15 Artistic Peacock (Mor) Mehndi Designs: Try Out Our Choices!

One among the most beautiful bird we all know of, is the peacock, our national bird. Their mix of intense colours and their feather pattern is fascinating to so many of us, that we could adore all day. This very reason makes the peacock design more sought-after and popular choice among the many range of designs that are available. The patterns and most importantly, the effort is clearly reflected post washing and drying. While there are no particular reasons on why a peacock is chosen as the choice, our best guess is that due to its brilliant show of feathers and the sheer beauty of the bird, makes it a popular choice.

Peacock Mehndi Designs

Simple Peacock Mehndi Designs:

When in doubt, jump to a peacock mehndi design! We know the confusion when you have to decide on a mehendi design. But what if we told you could alter the traditional peacock designs to something more intense? Take a look at what we have to offer.

Here are the 15 top-rated Mor mehndi designs for hands, legs and back to choose from and try this wedding season.

1. The Central Peacock Mehndi Design:

Peacock Mehndi Design

It is called the central peacock Mehendi design for a reason. The design has the peacock in the palm with motifs extending to the arms. The intricate design with thick and light shades of mehndi will bring out the best of the effort. With no particular design, it runs purely on creativity and is a treat to the eyes. It was drawn with black mehndi, thus making the design stand out more prominent. The design is ideal for brides.

2. Simple Peacock Design On Legs:

Peacock Mehndi Design on Leg

Here is another simple mehndi for your legs. This design is too simple and easy to draw. The mehandi used is brown and has the bird on the centre of the feet, with motifs away from the peacock. To complete the look, compatible nail polish is used. For those of you looking for something too simple on the legs, here is one to try.

3. The Accessory Mehendi Design:

Peacock Mehndi Design

This foot accessory design is inspired to look classy. The design falls on the side of the feet, on either leg. The design is beautiful, small and is very unique in the lot. It is drawn using a black mehandi, with the peacock on top followed by motifs below. How about trying this out for your legs?

4. Small Peacock Mehndi Design:

Small Peacock Mehndi Design

This one is truly simple and small! It has one picture of the peacock on the centre with a brown mehndi, that has no motifs. It is meant to be small and simple and is truly classy in that sense. You can try this either in the hand or even in the arms.

5. An Elaborate Peacock Mehndi Design:

An elaborate peacock with its wings spread is one of the quick mehndi designs. While the intricate detailing adds to its beauty which marks the individuality of this particular design. The long peacock Mehandi design on your back look more pretty and elaborate.

6. Bridal Peacock Mehndi Design:

Bridal Peacock Mehndi Design

Bridal mehndi designs are generally very complicated as they feature a lot of detail. It is better to select the best and modern bridal Mehendi designs that suit the bride. These Peacock Mehendi designs are the new trend for this wedding season. They are classy and beautiful, that makes every bride look the best in her form. The traditional and indispensable part of our culture, mehndi has undergone a sea of changes.

7. Palm Circular Peacock Mehandi Design:

Palm Peacock Mehndi Design

A small and simple peacock design with a circular design gives a beautiful glance for small occasions. The round curve gives an adorable look with dots within. The peacock henna designs suit best with outfits having similar circular work. This palm mehndi design is also suitable for brides as it fills up your full palm with amazing designs.

8. Center Mehndi Peacock Design:

A peacock design in Mehndi when placed in the center looks amazing surrounded with different curvy and leafy designs. The design has two peacocks bound in a leaf, which represents the bride and groom. Hence it is a perfect bridal Mehndi design. The design can also be modified by placing a peacock and a peahen with black-brown shades for a glamorous look on designer lehengas.

9. Curvy Peacock Feather Mehndi Design:

Peacock Mehndi

A peacock Mehandi design made with only the feathers gives an amazing look. The design when made with black Mehndi along with shading gives a fabulous look on ethnic wear. This design goes well with gold or silver curvy hand jewellery which gives an amazing look at weddings. Floral mehndi designs can be added to this to extend the design up to the forearm.

10. Peacock Mehndi on Arm:

Peacock Mehndi on Arm

Mehndi designs of peacock give a fascinating look on the arm. It is drawn on the arm as if the peacock is sitting on the tree branch. The curvy outlines of the feather add to its beauty. The feathers are drawn with a clear eye at the center surrounded by a fine streak of lines making the design look elegant. This design goes well with all type of dresses and will be an all-time favourite henna design for women.

11. Tribal Peacock Feather Design:

The tribal designs of mehndi are quite famous for having a stylish look over fashionable ethnics or trendy western wear. Similarly, a tribal peacock mehndi design with a simple feather design is amazing to carry. The feather is carried on the backhand with a length till the fingers. To add to its beauty, it can also be made with colours and stones around. A tribal peacock can also be designed on the front side of the hand to give a complete glance of the peacock.

12. Peacock Feather Henna Design:

The peacock’s beauty is in its fascinating feathers which have an eyespot with different colors arranged artfully. A peacock spreads its feathers when it rains and dances gracefully capturing the attention of people around. Mehendi designs featuring peacock feather are excellent to look at. These feathers are also symbolic of the Indian god Lord Krishna who always wears a peacock feather on his head.

13. Simple Mehndi Peacock Design:

Simple Mehndi Peacock Design

A simple peacock mehndi designs for your hands make wonderful art. This mehndi peacock design doesn’t include too many supplementary elements which make peacock more evident. Thus the design is simple and not very cluttered.

14. Curled Peacock Mehndi Design:

Peacocks can be made in two manners; either with their magnificent feathers spread behind them or with their feathers curled beneath them. They are treated to the eye in either of the ways. A curled up peacock has a curvy face and neck and its body is like a giant oval with a lot of detailing done.

15. Peacock Mehndi Design on Back:

Peacock Mehndi Design

Mehandi peacock henna with two to three peacocks, well-arranged together on the back of the body looks magnificent. Due to Its large surface, the design can be made large and can even go to your lower back. The peacocks with bra lot of spirals and curves make for an elaborate and complicated design.

The peacocks are symbols of love and hence they are widely used in bridal mehndi. Apart from the love they also symbolize spirituality, vision, royalty, inspiration and much more which are quite effective for a new beginning in life.