176 Best Baby Names in Malayalam Language for Boys and Girls

Names are an identity for a person and therefore it is essential you pick the right ones. Here is an article that will enlist some of the best Malayalam (Kerala) baby names for your boy, girl or twins. They are unique, some of them are popular, and some are extremely creative. Take a look below.

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New Born Baby Name Malayalam: For Boys

Here are some of the names you can check out for your baby boy.

1. Ajay:

Ajay is also written as Ajai. The name is from the Sanskrit origin and means ‘unsurpassed’, or ‘invincible’. This name is very common and is a popular Malayalam kids name for boys.

2. Akhil:

Akhil is a popular name for baby boys. It means complete or whole. The name is of Sanskrit origin.

3. Akmal:

Akmal means complete or perfect. The name is a Quranic name.

4. Allwyn:

The name Allwyn means friend and is a name derived from Old English. This name is a very popular Malayalam name.

5. Amal:

Amal means hope. It also means aspiration and is a name from the Arabic origin. This is a name that is found in the Bible and in the Hebrew language. This is a common Muslim baby names Malayalam.

6. Anand:

Anand, as we would have guessed, means happiness. The name is of the Sanskrit origin. The positive meaning of the name is an attraction for the many parents to give this name for their children.

7. Arun:

Arun is a very popular name throughout India. It means Dawn. This name is given to boys, even among the Buddhists, Hindus and Cambodians. Arun also means the reddish glow of the sun in the morning.

8. Benny:

The name Benny means blessed and is a name for the Christian babies. This Kerala Christian baby name is a very popular one that you will hear in the state.

9. Balu:

Balu means fortunate or lucky. The name is a variant of the name Bala.

10. Babu:

Babu is a common name for male in Kerala. The name is mostly used as a pet name for little boys.

11. Bahuleyan:

Here is another childrens name Malayalam that is popular throughout the state. The name means abundant or lot. The name is also the name of Lord Kartikeya.

12. Bala Krishna:

This is a name that is most often heard. It means young or infant Krishna. The name is for all those who want to give a God’s name for their baby.

13. BalaMukundan:

Another God’s name, this name is a variation of the name of Lord Krishna.

14. Balakumar:

Here is a traditional name that is evergreen in Malayalam. The name means youthful.

15. Balachandran:

Balachandran means moon crested Lord.

16. Bala Subramaniam:

This name refers to Lord Murugan. The name means child who is a worthy and priceless jewel.

17. Balagopal:

Like another Malayalam traditional names? Balagopal means young Krishna.

18. Chaitan:

Chaitan means consciousness. It also means perception and intelligence.

19. Chaitanya:

Chaitanya is a Hindu baby names Malayalam that is fairly popular as a male name. It means life and knowledge.

20. Chaital:

Chaital means consciousness. This is a modern Malayalam names for babies in Kerala. This is a popular and unique name for your baby boy.

21. Chanakya:

Chanakya is an age old name that is used to refer to people who are wise, smart and intelligent.

22. Chandran:

One of the most common names, Chandran refers to the moon. You would stumble across this name a lot in Kerala.

23. Chaitran:

Chaitran means bright and one who is clear minded.

24. Chandramohan:

This name means one who is attractive like the moon.

25. David:

David is a Malayalam Christian names that refers to the King of Israel. The name is of Hebrew origin.

26. Dhaval:

Here is a variety names in Malayalam. The name means one who is a fair child.

27. Daaman:

Daaman means one who is self-controlled and who conquers everything he wants.

28. Dev:

Dev refers to Lord Shiva and is a popular name throughout India.

29. Daevan:

The name means little black one.

30. Daivat:

Daivat means one who is lucky and powerful. It also refers to the heart of God.

31. Dananjay:

This popular Hindu baby names Malayalam means one who wins and acquires wealth.

32. Danush:

Danush means a bow in hand.

33. Darshak:

The name Darshak is a modern one and it means spectator.

34. Darun:

Darun means one who is a male Hindu.

35. Eshwar:

The name Eshwar refers to the almighty himself.

36. Ehan:

Ehan means expected.

37. Ekachandra:

This is a very unusual name that means the only moon. This is a name that is now being adopted by a lot of parents to name their baby boys.

38. Ekadanta:

The name Ekadanta refers to Lord Ganesha.

39. Ekambaran:

Ekambaran means sky.

40. Fanish:

The name Fanish refers to Lord Shiva.

41. Faaiz:

Faaiz is a beautiful names for babies in Kerala, for the little baby boys. The name means victorious or one who emerges triumphant.

42. Farhan:

Farhan means happiness or joy. Isn’t this an apt name for your baby boy who is nothing less than a bundle of joy for you?

43. Farshad:

Another popular and modern name in Malayalam is Farshad. It means soul.

44. Giri:

Giri is a popular Hindu baby names Malayalam. It has reference to Lord Shiva and therefore for all those looking to name their child after a religious name, this could be an ideal one.

45. Gopi:

The name Gopi means love and Head of God.

46. Guru:

The name Guru means teacher.

47. Gautham:

A very popular name across all the languages, Gautham refers to Lord Siddartha or to the Lord Buddha.

48. Harish:

Harish is a popular name and it refers to Lord Vishnu.

49. Hari:

Hari means green. It also has reference to Lord Vishnu. The colour green indicates positivity and a lot of prosperity.

50. Hamsa:

Hamsa is a very rare name. It means swan.

51. Hiyan:

Hiyan is an unusual name that has reference to Lord Vishnu.

52. Hriday:

Hriday means heart.

53. Immanuel:

The name is a Malayalam Christian names that mean ‘God with us’ and is a name of Hebrew origin. The name gets mentioned in the theology to indicate that God will protect the house of David.

54. Iyyapan:

Referring to the popular God of Kerala, Iyyapan refers to the almighty. The name is extremely popular and is also the most common option for a lot of parents.

55. Ibrahim:

The name Ibrahim means ‘my father is exalted’. The name is a Muslim name for boys of Kerala.

56. Jai:

The name Jai means victory. It also means conqueror.

57. Jijo:

Jijo is a Malayalam Christian names. It means knowledge. It also means a stylish man.

58. Jude:

The name Jude means praised. It is also the name of a saint.

59. Jatin:

The name Jatin is a very rare one. This is a Malayalam traditional name and it refers to Lord Shiva.

60. Joyal:

Joyal means joyful person.

61. Jomon:

Jomon is another popular name in Kerala for the boys. It means small boy.

62. Keshavan:

The name Keshavan refers to Lord Vishnu. Looking for a traditional religious name for your son? This could be a good one.

63. Kaanan:

Kaanan means forest.

64. Lalu:

The name Lalu means lovely. It also means blessed.

65. Lijo:

Lijo is a name for all the little Christian boys. It means powerful.

66. Monu:

The name Monu is often used a nickname in Malayalam for little boys. It means small boy.

67. Madhu:

Madhu means nectar or honey. It is a name that is old and is also classy.

68. Murali:

Murali refers to the name of Lord Vishnu.

69. Nikhil:

The name Nikhil is a stylish and trendy one. It is derived from the Sanskrit language and means complete or universal.

70. Naman:

Naman refers to respect and salutation.

71. Prem:

Prem means love.

72. Raj:

Raj means kingdom. It also means King.

73. Ravi:

The name Ravi means Lord Surya.

74. Sabu:

Sabu is a strong and loyal person.

75. Shivan:

Shivan, undoubtedly, refers to Lord Shiva.

76. Shyam:

Shyam means dark blue. It also has reference to Lord Krishna.

77. Tahir:

Tahir means holy and chaste. It a Muslim name.

78. Tapan:

Tapan refers to the Sun.

79. Ved:

The name Ved means sacred knowledge.

80. Vedh:

Vedh means pious and faithful.

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Malayalam Baby Girl Names:

1. Aadhya:

The name Aadhya means first power. It also has reference to the Goddess Durga.

2. Aahana:

This is a very modern baby names in Malayalam language. It means first rays of the Sun.

3. Amba:

The name Amba is a very classical one, it means goddess Durga.

4. Ancy:

Ancy is a beautiful name that means beautiful of all.

5. Asma:

The name Asma means sky. It also means one will be excellent in everything she does.

6. Aswathy:

This is a very common name for baby girls of Kerala. The name means powerful and complete. It is also the name of a star in Malayalam.

7. Anju:

The name Anju is a variation of the other female names of Malayalam language, namely, Anjana and Anjali.

8. Anjali:

Anjali means gift. For all those parents who sincerely feel their child has been a blessing, this will be an apt name to name.

9. Anjana:

The name Anjana is the mother of Hanuman and thus have a religious significance.

10. Aishwarya:

Another very common and modern childrens name Malayalam, it means prosperity and wealth.

11. Banu:

Banu means princess.

12. Badra:

The name means Badra means full moon. It also means pretty and has a reference to Lord Durga.

13. Banhi:

The name Banhi is a very modern and trendy name. it means fire.

14. Bincy:

The name Bincy means one who will make the best of everything.

15. Bavani:

Bavani means the abode of universe. Isn’t this a very thoughtful name for your little one?

16. Barkha:

The name Barkha means rain or monsoon.

17. Bala:

Bala means a young girl.

18. Carol:

Here is another interesting Christian name girls. The name means song of joy.

19. Cavery:

Cavery means the name of a river in India.

20. Chaitra:

This is a very classy name in Malayalam. It refers to the Aries sign.

21. Charita:

Charita means dear. It also means history.

22. Chaithra:

This name means spring. It is also is the first month of the year.

23. Devika:

Devika is a very traditional name. It is the name of Goddess Durga.

24. Devu:

This is a nickname often for the little young girls. It refers to Lord Shiva.

25. Deepika:

Deepika means light.

26. Diya:

The name Diya means light. For those parents who consider their children to be their source of happiness, Diya will be the right name.

27. Dhatri:

The name means Earth. It also refers to Goddess Lakshmi.

28. Driti:

This is a very modern name that means courage and morale.

29. Dhreya:

Dhreya means patience.

30. Eesha:

The name Eesha means purity. It also is the name of Goddess Parvati.

31. Emaya:

Emaya means flower.

32. Ekaparnika:

This is another modern name that comes up often these days. It is an alternate name of Goddess Durga.

33. Fidha:

Fidha means sacrifice.

34. Farzan:

This name means wise.

35. Fahima:

The name Fahima means one who is intelligent.

36. Gayathri:

This is a very traditional name that means Goddess Durga. The name means chant of salvation.

37. Gita:

Gita is a Hindu holy text and hence the significance of it.

38. Gauri:

The name Gauri means fair and white.

39. Geethu:

The name Geethu means smile. It also means one who is beautiful and beloved.

40. Gomati:

This is the name of a river.

41. Gitika:

Another common name, Gitika means a small song. The name is also written as Geetika.

42. Gopika:

Gopika means the girl who is in love with lord Krishna. This Malayali baby name is very good choice.

43. Hannah:

The name Hannah means happiness. It also means flower.

44. Hema:

Hema means gold. This Kerala hindu baby name is fairly common and is also a beautiful one for your baby.

45. Henna:

The name Henna means golden creeper.

46. Jenny:

Jenny is a Malayalam pet name as well. It means white wave. It also means smooth and fair.

47. Jesna:

This is a Malayalam traditional name that means nice heart. Jesna also means garden of paradise.

48. Janaki:

Janaki is a name given to baby girls. The name refers to Goddess Sita.

49. Kavya:

Kavya means poetry. The name is derived from Sanskrit.

50. Kirti:

Kirti means fame and glory. The other meaning of the name is reputation.

51. Lakshmi:

The name has reference to Goddess Lakshmi.

52. Leela:

Leela means divine drama or a play.

53. Linda:

Linda means a tender woman.

54. Megha:

The name Mega is fairly popular and also a variety names in Malayalam. It means clouds.

55. Mini:

Mini means small and tiny. An apt name for your little one when she is very little!

56. Mira:

Mira means a devotee of Lord Krishna. Meera herself was popularly known as the devotee of Lord Krishna.

57. Meena:

The name means fish or a precious stone.

58. Minnu:

Minnu means lightning. This is a Malayalam pet name.

59. Naifa:

Naifa means gift and someone who is graceful.

60. Neena:

Neena means new. It is also an emotion.

61. Nidhi:

The name Nidhi means treasure. Isn’t that a very thoughtful name for your little baby?

62. Nimmy:

Another common and modern name, Nimmy means sparkling of eye.

63. Pia:

Pia means lover.

64. Parvathy:

This is a name that is with reference to Goddess Parvathy.

65. Purvi:

Purvi means first. It also means beautiful and one who is from the East.

66. Padma:

Padma is another name for Goddess Lakshmi.

67. Rani:

Rani means queen or princess.

68. Renu:

The name Renu means beauty. It also means grace.

69. Rinu:

Rinu is a very trendy name that means smart.

70. Rupa:

The name Rupa means beautiful. It has several other meanings like silver and beauty.

71. Sara:

Sara means princess or queen.

72. Simi:

Simi means limit. It also means to behold.

73. Sona:

The name means beautiful. Sona is a popular name in Kerala for baby girls.

74. Sanya:

Yet another thoughtful name, Sanya means fortunate and someone who is splendid.

75. Tania:

The name Tania means fairy or princess.

76. Teena:

Teena means clay. This means, the baby can be moulded into the good shape and that lies in the hands of the parents.

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Romantic Nick and Pet Names in Malayalam:

1. Kunju:

Kunju is a name that is usually given as a pet name for babies. It means ‘small’ and is used adorably to call the baby.

2. Monu:

Monu is a nickname used for baby boys to mean ‘little/small boy’. This is a very common nickname for babies.

3. Ambadi:

another pet name for your baby would be Ambadi. Ambadi is a name that refers to Lord Krishna and is usually meant to mean ‘little Krishna’, with reference to the baby.

4. Ponnu:

Ponnu means ‘dear one’. This name is common for both boys and girls and is a also a popular one.

5. Kuttu:

Kuttu does not mean anything in particular. It is just used to call baby boys.

6. Kanna:

Kanna refers to Lord Krishna and is a very affectionate term for babies.

7. Thaen:

Thaen means ‘honey’ and it is used for babies to mean they are cute and sweet.

8. Ammu:

The name ammu also does not mean anything in particular and is used for baby girls. Ammu is a very cute name.

9. Appu:

Just like Ammu, Appu is a pet name for baby boys.

10. Nandu:

Nandu is a name that is used to refer to Lord Krishna and is a pet name for baby boys.

Unisex Names in Malayalam for Babies:

In case you are looking for gender neutral names, here are some of our suggestions.

1. Surya:

It refers to Lord Sun and is a name that is used by both boys and girls.

2. Kiran:

Kiran means rays of the sun.

3. Abby:

the name Abby means variation.

4. Aldo:

another unisex name is Aldo. Aldo means old or wise one.

5. Nidhi:

Nidhi means treasure.

6. Aju:

Aju means one who does not quit.

7. Adam:

the name Adam means red Earth.

8. Akku:

Akku means sweet and beautiful.

9. Ambi:

Ambi means Goddess Parvathy.

10. Anit:

Anit means one who is joyful.

Malayalam celebrity names are also inspired a lot from the regular and common names of the state. All the names have a meaning and some of them are extremely creative and thoughtful. Take a look at our list of names. It will give you a fair idea on what to name your child.