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10 Hair Care Myths – Truth and Lies

10 Hair Care Myths – Truth and Lies

Ever considered cracking a raw egg on your hair, or soaking it in vinegar?Find out whether it’s actually worth your while!

1. Beer is good for your hairTrue – Washing your hair through with beer will only have an effect if you use a beer that contains traditional ale hops and yeast. The contain minerals that on the right hair encourage hair shine.

2. Vinegar makes your hair shinyTrue – Vinegar, as a diluted rinse will close the hair’s cuticle tight, producing a great, light reflective surface. It’s downside? That powerful fragrance.

3. Split ends can be repaired without cuttingFalse – If you want to get rid of split ends permanently, you have to have them cut out, even though there are products on the market that can ‘hide’ them. Regular trims and a proper hair routine are the best way to remain split ends free.

10 Hair Care Myths – Truth and Lies

4. Adding lemon juice to your hair will lighten itPartly True – In the past, adding lemon juice to you hair has been known to help lighten it, but this depends entirely on the color of your hair and the amount of sun hours you get. Successful, sunkissed looks are best created in a controlled situation with a good colorist.

5. Cutting you hair makes it grow even fasterFalse – Having a regular haircut doesn’t make your hair grow faster – this is generally affected by good nutrition. What regular trims do is maintain good condition and keep your hairstyle in shape. Cutting your hair will only make it shorter. Hair grows half an inch per month, no matter what you do or take.

6. Rinsing with cold water makes hair shinier then with warm waterFalse – A good, old-fashioned cold water rinse will bring a feeling of freshness to the scalp, but it’s more than likely that this is what we enjoy, as there is no proof that it actually improves your hair’s shine.

10 Hair Care Myths – Truth and Lies

7. Mayo improves your hair’s conditionPartly True – Raw egg from the mayo is high in protein, so it certainly won’t do any harm to your hair, but how much improvement you get depends entirely on the condition of the hair initially.

8. Dyeing hair during pregnancy is harmfulFalse – There are no know adverse effects from dyeing while pregnant. However, it’s strongly recommended that you have a skin test prior to coloring hair, repeating it every three months if you continue to dye your hair.

9. Hair needs protection from the sunTrue – As the sun has a natural lightening effect, dyed hair will definitely fade more quickly in the sun. To protect your shade, try products which contain UVA and UVB filters.

10. Swimming pool chemicals can turn your hair greenTrue – It has been known that swimming pools what heavily chlorinated water can turn blonde hair to various shades of khaki. This happens when the hair’s condition is not at its best. A good salon can usually fix this for you.

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