15 Best Ancient Greek Tattoos And Their Meanings

Greece, the country which played an instrumental role in shaping up the modern civilization has a rich mythology. Filled with heroic characters, Gods and Goddesses, the ancient Greek mythology is filled with narratives of their deeds. There are more than 85 prominent Greek heroes and Gods, who are known for their supreme power, valour and strength. For centuries, they have always served an inspiration to men and women, who take them for inspiration. These much-celebrated characters are immortalised by getting them inked on their bodies. In this article, we have featured the best Greek tattoo designs and their significance.

Symbolic Importance Of Greek Tattoos:

Greek tattoos are one of the complex tattoo designs, which involve extreme level of detailing. They have deeper meaning associated with them, based on the character etched. One of the popular designs is Achilles from Trojan War, who represent great strength, with a secret weakness. Other widely opted designs include, Apollo-the God of medicine, Athena-the Goddess of War, Hera-the Queen of all Gods. Apart from these, many mythical creatures like Centaur, Arachne and Chimaera are also chosen as tattoos.Read on more to explore some of the popular Greek tattoo designs and meanings:

15 Best Greek Tattoo Designs and Their Meanings:

greek tattoos

Check out these amazing tattoo ideas Greek style and their symbolism:

1. Greek Writing Tattoos:

greek symbol tattoo

A tattoo which contains a biblical verse inscribed in Greek is a very classy attempt. It becomes meaningful and holds great significance for the one who wears it. These lettering tattoos have been seen mostly among Christians, especially those who would like to make a declaration to society about their belief in Christianity.

This type of Greek style tattoo is widely famous in America, England and Australia. This tattoo represents the love and honour towards Jesus and the verse which are actually given by him. It shows the dedication as well as the faith towards God and the feeling of divinity.The Greek tattoo quotes and meanings also arouse curiosity among the viewers.

  • Best Suitable For:Greek Word tattoos are ideal for men and women who have an admiration for the classical Greek literature
  • Preferable Ink: Black is the best color to etch the letters
  • Where:Depending on the size of the message, you can get them done on arms, biceps and even side of the abdomen
  • Size:Opt for atleast a medium sized image for better visibility
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for all skin tones

2. Greek Dove Tattoo Design:

greek tattoo designs

The dove stands as a symbol of peace, calm and serenity. A tattoo that shows a flying white dove holding a green leaf in its beak with a Greek word underneath it has great Biblical significance and meaning. It is a symbol of dry land, the same land that suffered a great loss for about one hundred and twenty days during the days of Noah.

This is the best Greek symbol tattoos for girls are widely carried out by the boys too who love simple small tattoos but meaningful one. It also represents the ancient historic period of the rule of Noah. The Green leaf carried by the dove also symbolizes hope that good is always being in devil. They can also be combined with the Greek name tattoos to express their love for someone special.

  • Best Suitable For:These tattoos are suitable for both men and women who like to keep it low-key, yet want to make a meaningful impact
  • Preferable Ink:Choose inks like black, red and white for this design
  • Where:Choose a wider area like the back, neck and shoulders
  • Size:A medium sized image works well
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for lighter skin tones

3. Achilles, The Greek Warrior Tattoo:

Achilles was the greatest warrior in ancient Greek mythology. He was a hero of the Trojan War and is said to be the central character of Homer’s Iliad. He stands as a symbol of courage, strength and test of patience.

A tattoo that portrays the picture of Achilles at war is ensured to look dynamic and beauteous. In the tattoo the Greek warrior can be seen holding a shield and as word in the other hand. This tattoo symbolizes protection, the power and strength. These ancient Greek tattoos are also a tribute to the Greek soldiers hence; it is widely opted by the soldiers, army men, wrestlers etc. Such tattoos are a dedication to the ancient soldiers who fought for good.This tops the list of best Greek tattoos for guys.

  • Best Suitable For:Men who are fascinated by the heroics of Achilles in Trojan war can get this tattoo done
  • Preferable Ink:A combination of black and grey can give you the right look
  • Where:Suitable on back and abdomen
  • Size:Choose a large sized image to capture all the details well
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for fair skin tones

4. Christ The Conqueror Greek Leg Tattoos:

A tattoo that symbolizes Christ as a conqueror is a very unique design for Greek tattoos. They look beautiful, rich and very appealing to the eyes.

The cross in circumference with the four Greek symbols looks very modern and enchanting to the one who sees the tattoo. They can be worn on the leg as well as any other part of the body. This kind of Greek symbol tattoos give a deep meaning related to Lord Jesus. They are small so can be carried on wrist or arm. Not only have the Christians, other people also carried this kind of tattoo.This is one of the simple Greek tattoos.

  • Best Suitable For:Men and women who are firm believers in Jesus Christ can opt for this tattoo
  • Preferable Ink:Choose a black colored ink for this design
  • Where:Suitable on leg, arms and wrist
  • Size:Choose a small to medium sized image
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for wheat and fair skin tones

5. Greek Armband Tattoo:

Well-designed Greek arm tattoos which are complimented with a good pattern speaks for a stylish interpretation of the ancient Greek history. Getting one of these tattoos inked will surely give you a distinct and attractive identity.

The dark border around the tattoo is also inspired by the various Greek tribal tattoos. This kind of Greek tattoo is a message to the people. Such dark black tattoos are also carried on the wrist as a wrist band tattoo. Girls also get such tattoo inked on their waist. Such Greek lettering tattoos are also carried to show their devotion on towards bible.

  • Best Suitable For:These artistic tattoos are ideal for both men and women to adorn their hands and wrists
  • Preferable Ink:A plain black colored ink would be suitable
  • Where:You can get these bands done on arms, wrists and even on legs
  • Size:Depending on the size of the wrist or arm, you can opt for a suitable size
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for wheat and fair skin tones

6. Greek Mythology Tattoos:

A tattoo that portrays the Greek Mythology is guaranteed to look ethnic. It will bring out the life, the colorful and amazing stories that are a part of its history. They make an excellent choice for Greek tattoos. The Greek tattoo meaning of such tattoo is slavery, power, and strength. The tattoo shows a horse which is captured in chain, which indicates slavery.

The various colors used in the tattoo make it more attractive. A monster is also inked which symbolizes evil. Such tattoos are widely carried by wrestlers. The tattoo also gives a glance of the famous monsters that captured many people and kept them as their slaves. Such tattoos show the dangerous personality carried by the person wearing it.This is one of the top Greek tattoos for men.

  • Best Suitable For:Such elaborate tattoos are suitable for men who have a broad body to get all the details inked
  • Preferable Ink:Choose multi-colors to capture the true beauty of the picture
  • Where:Shoulders and arms are the ideal spots for this tattoo
  • Size:This is an extra-large image with cluster of small details
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for lighter skin tones

7. Greek Symbolical Tattoo On Arm:

For those who want to keep their Greek tattoo simple yet fashionable should use the Greek symbolical tattoo. Just like its name, it contains the portrait of a Greek symbol surrounded by a well shaped black circle. It looks neat, pleasant and attractive.

This is one of the small Greek tattoos that symbolizes truth, honesty, love and care. Such tattoos are also known as Greek tribal tattoo. The dark black color makes the symbol more attractive. Such tattoos can also be inked on the neck, wrist, leg and chest. Different symbols give different meanings. People select one of the various symbols which also resembles with their nature. They are often inked in dark black thick ink to give a deep impact. Some also get in inked thin and small to give it a simpler effect.

  • Best Suitable For:Suitable for both men and women who believe in the concept of less is more.
  • Preferable Ink:Black colored ink is ideal for this picture
  • Where:Arms and shoulders are perfect spots to get this design inked
  • Size:A medium to large sized image works well
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for almost all skin tones

8. Greek Angel Tattoo On Side:

Angels have played a very important role in Greek mythology. In fact the word angel comes from a Greek word named “aggelos” which means messenger. A Greek angel portrayed in a classy manner; with its gigantic wings and the possession of a sword will give it a very elegant posture.

This is one of the best Greek tattoos seen till date. Such type of angel tattoo is also known as a Guardian angel tattoo. Just as a father or mother in order to save his/her child fight against evil, this tattoo gives a message that the father or mother was an angel for the wearer who cared and protected him. This type of Greek tattoos for girls is also carried by boys in their back or chest. The Angel with as word also indicates the victory of truth on evil. Such tattoos are carried with a different pride by the wearer. These Greek girl tattoos are also inked by the peoples who lost their parents while they were protecting them.

  • Best Suitable For:Guardian angels are generally suitable for those who wish to keep their insecurities at bay. They are one of the best Greek tattoo designs for women.
  • Preferable Ink:Opt for a good blend of black and brown colored inks
  • Where:Get this done on your abdomen for a unique look
  • Size:A large sized image is just perfect
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for lighter skin tones

9. Medusa Mythology Greek Tattoo Sleeve Design:

According to Greek mythology, Medusa was a monster who possessed a hideous face and poisonous snakes instead of hair. She is a classic character and getting a tattoo by a professional tattoo artist that depicts her in her original way can really be a great idea for a Greek tattoo design. Such Greek tattoo ideas are highly inspired by the mythological story about Medusa.

It is believed that such tattoo when carried in your body saves you from the evil deed one wants to do with you. Such tattoos are said to be protects from the evil known as black magic. It also defines the historic story of Medusa and how’s he died. The eyes of Medusa are always drawn facing down as it is said that if any one peeped in them they would turn to stone. This is one of the best Greek mythology tattoos.

  • Best Suitable For:Suitable for both men and women who believe in Greek Goddesses and their supernatural powers
  • Preferable Ink:A blend of black, grey and blue colored inks
  • Where:Arms are the perfect spot for this tattoo
  • Size:A medium to large sized design is ideal
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for fair skin tones

10. Realism Greek Shoulder Tattoos:

Realism tattoos feature subjects and objects drawn such that they are lifelike. The images drawn in these tattoos are so realistic that they look like portraits of the characters.Realism tattoos are often used in drawing Greek gods and goddesses.

The realistic look of the tattoos allows one to see the physical characteristics of the subjects as well as observe the emotions that the subjects are conveying and feeling in the tattoos. They can be done in color, black or grey designs. Combining black, grey with red color gives the tattoo divinity. Realism tattoos are generally medium size to large sized tattoos and can be worn by both men and women.Such Greek roman tattoos symbolize divinity, truth, purity, love and victory of good over evil.

  • Best Suitable For:Ideal for men and women who wish to eternalise their love for Greek heroes by etching them on bodies
  • Preferable Ink:Go for a combination of black, blue and grey colors
  • Where:The entire length of the hand can be used for perfect detailing
  • Size:A large sized image is preferable
  • Skin Tone:The fine details of the design makes it suitable only for fair skin tones

11. Illustrative Greek God Tattoo Designs On Hand:

Illustrative Greek tattoos are full of color. They look like the illustrations given in books and comics. The tattoos are true to life and by looking at the tattoo; we can see that the subjects are conveying emotions. The subjects in these Illustrative Greek Tattoos are Gods, Goddesses, and inanimate objects like apples, weapons, spear, and armor.

Illustration tattoos are from medium to large sizes usually drawn in places where they will fit properly and where one can show off the tattoo easily. As the tattoos are very colorful, they are excellent to flaunt as body art. It can be worn by both women as well as men.

  • Best Suitable For:If you adore and worship Greek Gods, this amazing Greek hand tattoo works well whether you are a man or woman
  • Preferable Ink: Choose rich and brighter hues like blue, green, yellow and black
  • Where:Arms are perfect spots to flaunt this beautiful tattoo
  • Size:A large sized image can give you the right look
  • Skin Tone:As it involves colors like green and blue, this is suitable for fair skin tones

12. Black And Grey Greek Tattoo Design On Chest:

As the name suggests, these Greek chest tattoos are drawn in black and grey colors. These tattoos generally are not done with vibrant colors such as red or blue. These tattoos have images of Greek people or gods with expressions of emotions of courage, anger, loss or escapism. They are also drawn such that they have the proportions of real life humans.

These tattoos are also very realistic. Greek black and grey tattoos are often medium or large in size. Thus, they are drawn on areas such as the upper arms, forearms, full back, abdomen or chest. These types of Greek tattoos are unisex, ideal for people who want tattoo to have realistic meaning. This is one of the best Greek tattoo designs.

  • Best Suitable For:These tattoos are generally for men, as they involve etching the chest portion
  • Preferable Ink:Muted colors like grey and black are best
  • Where:The chest portion can give you the required area for this design
  • Size:Opt for a large sized image to capture the details well
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for lighter skin tones

13. Golden Apple Greek Tattoo Designs:

The Golden apple has a significant importance in Greek mythology. There are three different stories associated with the golden apple and Greek mythology namely Race of Atalanta, Garden of Hesperides and the Golden Apple of Trojan war fame.

As the Greek tattoos give lot of importance to the inanimate objects also, apple forms an important subject for a Greek tattoo as other objects like weapons and armour. In this particular Golden Apple Greek tattoo, a beautiful Greek verse is tattooed indie the golden apple. One can get this tattoo done for the inspiring mythological stories of Greek culture.

  • Best Suitable For:This is a unisex tattoo with a biblical importance.
  • Preferable Ink:Gold with hints of black and grey are used
  • Where:Spots like arms, back and even the neck area are suitable
  • Size:A medium sized image looks good
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for all skin tones

14. Athena Greek Back Tattoos:

Athena is a popular goddess from Greek mythology. Athena is hence a popular choice when it comes to Greek tattoos. Being a Goddess, she has that aura among her and has a charming look. Also known as Minerva, she is the goddess of wisdom. She is generally dressed as a warrior. Usually seen with an owl, she is the epitome of cleverness, culture, freedom, spirits and Greece mythology.

  • Best Suitable For:This amazingly artistic tattoo is suitable for men who have the eye for detail
  • Preferable Ink:Blue, brown and black colored inks are suitable
  • Where:This intricate design can be done on the back for optimal coverage
  • Size:Large sized image works really well
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for lighter skin tones

15. Centaurs Greek Tattoo Design:

Centaurs are half-man, half-horse creatures in Greek mythology. They have the body of a horse and the chest, head and arms of a man. They are the children of Ixion, king of the Lapiths, and Nephele, a cloud made in the image of Hera. Centaurs are violent and fierce. They usually depict untamed minds, virility and animal instinct as they are half horse. Centaurs are often seen with a bow as they are warriors. This mythical Greek horse tattoo is for people who want to show the courageous and valor side of their personality.

  • Best Suitable For:This tattoo is for all the brave heart men and women who do not budge from taking risks in their lives
  • Preferable Ink:A combination of black, brown with hints of white are ideal
  • Where:Choose the arms for better visibility
  • Size:Go for a large sized image
  • Skin Tone:Suitable for fair skin tones

Tips To Follow Before Getting a Greek Tattoo Inked:

If you are planning on a Greek tattoo, these tips can certainly help you get the design of your dreams:

  • Greek tattoos are extremely complex and not every artist can do justice to the design
  • IF you are planning on choosing a message involving Greek alphabets, it’s important to get the lettering done perfectly
  • Not all Greek Gods and warriors symbolise positivity! So, be wise to learn about them in detail before deciding on the design
  • Opt for designs that involve clear detailing, as they can get distorted over a period of time
  • Be sure to follow the after-care instructions of the tattoo, to ensure longevity of the design.

We hope these tattoos are not all “Greek” to you! They are extremely intricate and artistic, with the background of the ancient Greek mythology. Greek tattoos are rich in symbolism and are not mere pieces of art. Each of the Greek Gods and Goddess are given a different appearance by the artists to indicate their qualities. It’s not uncommon for people to believe that etching them on body can certainly helping in passing some of their super natural traits. So, what are you waiting for? Choose your favorite from these amazing Greek tattoo designs and get ready to slay!