15 Best Cat Tattoo Designs With Meanings

Cats are also known as the guardians of the underworld or another world. Different religions preach differently about cats. But this species has always left human beings in its awe of mysterious nature. Here are some Cat tattoos that you can get done on your body.

Whatever configuration you pick, it ought to reflect something you esteem and depict the same message. It’s fun, however, now and then when you get some uncertain tattoo like cat tattoo designs that will leave individuals speculating. So attempt and investigate with your taste, and think of something other than what’s expected that is going to truly emerge. That is the thing that craftsmanship is involved in cat tattoo designs.

Cat tattoo designs

Cute Cat Tattoos For Men And Women With Pictures:

Following are the most demanded and world-famous cat tattoo designs with images and meanings for both women and men.

1. Wicca Cat Tattoo Designs:

Cats have had a long relationship with Witchcraft and Paganism in Europe, thanks to some extent to the importation of thoughts from the old Egyptians and Romans. Diana, the Moon goddess, turned into an image of agnostics and witches in the Middle Ages. In any case, during a period when the climate was overflowing with religious concealment, free thought, imaginative expression, and being a rehearsing agnostic were considered to be unlawful and detestation to all things authorized by law.


Elective thoughts were thought to be the work of sinister powers, and all images connected with said thoughts were seen as malevolent. Unfortunately, the feline (particularly the dark feline) got to be known as delivery people of the Devil and a significant number of the superstitions that regardless we hold near our souls today, originated from the religious stagnation of the Middle Ages. Be that as it may, one take a gander at the adorable face of your dark-striped cat is sufficient to inform you that there’s nothing detestable concerning him. So black cat tattoo designs would be the perfect choice for you if are the ardent fan of magic or are engaged in any kind of Wicca activities.

2. Cat Paw Design Tattoo:


Cat Pawprints speak to an enthusiastic or mental adventure through a troublesome time. They symbolize progress, and the need to advance in life. Ever ask why numerous Japanese and Chinese spots of business have little statuettes of felines with a raised front paw? In Asian societies, this is an old image of thriving and favourable luck that goes back hundreds of years to the legend of Maneki Neko. In spite of the fact that there are a few forms of the myth, all stories focus on the subject of a needy individual all of a sudden discovering riches in the wake of being kind to a feline that raised its front paw to him. Feline Paw Tattoos speak to Prosperity, Good Fortune, and Progress.

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3. Tom & Jerry Tattoo Designs:


This is definitely the standout among all the cartoon cat tattoo designs gallery as our childhood would remain incomplete if we didn’t watch the cute fights of Tom and Jerry. A standout amongst the most widely recognized toon feline tattoos is the one of Garfield, the tom character who is clever witty and apathetic as well, yet adored by numerous. There are other toon characters that are made into tattoos like Toon from Tom and Jerry or Sylvester the feline. This joins a man’s adoration for felines and in addition their affection for toons. It is a more current pattern regular among youthful and old showing their lively side.

4. Cute Cat Face Tattoos:

The human relationship with these cute cats does a reversal to the beginning of our development. Various archaeological campaigns have uncovered stone age graves with felines cuddled next to their expired proprietors. Right up ’til the present time, numerous feline proprietors can’t stand to part with their darling dark-striped cat, regardless of what the situation might be.


The cute cat tattoo design above focuses on the cute face of the feline, generally, feline proprietors pick this one cat tattoo design to get a tattoo of their feline, it could be a cat that just passed away and they wish to recollect that it or they simply need to have the face of their pet on their body. Consideration is paid to detail when attracting this tattoo to guarantee that the tattoo looks each piece like the feline it should delineate.

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5. Firing Cat Tattoos:

Cat tattoo designs 5

This tattoo invests its entire attraction in the mane. The mane can be filled with color or patterns or simply black to enhance aggression. The lion’s expression has been captured very well and you need a standard-sized tattoo to bring this expression outright. Place it on your forearm, and it will be a brilliant tattoo design of cat on your body.

6. Spiral Cat Tattoo Design:

Cat tattoo designs 6

Far less aggressive and a work of extended beauty defines this tattoo. Use two colors to fill and highlight the patterns on this tattoo. But do not make this one too nigh on your body, its beauty lies in its compact and filled design. Stretching it will simply spoil the look of this tattoo. Using Aztec patterns to fill the details is also a brilliant idea. It is one of the best cat tattoo designs for women.

7. Small Cat Tattoo Designs:

Cat tattoo designs 7

This is a different and abstract tattoo that holds a brilliant potential of creativity and beauty in it. It is an extremely simple cat tattoo design and yet so beautiful. You should definitely try this one. Using black as your background will highlight what you paint within. So don’t ditch it. Also, you can add corner designs and patterns if you think it looks a bit empty.

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8. Calm Sitting Cat Tattoos:

Cat tattoo designs 8

This is the best example to show what filling design in with patterns is like!  This brilliant tattoo is a must pick if you want bright and beautiful tattoos. You can use different colors if you wish but use black as your background for the pattern and overall design to stand out. This is one of the cutest cat tattoo designs for girls.

9. Tail Cat Tattoo:

Cat tattoo designs9

This tattoo is sweet and funky. The sleek model of the cat looks extremely pretty on petite bodies. Again you are free to use colours, but black has to be there for the depth of even such a simple tattoo. Make sure the size imprinted to your skin is a compact one otherwise there is a good chance that it might look like a worm!

10. Bewitching Cat Eye Tattoo Design:


The well known American artist, Hiram Powers, once said “The eye is the window of the spirit. The keenness, the will, are found in the eye ” When it comes to felines, no more genuine proclamation has ever been said all through history. A feline’s eye is frequently seen as an image of Intellect, Wisdom, and a conductor to the Divine. It is accepted to be an object of Mysticism and Intrigue that brings the individuals who have this image nearer to the components of the Afterlife. Feline cat Eye Tattoos speak to your capacity to see things for more than what they are. You can investigate a circumstance and view each activity as an expansion of something more prominent.

11. Divine Cat Tattoo With Crown:


In Ancient Egypt and numerous other antiquated civilizations, felines were additionally seen as being profound. Antiquated workmanship portrays the feline as a worshipped creature. They likewise were considered to bring fortunes and now and again misfortune. The name feline really originates from Egypt where the feline was accepted to be the expansion of the moon goddess. In Egypt, felines were worshipped the same amount of as they were adored. Therefore en-grafting a cat tattoo design in your body can mean to show respect towards the religious animal.

12. Cat Head Tattoo:

Cat tattoo designs 4

Here is a fierce cat’s tattoo (of course we know which cat)! The bold outlines exhibit the resilient repetitive patterns on a tiger’s body, which has been well captured in this tattoo. You can compress or expand according to where you wish to place it. Changing the size will do no harm. This one will look anywhere you place it.

13. Black Cat Tattoo Design:

Cat tattoo designs 2

If you want something cool and not serious, this something fun to work with! You can use any darker color of your choice and utilize it for the same idea. If you want you can add simple patterns too.  This one would look good anywhere you wish to fit it. In fact if you want to experiment, you can place it upside down too.

14. Stomach Cat Tattoo:

Cat tattoo designs 1

This beautiful and compact piece will fit anywhere you wish to place it. You can use different colors with the black to highlight the abstract face and this won’t take away the look you want. Also highlighting or bordering it with a lighter color is a good option.

15. Cat With Love Tattoos:

Cat tattoo designs 3

This creative venture is bound to draw attention and is unique. The whiskers are all you need for your tattoo to pull everyone’s attention. Also using an undertone to this one is advisable. Use a different color to highlight places you want, especially the eyes. You can make them as attractive as you like.

Some of the fabulous features among the galleries of cat tattoo designs which will certainly make you go wow. Happy Tattooing.