15 Best Eminem Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Marshall Bruce Mather’s III also known as Eminem is one of the most recognized and talented rappers in the world. He is not only a rapper but a song writer, producer and actor. He was won several awards and has been rated as one of the greatest artists of all times. He has millions and millions of fans across the world and people have really liked and appreciated his work over the years. Not just his talent, but his tattoos have also been in huge demand. Each of them holds special significance in his life. Some of the best Eminem tattoo designs so far are written in the following paragraphs.

Eminem Tattoo

Pictures of Eminem’s Tattoos:

Are you looking for good Eminem tattoo designs, ranked by fans of Sexy star and of body art? Well, here is the avenue where you can find the Eminem tattoo design meaning that you are dreaming for! Continue reading and find out the latest Eminem tattoo that matches your desire!

1. Eminem Zombie Tattoo:


Plenty of fans are interested to worn Eminem new tattoo, and one of the populous tattoos is Zombie tattoo which was worn by different people of different ages. Perhaps you will enjoy on understanding this tattoo as inking this on your body will be different from the ordinary pictures as this will make your dream come true. These tattoos are inked with dark colors that give the scary feel to the viewers, but while getting this tattooed on your body, make sure that it will give the confident and guts to you.

2. Wrist Tattoo with Eminem’s Slim Shady 3rd Album:


Slim shady was Eminem’s first song that reached the number one position in the United Kingdom and it won multiple awards as well as a Grammy award for best solo performance. This Eminem tattoo ideas represents the joy of winning the award for a slim shady album by Eminem. This tattoo was done by a die-hard fan of Eminem. It was inked with dark black shaded color, and also multi-color inks can also be used for the tattoos. This dark black shaded ink will give a unique look.

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3. Eminem Tattoo In his Fan’s Body:


The above tattoo is worn by one of his fans as a tribute to Eminem’s hip-hop songs that speak of love, rebellion, heartbreak and angst of youth. Fans of Eminem were enjoying themselves with any of his tattoo including some of his tattoo quotes, and lyrics taken from songs. If you are a kind who wants to get an Eminem tattoo, go with any peculiar style of tattoo which he had on his body.

4. Eminem’s Face Tattoo For Celebration:


Eminem’s remixed tattoo is done as the representation of his slim shady album which was remixed and named as “The Hills”, and this video exemplifies that fir even more. This can be a big hit album among all the Eminem’s songs. This tattoo offers the remixed look of Eminem’s original face which is related to the remix of Slim Shady album. This tattoo is inked with brownish red color and this can be tattooed in the Eminem’s fan hand which gives the unique look.

5. Water Color Eminem Tattoo with his Photo Depicted:


This aesthetically pleasing body watercolor tattoo resembles abstract inspiration. This watercolor tattoo inking of the tattoo is little darker than normal tattoo lines as this is giving a vibrant look. In this tattoo design, Eminem’s face is inked on his fan’s back; this can be art with multi watercolor ink. Contrasting color combinations are used for designing this tattoo and the background of this tattoo are inked with Eminem face sky with tree and give a unique look when compared with other tattoo designs.

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6. Eminem Tattoo of His Daughter:

Hailie Jade Eminem Tattoo

Eminem’s daughter Hailie Jade is very precious to him. He got her name inked on his arm soon after she was born on Christmas in the year 1995. It has been tattooed vertically, has a very thin font and has been inscribed from the elbow to the wrist. This tattoo is very significant for him as it stood as a mark of love and affection towards his daughter. It is one of the best Eminem tattoos.

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7. Eminem Proof Tattoo Font on Arm:

Proof Eminem Tattoo

This tattoo proof was made in the year 2020 in the month of April. It was made in memory of Eminem’s best friend Proof who was shot. The name “Proof” has been written on his forearm in a vertical position with flames surrounding it. It was a tribute he made towards his best friend, someone who held a special place in his heart. This is one of the great Eminem tattoos.

8. Eminem’s Tribal Bracelet Tattoo:

Tribal Bracelet Eminem Tattoo

The tribal bracelet tattoo is one of best one’s made by Eminem. It is a very simple and neat design, is located on his left wrist and does not hold any meaning or symbol. The tattoo flaunts Eminem’s great taste and compliments his choices.

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9. Slit Me Eminem Tattoo on Right Wrist:

Slit Me Eminem Tattoo

The Slit Me Eminem Tattoo has been inked on his right wrist. The tattoo simply says “Slit Me” which has a pointing underline that shows the direction to the wrist. The font used is Latin English and stands as a significance of Eminem’s past, his disturbed life and suicidal tendencies.

10. Eminem D Font Tattoo on Right Arm:

D Eminem Tattoo

The” D” Eminem Tattoo stands for Dirty Dozen which is Eminem’s crew name. The tattoo has been inscribed on both his arms. The right arm has ‘D’ on it.

11. Eminem Uncle Ronnie R.I.P Sleeve Tattoo:

This tattoo was made by Eminem after his uncle Ronnie passed away in 1991. It is pretty big in size as it starts from his shoulder and ends at his wrist. The tattoo looks very artistic as the image of a huge mushroom with a skull in it, surrounded by buildings has been used.

12. Rot in Pieces Eminem Tattoo on Stomach:

The Rot in Pieces Eminem tattoo was inked on his belly button. This was made when Marshall was going through a rough phase with his wife Kim. The tattoo shows an open grave with Kim’s name written on the tomb stone. This stands as reflection of Marshall’s thoughts; of how crestfallen he was when Kim left him.

13. 12 Eminem Tattoo on Left Hand:

The number 12 have been inscribed on the left arm of Eminem. So when he joins his hand together, with D written on one wrist and 12 written on the other it stands as D-12. This indeed is a great idea for tattoo making.

14. Eminem Eyes Tattoo:

Eminem’s tattoo body art includes a portrait of his friend along with his eyes tattooed on his arms. This rap star has also paid a tribute to his lifetime friend by getting his eyes inked on his upper arms as well as other tattoo pictures that effectively symbolize the struggles throughout his life.

15. Hailie Jade And Bonnie & Clyde Tattoo on Arm:

This tattoo is a portrait of Eminem’s daughter Hailie with beautiful roses inked beneath it and also the words Bonnie and Clyde which he had dedicate to her.

Eminem, by storm, took the music world with the release of his familiar debut album; The Slip Shady LP and its hit single which is“My Name Is”. Eminem was widely considered by fans as one of the greatest rappers of all time and today, Eminem tattoos honor the people in his life that are very important to him and remind him of how far he has come in the entertainment industry. Currently, Eminem is having a least of 15 tattoos where each with its own meaning or a memory.

Above is the detailed information and sample pictures of Eminem’s tattoos including his latest additions and not all the tattoos were done by the same artist, but to the best of our knowledge, the larger ones like the Hailie Jade portraits and Uncle Ronnie was done by the tattoo artists Mr. Cartoon. Eminem has made headlines several times by adding many new tattoos to his collection.

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