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Top 9 Honeymoon Places in Canada

When romance is on the mind, one cannot forget Canada. With its abundance of natural beauty, charming small towns and scenic cities the destinations will make you swoon. If it’s your honeymoon, Canada has to be on the top of the list. To help you guys on the trip, here is a compilation of the best honeymoon spots in Canada.

Amazing Honeymoon Places in Canada:

1. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia:

honeymoon places in canada

In Cape Breton it’s just the two of you and the scenic surroundings. If your ideal romantic plan includes cozy pubs,delicious seafood and simple country charm, this is the place for you.The peace and tranquility Cape Breton offers makes it one of the best honeymoon places in Canada.

2. Lake Louise, Alberta:

Honeymoon places in Canada Lake Louise, Alberta

Lake Louise is one of the Canada’s top honeymoon destinations because it is secluded, pristine, private and perfect for a romantic getaway with your partner. Banff National Park’s jewel nearby Lake Louise is fantastic, any time of the year and captivates the hearts of the tourists.

3. Quebec City:

Honeymoon places in Canada Quebec City

Quebec City provides all that is urban: an infectious grace, suave café’s, sexy lounges and luxurious hotels, ready to give all the happiness in the world. This city will make you fall in love with it more than you will ever love your partner!

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4. Heart’s Delight, Newfoundland:

Honeymoon places in Canada Hearts Delight Newfoundland

Located on Trinity Bay, the view of the ocean and the simple, rural life makes this town all the more appealing as one of the honeymoon destinations in Canada. With a sparse population in the area, it offers the privacy that you demand for a romantic evening. The name has a romantic feeling to it! Moreover, you could visit Heart’s Content or Heart’s Desire, two more beautiful towns across the coast as well.

5. Kluane National Park, Yukon:


Kluane National Park houses the highest peak in Canada, Mount Logan, and that itself is enough to enhance the beauty of this already breathtaking national park. Moreover, you can go on a tour of surging adrenaline with your partner, thanks to the various adventure sports here. You can canoe together, mountain bike, take a flight seeing tour, horseback ride and catch views of the fauna here, which consists of grizzly bears and bald eagles.

6. Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario:

Honeymoon places in Canada Niagara-on-the-Lake Ontario

A small town in Canada, Niagara-on-the-Lake is the prettiest town there. Boutiques and flowers and theatres line the streets of this town, which is also famous for its wines, restaurants and cozy hotels, perfect for a romantic getaway.

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7. Montreal:


Quebec’s biggest city is the night hub of the city, with late night pubs, intimate restaurants and luxurious hotels. If a hotel room is the need of the hour, just book a room at Le Place d’Armes, Le Petit Hotel and Hotel Nelligan, and enjoy your honeymoon to its fullest!

8. Sooke Harbour House, British Columbia:

Honeymoon places in Canada SookeHarbour House, British Columbia

Sunsets in Sooke are both enchanting and romantic, a perfect honeymoon destination in Canada. Located west of Victoria, this little city is on the tip of Vancouver Island, providing a breathtaking view of the sunset into the Pacific. The Harbour House allows you to capture such moments in your memories and is one of the most environment friendly properties in whole of Canada.

9. Langdon Hall, Cambridge, Ontario:

Honeymoon places in Canada Langdon Hall Cambridge Ontario

An hour’s drive from Toronto, this 200 acre property was built for the grand-daughter of America’s first multi-millionaire, John Jacob Astor. With luxury at its best this hall provides fine dining, exquisitely appointed rooms to a spa with treatments for him and her. With its attention to detail,it promises you that dream honeymoon and successfully delivers on its promise.

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With huge mansions, natural beauty and a bustling urban culture, no need to think beyond Canada for your honeymoon….It has it all!!!

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