much big thing to worry about.

3. Vaginal Discharge:

Vaginal discharge is one of the common problems during pregnancy and is caused due to the abrupt rise and fall of hormonal level in the body. Rise in the estrogen levels, especially in the third trimester causes the vagina to release more secretions and thus there is an increase in the vaginal discharge. This problem can be encountered by using cotton fabrics instead of synthetic ones to help you stay dry. The problem is a matter of concern if the discharge itches, burns, has a strong odor or the color of the discharge is unusual. Talk to your doctor about this to make sure that you are not suffering from any kind of infection or sexually transmitted disease.

4. Gas and Burps:

As the baby grows, the space in your belly reduces. As a result, bowels become crowded and digestion may be hampered, making you gassy and bloated. All the foods that have been good for you like apples, cauliflowers, beans etc. The best solution to this problem is to eat smaller and more frequent meals and also avoid fatty foods like fried chicken, foods that contain artificial sweeteners etc. A good walk of 20 minutes after the dinner can stimulate digestion and relieve the gas. There is nothing to worry about it as this is a natural thing, its just pregnant women need to do it more often.

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5. Backache:

Backache is one of the most common problems in pregnancy. During this phase, the ligaments in your body naturally become softer so as to stretch to prepare the body for labor. This puts a lot of strain on the points of your lower back and pelvis and causes backache. A few of the things to avoid or minimize backache include avoid lifting heavy objects, wearing flats as this will evenly distribute your weight om your feet, work at a surface high enough to prevent stooping etc. Ensure you get enough rest, particularly in the last trimester of pregnancy. A firm mattress for sleeping can also help to reduce the problem. Activities like acupuncture, hot packs or exercise can help prevent the problem.

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6. Changes in the Skin:

As the pregnancy develops, there are certain changes in the skin and hair. These changes vary from women to women. Some of these include the appearance of dark patches on the face of some women or the hormonal changes make the skin dull and a little darker. Stretch marks at various places like around the stomach may also appear. These hormonal changes will make your nipples and area around them darker as well. Other places like birthmarks, moles etc. may also become darker. All these changes are reversed or gradually fade away after the baby is born.

7. Cramps, Swelling & Varicose Veins:

Cramps and swelling are the most common problem during the course of pregnancy. These symptoms can be avoided by doing regular exercise and taking sufficient amount of rest. Cramps are sudden and sharp pain usually in the calf muscles, this problem can be overcome by trying several exercises which include mainly foot at work. To ease the cramps pull your toes hard up towards ankle or rub the muscle firmly. The problem of varicose veins can be avoided by avoiding standing for large period of time, trying not sitting with your legs crossed or not putting too much weight as this will increase the pressure.

8. Fatigue Problems:

Feeling tired is a common problem during pregnancy and these may be accompanied by fainting and this is mainly due to the hormonal changes. Pregnancy makes women feel dizzy type and various precautions can be taken to manage the problem. Some of the solutions to this can be – trying to get up slowly after sitting or lying down, if you feel fainted while lying on your back, you may change your position, have ample amount of nutritious food and also wear light and loose clothes.

9. Vaginal  Thrush:

During pregnancy, many of the women experience occasional bouts of a common infection of yeast i.e. vaginal thrush. This problem causes the irritation and swelling of the vagina and surrounding area also sometimes accompanied by a creamy white cottage cheese like discharge. This problem is fairly harmless but it may cause discomfort and hence you should immediately visit your doctor rather than buying anti thrush medicine from the pharmacist. A few measures like wearing cotton or silk underwear instead of synthetic ones, avoid wearing tight stockings or tights, wash the area with clean water and the underwear with the hot water and pure soap can help you to curb the problem.

10. Headaches and Indigestion:

During various stages of pregnancy, many a women experience headaches and indigestion! To avoid the problem, the first thing is to change the life style, taking plenty of rest, and also maintaining healthy diet. Try to get more regular rest and do some exercises like brisk walking or doing yoga. Indigestion can be cured by avoiding fatty, spicy food and turning on to a regular healthy diet and regular meals not keeping more gaps between two consecutive meals.

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11. Bleeding:

Bleeding can be one of the common pregnancy problems in some women. If you are bleeding heavily and experiencing severe abdominal pain or cramps like that during menstruation, it can indicate an ectopic pregnancy. If this happens during first or early second trimester, then this can be a sign of miscarriage. Bleeding during pregnancy is a serious issue and immediate medical attention must be sought. Bleeding in the third trimester could be a sign of placental abruption too. Thus any sort of bleeding during pregnancy must not be ignored and needed medical attention should be given by consulting the doctor.

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12. Constipation:

Most of the women face constipation too during the course of pregnancy. Soon after you conceive, your pregnancy hormones slow your digestive tract to crawl which can cause constipation. The solution to this problem can be inclusion of high fiber intake so as to relieve the digestion process. Have plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables and high fiber cereal and ample amount of water to solve the problem. This problem is most of the time not serious but discomforting and can be rarely dangerous but you should consult your doctor to solve the problem as untreated symptoms can lead to fecal impaction and may cause more severe pains.

13. Itchy Nipples:

To prepare your body for breastfeeding, your breasts and nipples start increasing in size and as the breast size increases, the sensitive skin around this area also stretches which can trigger the itchiness and irritation around the nipple area. This is a common problem so nothing serious as far as you develop a rash or notice bloody discharge from the either of your nipples, immediately seek medication. This could be because of any bacterial infection or in very rare cases a cause or symptom of breast cancer.

14. Sharp Groin Pain:

During the mid pregnancy, sharp pain down there starts up when the ligaments in your pelvic region begin to stretch to accommodate your growing baby. If you stand up suddenly, you may feel pain which could be unbearable sometimes. If the pain is severe or accompanied by cramps, contractions, pelvic pressure and severe increased vaginal discharge, then it could be a sign of premature labor and thus you should immediately inform your doctor.

15. Leaking Breasts:

Your body is getting ready to nourish a new born and hence this is a symptom or sometimes also common pregnancy problems. High levels of prolactin at the end of the pregnancy can cause the fluid to leak from your nipples when they are stimulated. If the leakage is foul or bloody, talk to your doctor to ensure that there is no bacterial infection or any kind of rare condition like cancer.

Thus early pregnancy problems are not only a common thing but during the whole course of your pregnancy you might face a few discomforts or problems. No need to panic, just call your doctor and seek help as well as advice on how to be healthy and take care of yourselves as well as your baby by suitable medication.