Culture and Festivals of Punjab

Punjab is a state that lies on the north-western part of India surrounded by states like Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Rajasthan and Pakistan. This city of five rivers is widely known for their natural scenic beauty and is thus is no doubt on e of the prime tourist locations in India. The continental climate, the far stretched harvest fields, the rich flora and fauna all form an integral part of Punjab. With its culture and traditions along with the amiable natives- Punjab festivals are some of the most exuberant magnanimous celebrations of all time.

festivals of punjab

Festivals of Punjab:

Here are the best festivals of Punjab.

1. Baisakhi:

Being a heavily agro-based state, the most important festival of all time celebrated here in Punjab is Baisakhi. Also celebrated as the New Year according to the Saka calendar, this festival is held during the first days of April or May and is one of the biggest harvest festivals in the north-western region. The reaping of the winter crops commences and the abundant blessed crop bundles form the main reason of celebration. Songs and dance, especially the Punjabi trademarked dance, the Bhangra, fills the whole place with a mood of festivity. As delicious meals are prepared, the folk songs and dances depicting their hard turmoil on the field with a smile on the face forms the main attraction.

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2. Hola Mohalla:

Another of the festivals celebrated around this year is the Hola Mohalla which is a color-filled energetic festival by the vivacious Punjabi’s celebrated just after the day of Holi. Anandpur Sahib is fixed as the core place for this celebration to commence and people flock to it like bees to honey. It is there, in Anandpur Sahib that the great Guru Gobind Singh baptized the Khalsas and is known to bhave militarized his followers, so the people especially the Nihang’s dress themselves up as warriors and display their skills, apart from that many other games such as archery, horse-riding, sword fencing etc are held.

3. Teeyan:

Around the july-august season a rainy-season festival by the name Teeyan is held. As the overcast sky growls and threatens the crystal rain-drops bring relief to the long-desired land and thus a celebration is called for. The newly-wed girls look forward to this day as they transit from a bride to a daughter again. Escorted by someone they attend their invitation to their parental homes  and in the evening everyone dresses up to visit the nearby melas and fairs. While the Kheer boils in the pots, the Giddha dance and the Teeyan songs enwrap the air with joy and festivity.

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4. Lohri Festival:

At the end of the year around December or maybe extended to the next year the Lohri festival is celebrated which is a special bonfire festival enthusiastically celebrated by the natives. Before the festivals youngsters in groups roam around the colonies singing the folk songs just like the Christmas carols and move around door to door, collecting money and material for the celebration.

5. Maghi:

The very next day of the Lohri is marked as the Makar sankranti or the Maghi celebration in the form of local fairs and melas. While the female folk are engrossed in cooking the dish of the day, kheer, a lot of donations and charities take place and the day is passed with singsongs and dances.

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6. Diwali:

The Diwali is yet another festival widely celebrated in the Punjab regions with people lighting their houses to the max and decorating them in folk art. Sweets are offered and distributed. The Golden Temple in Amritsar adorns and ornaments itself while earthen lamps are set sail in front just like a newly-wed bride.

7. Local Festivals:

There are lots of other local festivals like the Dussehra, the festival of lights, Holi, the festival of colour, Guru Teghbahadur’s martyrdom day, Shivratri, karva Chaut, Gurupurabs, rakhi and many more. This place full of life celebrates year-long fun festivals with pomp and grandeur.

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