13 Best Tattoo Removal Methods And How To Remove Tattoo

Removing a tattoo is a very painful process and requires time and energy to complete effectively. Even then it is not at all easy because once a tattoo is made it is embedded into the skin which is meant to be permanent. The skin will not take easily the fact that you want to remove the tattoo if it is not up to your standards. The process is very painful and may leave some scarring which is not easily avoided.

tattoo removal

There are several methods which can give you the results you require but yet again it is not easy and must be practiced every day in some cases. There do exist both medical methods and home remedies which may help you remove your tattoo but some methods are full proof and some methods are a trial and error process.

How To Remove Tattoo:

The top 13 tattoo removal methods to get rid of a tattoo are mentioned in detail below.

1. Laser Removal:

Laser removal

Laser removal has been adopted in the recent years as the top tattoo removal process but thought the process finishes. In one day at most times it is very painful. It is even more painful than getting the tattoo itself and at most times leaves your skin with a bit of scarring which at most times is not avoidable. That is why you must always get a tattoo first after a bit of contemplation and then from a good tattoo artist to avoid any removal in the future. It is the best lase tattoo removal treatment.

2. Tattoo Removal Cream:

Removal cream

Removal cream is cost effective and therefore allows you to use a lot of it to get rid of your tattoo. If you mix the removal cream along with the home remedy together and apply three times a day daily you will see a great proportion of the tattoo gone in a few months. Though the process is lengthy the tattoo at the end of the day will be gone.

3. Medical Method For Remove Tattoo:

Medical methods

Medical methods may include skin thinning which removes the layer of the skin that houses the tattoo this method is quite expensive and is as painful as the laser removal process so be careful.

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4. Dermabrasion:


Through abrasive friction the topmost layer of your skin is removed making this another popular process of tattoo removal but yet again it is costly and painful.This dermabrasion process for tattoo removal is very expensive yet more worth it also. This is a best tattoo removal technology.

5. Excision:


Excision is the most deadly method to remove a tattoo where the skins around the tattoo is cut away and then sewn back together once the tattoo is removed. It is a very painful process and requires great courage and the ability to withstand pain.

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6. Skin Grafting For Remove Tattoos:

Tattoo Removal Methods -skin grafitng

Skin grafting is a process where the skin where your tattoo resides is removed and skin from another clear part of your body is first removed and then placed on the tattoo removed area. This is a very expensive process and must be done by a professional doctor.

7. Tattoo Cover Up:

Tattoo cover up

If you love tattoos but have a tattoo that is not up to your standards then you have the option of doing a cover up where a skilled tattoo artist will redo a new tattoo over the old one as per your specifications.

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Home Remedies For How To Remove Tattoos At Home:

Following are the best tattoo removal methods by using home remedies which are very safe and has no side effects.

8. Aloe Vera And Apricot:

Home remedy for Tattoo Removel

Make a mixture of aloe Vera, apricot and vitamin in an equal amount and apply it on the tattoo. Let it be for around ten minutes and then wash off with cold water. Do these three times a day till you see the tattoo fading. Continue this till the tattoo is gone. There will be remnants on the skin but for the most part the tattoo will be gone from your skin.

9. Salt:

Tattoo Removal Methods salt

This home remedy to remove a tattoo includes the process of periodically rubbing salt or moreover vigorously rubbing salt on the tattoo everyday. This kills the cells on the skin and makes the skin peel off easily removing the tattoo over time. Salt is used to create friction on the skin so that the layer of the tattoo is scraped away. Skin may take weeks to heal after this process.

10. The Wonders Of Lemon Juice:

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is always regarded as one of the best skin lightening products that works wonders on scars. Tattoo on your skin is nothing but an everlasting scar that with age and skin elasticity fades itself. However, if you need to clear out a tattoo in an easy economical way without putting yourself through extensive lasers, you can just use the benefits of this vitamin C enriched fruit and get things done easily. Squeeze fresh lemons or even lime in a bowl and clear out the seeds. Now dab cotton into the juice and start rubbing it on the tattoo to start the exfoliation process. With the passing days you would realize the tattoo art fading slowly. This is one of the best tattoo removal at home.

11. Cashew Nuts For Remove Tattoos:

Cashew Nut Oil

Very few people are aware of the simple fact that the gift basket filled with cashew nuts can actually help you get rid of unwanted tattoo ink. If followed precisely and with determination, the everyday effect of the cashew would definitely lighten the ink. If you’re wondering how to remove tattoos using cashew seeds, start by using a pin to poke a hole in the top of a cashew nut seed and empty out the sap from this nut to the tatted area. Once the sap covers the entire tattoo area, simply let the sap dry.

12. Salabrasion:

Salabrasion Tattoo removel

Even though salt has been mentioned prior to this as a eminent tattoo removal method, most of these would include painful measures where thorough scrubbing and exfoliation takes place that may or may not damage the dermal layer on that area. Salabrasion is one of the popular tattoo removal methods that can be practiced from the comforts of your own house using only salt, water and a bandage foil. However, this might too be a little harsh on the skin as we use an abrasive device to rub the area until it becomes raw, right after we have applied the salt water on the area. The skin right now will be inflamed so quickly use an antibiotic and bandage the area and keep it like that for the next 2 to 3 days. Reapply the process is needed since skin types and tattoo art retaining ability varies from one skin to other.

13. Honey:

Honey and Salt

We have already heard enough about how salt helps you erase your tattoo and this time we have added a companion to the salt, the sweet and sugary honey. Like the lemon and lime honey too is a good exfoliator and can lighten and brighten the skin area deleting scar or spots and definitely will be effective on your tattoos. Still wondering how to remove tattoo at home using simply honey? Start by concocting a homemade mixture where you add salt and sugar, not finely grained ones and then add honey and pasted mint leaves to the mixture. Often rubbing alcohol to lighten the solution can be helpful and now soak the cotton in the mixture and start your exfoliation process. Tattoo removal in the easiest best way possible.

Tattoos once done can be pretty much of a permanent memory until extensive measures are taken to rectify the tattoo. The best and the ready way to cover a tattoo is to opt for a do-over where you sketch another ink on top of the previous one. The next best option is laser removal, but many fear or restrain themselves from opting for one.

Another way to opt for tattoo removal is to subject to the homely contents and using the best options from your kitchen to destroy the ink gone wrong the right way.