15 Attractive Stomach Tattoo Designs For Men And Women

Stomach tattoos have been incorporated by almost 60 percent of the population of the world as the only place to signify a tattoo that is related to their life. This is because the stomach like the back is a vast area of space that can incorporate quite a large tattoo that holds all your feelings and requirements.

Tattoo arts have no boundaries to express themselves. Be it an angelic drawing or a tribal design tattoos are a symbolism of many years of artistry now using the body as a canvas. If you have noticed art has somewhat faded away during the recent years as the digital era is now taking over and therefore tattoos are a testament to forgotten artistry which is now rampant amongst almost half the population of the world of which almost all support at least tine tattoo on their body.

The stomach tattoos are becoming popular among the stars, wrestlers, actors etc. which is also helping it to become trendy among the young generation. This tattoos when merged with other symbols give a different look.

Stomach Tattoo Designs And Pictures:

To state the top 15 stomach tattoo designs a few examples are mentioned in detail below-

1. Lotus Stomach Tattoo:

stomach tattoo designs

These kinds of stomach tattoo designs are widely popular around the world, for both men and women. A lotus symbolizes purity, perfection and spirituality in one’s life. The above tattoo is made more elegant by using different colors and dark shades of various colors. The tattoo is also accompanied with the initials with beautiful fonts and musical notes to make it more attractive. This is one of the perfect stomach tattoo designs for girls.

2. Octopus Stomach Tattoo:


These ladies stomach tattoo designs are very colorful and give a beautiful view. They symbolize intelligence, variability, illusion, vision, mystery, complexity etc. An octopus when finds danger fights with full strength and intelligence with mystery. Hence, this tattoo is carried by the ladies who are ready to face any situation of their life no matter how hard the situation is. This tattoo with beautiful red color in it gives it a marvelous look.

3. Tribal Dark Stomach Tattoo:


This tribal stomach tattoo designs is trendy among the people, who are inspired by the tribal caste and tribal designs. The shapes used in this kind of tattoo were initially used by the tribal caste to indicate some symbol. They are always made out of geometrical shapes which make them more attractive. The above tattoo is made out of dark black ink with light shades inside which gives a tremendous effect.

4. Henna Stomach Tattoo:


This kind of girl stomach tattoos designs are based on the designs of henna or can say mehandi designs. They are widely inked with only dark black color to make it more attractive and eye-catchy. The curvy designs give a unique effect on the stomach. To add to its beauty, piercing is also done and a butterfly is hanged to show that a butterfly is with the tree branches. Such kind of tattoos are widely carried out by college girls, actresses or working women, as they give glamorous effect in parties etc to give a sexy look. this is a beautiful stomach tattoos for women.

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5. Floral Stomach Tattoo:

Floral stomach tattoo

The floral stomach tattoo is another feminine tattoo which is a great accessory for the stomach of any lady. The intricate bond of the flowers along with the delicate look gives a very strong combination of beauty and strength. The blooming flowers give a marvelous look with dark and light shades. This tattoo can also be made with various colors and given a 3D effect.

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6. London Clock Tower Stomach Tattoo:


These kinds of tattoos are commonly found on the stomach, waist or lower back of travelers. Also people get the memorable places tattooed where their life might have had a vast change. The above tattoo shows the love of the person for the London Bridge after visiting there, and hence has inked the London Clock Tower to make it memorable. The dark color with light shades giving a watery image makes it more attractive.

7. Outlaw Stomach Tattoo:

Outlaw stomach tattoo

If you feel you want to be different from the rest then this is the best tattoo to get, it is favorable for any area of your body and can be used by both men and women. This tattoo shows the respect one carries for women. The beautiful eyes of the woman give it an attractive look along with wonderful fonts. This tattoo can also be made with different colors.

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8. Serpentine Stomach Tattoo:

Serpentine stomach tattoo

The serpent tattoo though looks negative at the first glance is actually a reference to the fact that you are a very versatile person and therefore is a great tattoo but needs a professional artist to pull off effectively. At many places, serpents are treated as the messengers of God, and hence, are worshipped. They are symbol of power, death, prosperity etc. This type of tattoo is viral in China and Japan.

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9. Heart On Wings Tattoo:

Heart on wings tattoo

Yet again a very feminine stomach tattoo this tattoo is a great way of flaunting your femininity without worry. The tattoo is truly exquisite and requires a skilled tattoo artist to pull off. You can also play with colors and give yourself a custom tattoo which is also another perfect design.

10. Eagle Belly Tattoo:

Eagle belly tattoo

The eagle belly tattoo can be done by both men and women and is the perfect example of strength ad elegance. The eagle stomach tattoo requires no prior explanation and is truly a spectacular but extremely difficult tattoo to get.

11. Butterfly Stomach Tattoo:

Butterfly stomach tattoo

The butterfly stomach tattoo is adopted by women to further elaborate the beauty of a woman. A woman is truly beautiful when she takes care of herself in the best way possible and what better to indicate a transformation than a butterfly which is the perfect symbol of a transformation. This is one of the best stomach tattoo designs for women.

12. Gothic Rose Tattoo:

Gothic rose tattoo

The Gothic rose is more tribal than any other stomach tattoo and is the perfect tattoo to get for a bold and strong woman so that she can show society that she is no less powerful. The rose signifies beauty therefore the tattoo has a touch of femininity to it.

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13. Snake And Dagger Tattoo:


This kind of tattoo is becoming popular among various men stomach tattoo designs. This tattoo symbolizes healing and medicine, and hence this kind of tattoos are more viral among the doctors or person carrying the same profession. The colors used in the tattoo along with the shading done give it a marvelous effect. This tattoo is widely carried by men, mostly in America and Africa. They also give a 3D effect when carried out only with black ink. It is the popular stomach tattoos for guys.

14. Belly Piercing with Butterfly Tattoo:

Belly piercing with butterfly tattoo

The butterfly stomach tattoo is adopted by women to further elaborate the beauty of a woman. A woman is truly beautiful when she takes care of herself in the best way possible and what better to indicate a transformation than a butterfly which is the perfect symbol of a transformation.

15. Phoenix Stomach Tattoo:

Phoenix stomach tattoo

The phoenix has been adopted as a popular tattoo design for ages and it is only natural that a phoenix stomach tattoo should be got if you feel the fire in your heart that spreads like a phoenix. A phoenix signifies power and can be got by both men and women. The tattoo when made with different colors gives a marvelous look. It is one of the best stomach tattoo designs for men.

Thus, not only the girls but also the boys wear such tattoos to show their feelings, strength or just for fashion. Such tattoos when made after proper selection according to the color and texture give a attractive effect. Girls also merge piercing to it to get a seductive look. Such tattoos also carry different meanings when merged with symbols such as heart, birds, quotes, names or initials etc. So if you are looking for trendy tattoos on your stomach, use some ideas from the above tattoos and go trendy.