9 Most Mesmerizing Temples In Pune

Talk about technology and Pune city aces all the lists. The IT hub and the centre of advancements…Vibrant metropolitan culture and feel…and in close proximity to the city that truly never sleeps – Mumbai! Pune has a vibe that is so very different from the other cities with a mix of getting your entertainment sorted alongside old-school charm of monumental excellence. Did you know that Pune is also known as one of the most spiritually inclined cities? It houses locations for the same that are edged in history and bring us closer to our roots and also modern set-ups for finding yourself and relaxing your mind, body and soul. Yes, the city of Pune also houses many beautiful architectural examples in the form of temples. The famous temples in Pune are sought after from all over the country via the spiritual as well as historians and archaeologists. There are also many note-worthy temples around pune that should be a part of your Pune touring trip. Here we have you sorted with a list to plan your pilgrimage around
the city. A voyage around these 9 stunning places of worship is your calling if you’re religious or even if just a sucker for anything that screams out culture and legacy.

9 Top Temples in Pune – Most Significant Temples to Visit in Pune:

1. Bhimashankar Temple:

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This ones amongst the most revered hindu temples in pune and also the most famous temples around pune. The Bhimashankar temple in Maharashtra is situated in the Sahyadri hills surrounded by dense forests and is a Jyothirlinga shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. Bhimashankar is the starting point of the Bhima River which flows southeast and meets with River Krishna in Raichur. It has gained even more prominence since it has been declared as a wildlife sanctuary. One of the important 12 jyotirlingas, it lies near Pune city and enjoys a good number of devotees thronging the temple gates year on year. Being constructed in Nagra architecture fashion (in around the 13th century) this temple educates the visitors how Tripurasur was defeated by the combined form of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati. There’s also a shrine dedicated to Kamalaja, an incarnation of Parvati within the temple. Maha Shiva Ratri is celebrated here.

  • Address: Maharashtra State Highway 112, Bhimashankar, Maharashtra 410509
  • Timings: Morning: 5 am – 3 PM, 4 Pm – 9:30 pm
  • Dress Code: Traditional wear suggested
  • Approx. Visit Duration: 1-2 Hours
  • How To Reach: Nearest airport and railway station are at Pune, 125 Km away. Buses can be taken from Pune, Ghatkopar and Kalyan too.
  • Temple Website: http://bhimashankar.in/
  • Best Time To Visit: September to February. For the adventure junkies, the monsoon is a great time.
  • Other Attractions: You can explore the Bhaja caves or the Imagica Theme Park in Khopali the next day.

2. Parvati Hill Temples:

temples in pune

The Parvati hill is an extremely scenic, 2100 feet high hillock in Pune. It has 5 temples located atop. They are the Devdeveshwar temple, Kartikeya temple, Vishnu temple, Vitthai temple and Rama temple. The temple has 103 steps to be climbed to reach the top of the hill from where devotees can visit the temples. The main temple is dedicated to Devdeveshwara and is made of black stone. With the lush greenery around and the fresh environment atop the hill, the Parvati temples are one of the most appealing locations in Pune city. The temple is also famous for being a huge part of Pune city’s heritage, it is after all the oldest structure of the town that goes back to being built during the Peshwa dynasty period.

  • Address: Parvati Paytha, Pune, Maharashtra 411009
  • Timings: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m
  • Dress Code: Respectful clothing suitable for a temple
  • Approx. Visit Duration: 1-2 Hour
  • How To Reach: nearest railway station is Grant Road. 15 minutes taxi from the station to the temple.
  • Temple Website: NA
  • Best Time To Visit: 4 Pm – 6 PM. Classical music festival held here is a must visit.
  • Other Attractions: Parvati museum containing manuscripts and collections of the Peshwa rule. Bhaja caves are near to Pune city and a good place to explore.

3. Chaturshringi Temple:

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The Chaturshringi temple was built during the reign of Maratha King, Shivaji and is located on the slope of a hill on Senapati Bapat Road. Chaturshringi literally means a mountain with four peaks and the temple stands 90 feet tall and 125 feet wide. It is considered to be a symbol of faith and power. To reach the temple, one has to climb 100 steps. The presiding deity is the idol of Goddess Chaturshringi and there are other idols dedicated to Goddess Durga, Lord Ganesha and eight miniature idols of Asthavinayaka. The temple gives a platform to promote India’s rich art and culture. It invites country’s new as well as established artists to showcase their talents. They are religious and cultural trust, hence put up sangeet, kirtan and vyakhan programs.

  • Address: Senapati Bapat Road, Near, Pune University Rd, Gokhalenagar, Pune, Maharashtra 411016
  • Timings: 7 a.m. to 9 p.m
  • Dress Code: Respectful clothing suitable for a temple
  • Approx. Visit Duration: 1 Hour
  • How To Reach: It is located in Pune city and public transport is easily available to and from the temple. To reach Pune you can take a flight/train/drive down. Nearest railway station (Pune railway station) is 7 km away from the temple. The nearest airport is Pune Airport. Buses can be taken by most Maharashtra cities or you can drive down to Pune yourself from Mumbai (around 150 Km/3 hours) etc.
  • Temple Website: http://www.chattushringidevasthanpune.org/
  • Best Time To Visit: During Navratri (9-day festival) and on the 10th day (Dassara).
  • Other Attractions: Darshan Museum (5 km from the temple) and Pataleshwar Cave Temple (2.4 Km away).

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4. Bhuleshwar Temple:

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This one is also one of the most famous temples near pune. Bhuleshwar temple was constructed back in the 13th century during the era of the Pandavas. It’s an ancient temple surrounded by thick forest and thus the significance of its name. The temple is dedicated to the holy shrine of Lord Shiva and has five Shiva lingams dedicated to him within the sanctum of the temple. As the Shiva lingams remain hidden in a trench, they can only be seen in the light. There are also other idols dedicated to Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu and Lord Mahadev. The unique thing about this temple is its architecture. It is sort of an Islamic style externally with it looking similar to a mosque from the outside. It is said that the temple was constructed in this way so as to safeguard it from invasions and plundering. The monument is however absolutely stunning with beautiful carvings adorning the walls.

  • Address: Bhuleshwar Road, Malshiras, Maharashtra 412104
  • Timings: 5 AM – 12 PM and 4 PM – 8 PM.
  • Dress Code: neat and modest attire most suitable
  • Approx. Visit Duration: 3 Hours
  • How To Reach: The temple is 3 km from a village called the Malshiras Village. You can take a direct bus from Pune to this village and then hire jeeps to the temple from the village. The temple is around 50 Km from Pune and if you’re driving on your own, get a well-versed driver as roads might be a little steep.
  • Temple Website: N/A
  • Best Time To Visit: Shivratri time is the most celebrated here
  • Other Attractions: Narayanbet, home to many exotic migratory birds and a nature lovers paradise is located 15 Km away.

5. Dagaduseth Halwai Ganapati Temple:

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Dagaduseth Halwai Ganapati temple is a very popular Hindu temple in Maharashtra and is visited by thousands of devotees every year. The presiding deity of the temple, Lord Ganesha’s idol is 7.5 feet tall and 4 feet wide and the temple is said to be over 100 years old. The temple has a trust fund named The Halwai Ganapati Trust which carries on philanthropic work. During the Ganeshotsav festival, from commoners to celebrities, everybody visits the temple.

  • Address: Ganpati Bhavan, 250, Budhwar Peth, Pune, Maharashtra 411002
  • Timings: 6 a.m. to 11 p.m
  • Dress Code: No dress code as such, comfortable and modest attire would work.
  • Approx. Visit Duration: 30 mins – 1 Hour
  • How To Reach: It is just 3 Km away from the Pune railway station and 11 Km from the airport. Use public transport to get to the temple once in Pune. You can take a 3-4 hour train to Pune or a 45-minute flight from Mumbai. Pune is also well connected by road to other Maharashtra cities.
  • Temple Website: http://www.dagdushethganpati.com/
  • Best Time To Visit: Ganeshotsav held in around September each year is a 10-day celebration when the temple comes alive with all pomp and show. The chief minister is also said to visit the temple during this time.
  • Other Attractions: They host an internationally acclaimed music festival every year to celebrate the temple anniversary. Each day internationally renowned artists Indian music artists are invited to perform and the entry is free for all.

6. Neelkantheswar Temple:

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How about experiencing mythology and the divine alongside the beauty of nature? Neelkantheswar temple located near Pune is one of those lesser known places. One of the most tranquil temples around pune, it is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated on a hillock 900 mt. above sea level. The place is gradually becoming a popular weekend getaway for locals of Maharashtra. However, the temple requires about an hour of a steep climb to the top of the hillock to reach the temple. In the evenings, one can experience a beautiful sunset as well. The location of the temple makes the environment absolutely mystical. Stunning mountain views and backwaters of khadakwasla dam cutting through the valleys shall leave you with a sense of divine serenity.

  • Address: Road Number 1, Kondhur, Maharashtra 412107, India
  • Timings: 5:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM – 9:00 PM
  • Dress Code: modest attire would work. You have to climb a little so wear comfortable shoes.
  • Approx. Visit Duration: 1-2 Hours
  • How To Reach: It is 55 km from Pune and can be reached cab/bus.
  • Temple Website: N/A
  • Best Time To Visit: Shivratri is thronged by loyal devotees and considered very auspicious here.
  • Other Attractions: Panshet dam is 5 Km away.

7. Pataleshwar Cave Temple:

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Pataleshwar Cave Temple is a rock-cut temple carved during the period of Rashtrakuta in the 8th century. It’s made of basalt rock and is dedicated to Lord Shiva in the form of a Shiva lingam. The temple entrance also has a Nandi mandapa. The temple by the government has been declared as a protected monument of the city. Other statues of gods Rama, Laxman, Ganesh and goddesses Lakshmi and Sita are present. The temple’s construction was inspired by the Elephanta Caves. However, it was never completed fully hence there is no proper entrance as well.

  • Address: Jangali Maharaj Road, Revenue Colony, Shivajinagar, Pune, Maharashtra, 411005, India
  • Timings: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm
  • Dress Code: Conservative clothes suggested
  • Approx. Visit Duration: 30 minutes – 1 Hour
  • How To Reach: It is 3 km from Pune railway station and can be reached by cab/bus.
  • Temple Website: N/A
  • Best Time To Visit: Tripuri Pournima when the cave is lit with oil lamps in thousands.
  • Other Attractions: Jangli Maharaj Mandir

8. Moreshwar Ganapati Temple:

temples in pune

Moreshwar Ganapati temple is located in Morgaon district of Pune is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The temple marks the beginning and ending point of eight Asthavinayaka temples in the state of Maharashtra. It is believed that Ganapati saint Morya Gosavi has been associated with the temple through the original date of the construction remains unknown. The ceiling is made of a singular stone and the temple also includes 23 idols of different lord Ganesha forms. Ganesh Jayanti and Ganesh Chaturthi are the most prominent festivals of this temple.

  • Address: Morgaon, Maharashtra 412304
  • Timings: 5 AM to 10 PM
  • Dress Code: conservative attire would be ideal
  • Approx. Visit Duration: 30 mins – 1 Hour
  • How To Reach: It is 79 Km from Pune and direct S. T. buses can take you there from the bus depot in Pune. The nearest station is the Jejuri Railway Station (17 km). You can take a 3-4 hour train to Pune or a 45-minute flight from Mumbai. Pune is also well connected by road to other Maharashtra cities.
  • Temple Website: N/A
  • Best Time To Visit: Ganesh Chaturthi and Vijayadasami
  • Other Attractions: Rokdoba Hanuman Temple

9. Narayani Dham Temple:

temples in pune

Shri Narayani Dham temple located at Katraj in Pune came to existence in the year 1983. The temple houses various idols of deities like Lord Hanuman, Shri Shyam Baba Jot, Shiva Linga, Lord Ganesha and so on. The presiding deity of the temple is though Goddess Narayani. The temple performs various rituals and services on a daily basis. What’s rather great is that the temple also carries out various other activities to help the society at large. These include free medical check-ups, social awareness camps, gaushalas, laughing exercises for mind and body etc.

  • Address: Pune-Satara Road, Narayani Nagar, Behind Katraj Milk Dairy, Katraj, Pune, Maharashtra 411046
  • Timings: 6:30 AM – 1 PM and 4 PM – 10 PM
  • Dress Code: No dress code as such, comfortable and modest attire would work.
  • Approx. Visit Duration: 30 mins – 1 Hour
  • How To Reach: It is just 2 Km away from Lonavala railway station.
  • Temple Website: http://narayanidham.org/
  • Best Time To Visit: Ganesh Chaturthi and Diwali
  • Other Attractions: ISKCON NVCC Temple is 0.7 km away.

So now you know that Pune is not all about fun and games. And not also only about tech-related jargons and MNCs. Embark your journey in search of the divine from this Maharashtrian city that offers a mix of old and new, local and global and historical and modern! Explore both temples in pune and temples near pune discovering and satiating your own religious agendas. Do write in sharing your experiences as we don’t love anything more than hearing back from our readers. Your feedback only helps us to help you better, so keep showering the love and cheers to the happy travels ahead!

Frequently Asked Question And Answers:

1. Are There any Other Ashta vinayaka Temples in/Around Pune City?

Yes. This temple near Junnar is where you need to head if you’re a lord Ganesh loyalist and in Pune city. Girijatmaja at the Lenyadri rock cut caves is considered as the 6th Ashta vinayaka temple to visit while pilgrimaging on the lord Ganesha tour.

2. For The Adventure Junkies, What Place in/Around Pune City is Best for Both an Adventurous Day Out as Well as Visiting a Revered Place of Worship?

Consider yourself an adventure seeker? Looking for that adrenaline rush while you’re on your pilgrimage and seeking the divine? One of the most popular sites for trekking for people like you also houses a significantly revered temple and is just 30 Km from Pune. Yes, the Kanifnath temple is located on a hilltop very near to the city and is the perfect site for a picturesque trek up the mountains ranging around moderate difficulty. This cave temple on Saswad road is devoted to saint Kanifnath. You actually need to crawl to get inside the temple, through a 9 inch window. So next time you’re feeling spiritual, remember this unique place that shall give you the best of both worlds – adventurous fun and a spiritually enriching experience. Plan your adventurous day out next time, while still holding on to your curiosity for the divine.

3. Where Can Those Following Jainism go to Offer Their Prayers in Pune City?

Jainism has been an important part of Maharashtra since the ancient times. The first and oldest Maharashtrian inscription is one that is a Jain inscription on a Pale village cave near the city of Pune (traced back to 2nd century BC). Thus Jainism is very much a part of the state’s as well as Pune city. The most popular amongst all Jain temples in Pune is the Katraj Jain Temple Aagam Mandir. In fact, this one’s popular even outside the city and forms one of the most significant sites for Jain pilgrimages of the country. What is special? It houses the idols of all the 24 Tirthankars. Amongst other Jain temples in the city, the Munisuvrat Nath Jain Mandir and Digambar Jain Mandir Kharadi are also popular with the local Jain believers. The idols are beautiful and inspiring. Shree Shatrunjay Bhaktamar Jain Temple is also a great place to visit for Jains when in Pune. Even otherwise this spacious temple imbibes a calm and serene atmosphere – perfect to distress your tired mind and soul.

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