9 Best Beaches in Andaman with Pictures

The Andaman Islands are ideal destinations for family holidays and vacations. They also serve as the best romantic spots for married couples and honeymooners. The beaches here are gorgeous and uncrowned. They offer a lot of opportunities to its visitors to engage into entertaining activities such as scuba diving, water sports, swimming and sunbathing. The scenic beauty, pristine waters and balmy weather is spellbinding and the resorts, cuisine and accommodation are remarkable and well set up. Here we have listed some of the stunning beaches of Andaman so that next time you plan a trip, you will know which places to visit.

Radhanagar Beach:

beaches in andaman

Located in the Havelock Island of Andaman, the Radhanagar beach is one of the finest to be seen till date. The long stretches of golden sand and lush green coconut trees look picturesque and flawless. This beach is the right place to forget all your worries and enjoy the wonderful and magnificent views it has to offer. You can also indulge into some fishing, sunbathing and swimming.

Corbyn’s Cove Beach:

Beaches in Andaman-Corbyn’s Cove Beach

The Corbyn’s Cove beach is beautiful and extravagant. It is a great place for all the nature lovers and for those who enjoy soaking themselves under the gentle warm rays of the sun. They have luxurious resorts and restaurants here as well.

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Vijayawada Beach:

Beaches in Andaman-Vijaynagar Beach

The Vijaynagar Beach has some of the most breathtaking views you have ever imagined. This place is heavenly and calm. The gentle breeze and the soft splashes of the sparkling blue waves are some of the beautiful things you will get to notice. Those who are looking for a time of peace and tranquillity should totally visit this place.

Harminder Bay Beach:

Beaches in Andaman-Harminder Bay Beach

The Harminder Bay Beach is situated about 100 kilometers away from Port Blair and serves as one of the most splendid and stunning beaches of the Andaman Islands. Going on a vacation to a place like this is sure to be blissful, fun and relaxing. Going on long walks barefoot and swimming are some of the best activities you can indulge into here.

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Ramnagar Beach:

Beaches in Andaman-Ramnagar Beach

Located in the Diglipur Island, Ramnagar is one of the most unique beaches. This place is mostly secluded and can be only reached by taking a boat from Port Blair and Mayabunder. The diverse range of flora and fauna is sure to pleasantly surprise you and the weather here is pleasant. Coming to this place will surely not cause regret.

Karmatang Beach:

The Karmatang Beach is spectacular, peaceful and a pure virgin beach. This place has not been touched by commercial tourism and serves as another place that is reached by boat. The beach is also the homeland to a large number of turtles who are quite capable of scuba diving and snorkelling too.

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Elephant Beach:

elephants beach walk

The Elephant Beach of Andaman is where you will find elephant training being conducted. It is also a great place for water sports and sightseeing. Since this place has not been touched by commercial tourism, you can also try some scuba diving with the sea horses, fishes and eels.

Long Island Beach:

Beaches in Andaman-Long Island Beach

The Long Island Beach is a beautiful and sandy one that is filled with evergreen forests. It is about 82 kilometers away from Port Blair and is known to be frequented by dolphin convoys.

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Neil Island Beach:

Beaches in Andaman-Neil Island Beach

The Neil Island Beach is a beauty! The glistening blue and green water, gorgeous sunsets, shallow reefs and live corals are sure to fascinate you. The seafood here is sumptuous and the views are natural, colourful and exotic.