10 Amazing Skin Benefits Of Green Tea For Your Skin And Face!

Green Tea Benefits for Skin

Green tea, a classic drink of Asians, is considered one of the healthiest beverages on the earth, because of its numerous health benefits like weight management and disease control. Green tea was first discovered in China by Japanese monks and found that green tea has incredible healing properties. Apart from these healing properties, green tea nowadays is being used for skincare because of the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties present in it.

Green Tea is one of the varieties of tea that has become very popular these days because of its numerous benefits. One such main advantage is, it helps in weight loss. Beauty these days has become one of the essential qualities of many people. Because of the busy life, hectic schedules, and pollution around, the skin has become one of the main concerns, mostly for the younger generation. To look beautiful, we use several high priced cosmetics and even rush to the dermatologists or aestheticians for having instant results, but in the end, everything goes in vain. There are various natural remedies for skin care, one of which is using green tea on the skin. This article aims at explaining the benefits of green tea for face and skin care.

Benefits of Green Tea for Skin:

Drinking green tea can help in maintaining the weight and improves the metabolism in the body. It also detoxifies and cleanses the body system. Besides, green tea, when applied on the skin, can do wonders. Some of them are listed below:

1. Anti-aging:

  • Good looking has become one of the priorities these days, and with aging, the beauty on the face sheds down slowly. This green tea acts as an anti-aging product for the face and skin.
  • The antioxidants present in the green tea, contribute to the cell regeneration on the face. The key ingredient in the green tea EGCG has the capability of regenerating the dead cells on the face, thus making the face look youthful.
  • Catechins, a subgroup of the biological compound called polyphenols, present in the green tea destroy the free radicals, which help in slowing down the aging process.
  • Drinking 2-3 cups of green tea or applying it topically can show the desired results within weeks.

2. Prevents Skin Cancers:

  • Sun has some harmful UV rays that damage the skin, which may lead to skin cancer.
  • These harmful UV rays penetrate the skin layers and destroy the epithelial cells causing melanoma skin cancer or nonmelanoma skin cancer.
  • As told earlier, green tea has a potent antioxidant EGCG catechin that protects the skin’s DNA by preventing the sun’s harmful UV rays in penetrating through the skin.
  • This can be achieved by drinking 2 cups of green tea regularly or applying it topically on the skin surface.

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3. Under-Eye Benefits:

  • Dark circles and puffiness underneath the eyes are one of the main concerns that today’s generation is facing. Dark circles are formed mainly because of lack of sleep, late-night works, etc.
  • Green tea can reduce these dark circles underneath the skin. The two key ingredients, caffeine and antioxidants, help in shrinking the blood vessels beneath the eyes and lighten the appearance of the dark circles.
  • The flavonoids present in the green tea also benefits in reducing the dark lines and circles around the eyes.
  • For this, you require two green tea bags, preferably used ones. Cool them and place the bags on your eyes for 15-20 minutes. After removal, you can observe the difference.
  • For desired results, continue this regularly till the dark circles around the eyes disappear.

4. Anti-inflammatory Properties:

  • Inflammation is referred to as the appearance of redness and irritation on the skin. This inflammation destroys the appearance of the skin and may further lead to severe skin problems.
  • Polyphenols, present in green tea, has substantial anti-inflammatory benefits.
  • Drinking green tea can increase the benzoic acid levels in the body, which is believed to treat skin irritations and conditions like eczema.
  • Moreover, applying the freshly brewed tea bags on the reddened skin can be beneficial and lessens the irritation.

5. Anti-Bacterial Properties and Treating Acne:

  • Acne, who does not hate it? It is one of the common problems in youth. Many people get depressed and feel shy about coming outside because of acne.
  • Green tea, a powerful anti-bacterial agent, helps in treating acne. The polyphenols present in the green tea cleanses the skin surface and undulations present on the skin and fights against any bacterial skin infections.
  • This means that the polyphenols present in the green tea reduce the acne, causing bacteria to grow on the skin. Moreover, it smoothens and tones the skin.
  • It is advised to drink 2 cups of green tea regularly to avoid any visible acne on the face.
  • Alternatively, take used tea bags and apply it topically on the skin where there is visible acne on a daily basis. This way, it helps in reducing the unwanted acne on the skin.

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6. Relieve Sunburns or Blemishes:

  • Sunburns are the most irritating ones on the face and skin. Sunburns make you just stay at home during the day, hampering your daily works.
  • Green tea helps in relieving sunburns and blemishes. Green tea has a special ingredient called tannic acid, which calms down the irritation on the skin.
  • For this, you need green tea leaves brewed in water. Cool the brewed tea, dip a clean cloth in the tea and gently rub the dipped cloth on the affected area for half an hour.
  • Alternatively, you can use green tea bags. Gently rub the wet tea bags on the blemished areas to reduce the irritation and redness.

7. Unclog Pores and Deal with Blackheads:

  • The skin has the property of secreting excess sebum from the sebaceous glands. Because of this sebum, the skin has to deal with the unclogged pores or blackheads or whiteheads.
  • Green tea helps in preventing these tiny problems. This is a natural astringent, hence removes excess sebum or oil.
  • It also helps in removing dirt from the open pores and tightens the cleansed pores to prevent any pollutants from entering.
  • This can be achieved by applying green tea topically twice a day, and drinking one cup per day can maintain the skin.

8. Glowing Skin:

  • Due to excessive pollution present, the skin gradually loses its glow. Usually, toners are used to obtain glowing skin.
  • When you run out of toners, the natural remedy is green tea. Green tea, which is a natural astringent, helps shrink the pores, removes greasiness, and cleans it, which makes the skin glow.
  • For this, take a wet and cold tea bag and rub it gently on your face for 10 minutes and let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Doing this regularly can give you glowing skin.

9. Oily Skin:

  • The secretion of excess sebum from the sebaceous glands causes oily skin. This will make you look very uncomfortable and sometimes even ugly.
  • There are some blends of green tea that are rich in natural oils, making them beneficial for oily skins. These blends contain a compound called tannins in them, which shrink the pores of the skin, thus reducing the secretion of sebum (oil) production.
  • Applying green tea topically on the skin can help in reducing oil production. Drinking a cup of green tea is also beneficial for oily skin.

10. Psoriasis Treatment:

  • Psoriasis is a condition wherein the skin cells build up and form scales and itchy, dry patches. Nobody wants to deal with such a type of skin.
  • Research showed that the key ingredients in green tea have the capability of dealing with skin disorders like psoriasis because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

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Final Thoughts:

Green tea, a natural herb, has several benefits, both by drinking and applying it topically on the surface of the skin. Even doctors and nutritionists suggest drinking green tea once a day to maintain body weight and have a glowing skin. But, when you think of applying on the skin and around the eyes, it is better to test for any allergies. Finally, if your goal is to have healthy and glowing skin, do not hesitate to use green tea as your beauty product. Also, please share the improvements you experienced on your skin after using green tea on your skin and face.


1. Can I Use Green Tea as a Skin Toner?

Ans: Yes, you can use green tea as your skin toner. Brew a green tea and let it cool. Take a clean cotton towel, dip it in the brewed tea, and massage gently on your face, which is the most effective toners that you can use both during mornings and evenings.

2. How Can Green Tea be Used as a Face Scrub?

Ans: First, add a teaspoon of green tea leaves or a tea bag with an equal amount of your face wash. Mix it well until it looks like an exfoliating scrub. Gently apply the scrub on your face and rotate in circular motions. Wash off thoroughly and pat dry.