Top 9 Toys For 4 Month Old Baby

Now that your child is 4 months old, you will have to buy some awesome toys to keep his mind occupied. At this age, his toys will be a little different from what he required 1 or 2 months ago. Now, the toys will be a little more educational and a bit complex as well.But such toys allow the child to use his brain and will further boost the brain activity and assist in overall growth.

1. The Banana Toothbrush:

Toys For 4 Month Old Baby - The Banana Toothbrush

This is something which will actually come in handy. A toy manufacturing company has introduced this awesome toy which can be utilized for brushing the little teeth of the 4 month old baby, if he has any. It is more of a toy which the baby can peel and know about the fruit, banana. It is one of the best toys for 4 months old.

2. The Giraffe Stuffed Toy:

Toys For 4 Month Old Baby - The Giraffe Stuffed Toy

The type of stuffed toys also varies with age. The Giraffe stuffed toy is one of the most bought stuffed toys by the parents in the name of their 4 months old baby. This particular toy is extremely cute and attractive at the same time. It is made with good quality cloth which won’t do the kid any harm. The child can sleep with it and it is waterproof so it can be used as a toy for bath time as well. It is one of the best 4 months old baby toys.

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3. The Winkle Rattle:

Toys For 4 Month Old Baby - The Winkle Rattle

This is a developed form of the traditional rattle. The 4 month old baby will it full of fun to play with this particular item. It comes with confusing rings around the square box at the center. The toy is really beautiful and can catch any child’s attention pretty easily. If you’re looking for toys for 4 month old babies, then this might be the perfect one for you.

4. The Lion Stuffed Toy:

Toys For 4 Month Old Baby - The Lion Stuffed Toy

There are a few who see lion on the television or head about it and build up their own image of the king of the jungle. Kids are sometimes really fascinated by this particular animal as well. This particular lion stuffed toy acts as the 4 months old’s friend and also plays the role of one of the best toys for 4 months old.

5. Musical Piano:

Toys For 4 Month Old Baby - Musical Piano

The musical piano is one of the best types of toys you can offer your 4 months old child with. This particular toy sports some beautiful colors along with a beautiful design. It works like a normal piano. The only different about this potable piano is that it is for the kids and has limited number of sounds.

6. The Cute Monkey Toy:

Toys For 4 Month Old Baby - The Cute Monkey Toy

This is an awesome toy for the 4 month old child. If you’re in need of baby toys for 4 month old, then this might be the right thing for you. This is a cute monkey stuffed toy which the baby will like to take to sleep and keep it alongside almost throughout the day.

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7. Play Skool Play Favorites Lullaby Glowworm Toy:

Toys For 4 Month Old Baby - Play Skool Play Favorites Lullaby Glowworm Toy

Here is another amazing stuffed toy for the 4 months old. This toy comes with some beautiful texture and the design will also be found friendly by the 4 month old. This toy is a comfort toy at bedtime for 4 month old baby. This toy has 3 modes for playing – short mode, long lullabies and just glow and has 6 lullabies.

8. The Easter Bunny Stuffed Toy:

Toys For 4 Month Old Baby - The Easter Bunny Stuffed Toy

This Easter Bunny stuffed toy is another amazing stuffed toy which is suitable for the 4 months old. It sports the authenticity of the festival and will also educate your child about the animal Rabbit, as he builds up an idea about it. This is one of the best toys for 4 month old baby.

9. The Airplane Mat:

Toys For 4 Month Old Baby - The Airplane Mat

Last one on our list, is the extremely beautiful airplane mat, on which the baby can himself himself/herself flying a plane. Babies love to fly. This is one of the best 4 month old baby toys as it keeps the babies on their tummies. It spins around based on the movement of the baby. The colourful mat keeps the baby distracted thereby increasing tummy time.

10. Owl Toy GUHEE Baby Infant Newborn Toys Rattle Car Seat Stroller Toys Roly-Poly Educational Toys:

This rattle toy has 7 colours and helps your exercise his cognitive skills. It is durable and non-toxic, so it is safe even if your baby tries to put it in his mouth. The toy has a unique shape that makes it wobble and makes it go back and forth. This owl also helps in better hand-eye coordination and babies begin to exercise their fingers.

11. Manhattan Toy Atom Rattle &Teether Grasping Activity Baby Toy:

This rattle is multi-sensory and helps your 4 month old baby reach for this toy. The size of this rattle is perfect for little babies and the rings slide back and forth. The bright colours used stimulate better development of your baby’s vision.

12. Skip Hop Explore & More Roll-Around, Hedgehog:

This easy-to-grasp rattle makes babies open their little hands to play with it. Their easy-grab design encourages rolling, shaking and tossing of the rattle. Babies love familiar faces and the hedgehog helps in developmental play while the flexible body builds dexterity. It also has teethers and beads for babies to touch and explore.

These toys are made of environment friendly non-toxic materials, so it is quite safe for your 4-month-old baby.

Apart from toys, here are a few activities that you can indulge in with your little 4 month old.

1. Mirror, mirror on the wall:

Take your baby to a mirror and show the reflection of the baby in the mirror. Ask questions like, “Who’s that?” or “Where’s the baby?”. You can also add more value by showing your reflection and identifying yourself. Try this with the baby’s siblings or toys.

2. Sing and scream along:

Babies love animated voices. Sing and talk to baby by varying your voice and pitch and notice how your baby reacts. This is a great activity to develop your baby’s language skills.

Your infant is getting to be quick to investigate his environment. Take a stab at giving him materials of various surfaces to investigate and a shake to shake as he’ll adore finding how questions feel and sound. Your infant is likewise more prone to be occupied by what’s happening around him, so encouraging may turn into somewhat trickier.

As his vision builds up, your infant can recognize shades of a similar shading, for example, red and orange. He will appreciate taking a gander at brilliantly hued mobiles and play exercise centers now.

Your infant is more perky presently, so urge him to investigate and play with an assortment of items and diversions. A basic muslin will possess your child for a couple of minutes. Watch him suck on it, hold it, and find what happens when he scrunches it up. Give him a light shake and watch him have a great time the sound it makes when he shakes it.

Your child will likewise adore finding the sights and hints of an action focus or play rec center. Playing with his toys is less demanding for your child now, as he can connect and snatch things with the two hands. He may miss his blemish on the primary attempt, however. When he succeeds he may endeavor to place it in his mouth, so remain nearby.

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The baby’s first year is filled with learning and playing, most of the time it is both – they learn by playing. Tummy time is important at this stage to develop strong muscles. Choose toys that encourage your baby stay on his tummy for a longer time. Babies spend a lot of time alone and they refine their abilities to play and hold toys. Babies like 4 month old baby toys because they stimulate their vision and hearing.Choose a variety of safe toys in different shapes, sizes and textures.

There are numerous toys available in the store for the 4 months old child. These are, however, some of the best ones that have been handpicked by the parents as it suits their 4-month-old child. These toys are extremely beautiful and each has its own feature and reason for buying.