10 Latest Western Mehndi Designs to Try in 2020

Many trends come and go with time, some last forever. Mehndi is one among them; this trend keeps evolving with time, and it is not restricted to just the east countries. These Mehendi designs are even appreciated by the western culture. The beautiful smell and the look are the key features, plus it is not permanent. So all the ladies can keep changing designs based on the occasions.

Top 10 Adorable Western Mehndi Designs for Hands:

Here are the best western mehndi designs to go with all your outfits.

1. Arabic Western Mehandi:

Arabic Western Mehndi

Mehendi is just not restricted to India; the countries of western Asia are known as Arab. It is straight patch pattern and is highly dense with a decorative outline, and they are mostly preferred to apply on the palms and not much on the wrist. These design patterns are can be applied even on the shoulders, so it goes well with western outfits.

2. Indian Western Mehndi Designs:

Indian Western Mehndi

Indian Mehandi designs are a little complex. They have characters, peacocks, flowers and lots of curves with intricate design. It is a complicated design doesn’t leave much space in between. This type of design can be applied according to the outfits.

3. Indo- Arabic Western Mehandi Designs:

Indo- Arabic Western Mehndi

Indo-Arabic Mehendi is the combination of Indian and Arabic style of Henna. It has the base of Arabic with intricate curves of Indian art with the peacock and floral pattern. This design is completed filled on both the hands, which will be a good option for a wedding.

4. Pakistani Best Western Mehndi Design:

Pakistani Mehndi

Pakistani mehndi design has balanced floral, geometric and paisley elements. It is a combination of Pakistani and Arabic Mehendi. The geometric designs will be done with perfection, which will give an appealing look for the hands.

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5. Simple Western Mehndi Design:

Simple Western Mehndi5

Applying mehndi can be a bit complicated to do it by own at home, but simple Mehandi designs are quick and also easy to apply. This type of design is known as jewellery design has a pendant and beaded chain, this will stand for simple and elegant arts.

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6. Tattoo Western Mehndi:

Tattoo Western Mehndi

Mehendi is a temporary tattoo which can be applied on palms, hands, arms, shoulder and back. The henna powder will be used to prepare mehndi which is a natural product; thus it can be used anywhere on the body without the worry of allergy.

7. Moroccan Western Mehndi:

Moroccan Western Mehndi

Moroccan mehendi comes from middle-east. This type of mehndi has geometric pattern design. colour will not have any flowers and curves, and these geometric patterns are very classy and elegant, which will be unique as well.

8. Glitter Western Henna Designs:

Glitter Western Mehndi

We everyone would need some shine in their lives. This style of mehndi has glitters in the design. It mostly has Arabic pattern filled with designs and glitters in the borders, and it will look very appropriate for occasions, this can be washed easily with water.

9. Mughlai Western Mehandi:

Mughlai Western Mehndi

Mughlai mehndi is detailed, minute and neat design. Here every curve and dots are bold, and it is the oldest trend aswell. This type of design will be perfect for brides. It looks beautiful on small hands, and it gives an outstanding look with both Indian and western clothes.

10. Multi-color Western Mehndi:

Multi-color Western Mehndi

Multi-color Mehandi is another new trend which will be loved by the young people. These designs are filled with different colour,s which can be applied with the matching outfits. These colors are pretty decent and unique with mehndi combination of glitter color, and it is the best western mehendi design in Multi-colors.

In India, no function is complete without dance, sweets, flowers and Mehendi. It shows the deepness of emotions expressed through the exquisite designs. Mehandi is not restricted to Indian functions, and it can be applied anytime based on the interest; there are simple designs which even look good at work. This new western mehndi design trends can go with all outfits and looks.

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