15 Best Full And Long Beard Styles That You Should Try to Be Stylish

Beard is an integral part of every man’s appearance. A well-groomed beard always enhances your look and helps you look manlier. There are many different styles in which you can groom your beard. These styles are loosely based on the length of your beard, the shape, your trimming pattern and trimming frequency. Thus, there are long beard styles, short beard styles, curved beard styles, zigzag line beard styles, etc.

In India, you get to see all these styles followed by different men in a different manner. However, nowadays you can observe that the long or big beard styles are gaining a lot of following among the Indian Youth, especially in North India.

Big, Full And Long Beard Styles:

The following are Top 15 styles of Long, big and full beard,

1. Bandholz Beard:

Bandholz Beard

This style was originally developed by Eric Bandholz, the founder of the famous beard products brand, ‘ Beard brand ‘. This is one of those styles which are long as well as thick beard styles. For this style, you must first let the beard grow constantly in length as well as girth up to a point where it stops growing. This growth takes on an average about 6 months. After that, you must finally trim the huge beard as per the shape of your face, i.e. triangle if your face is triangular at the jaw, diamond, oval, etc. You need to grow a mustache as well suitable with this beard.

2. Razors Edge Beard:

Razors Edge Beard

This is one of the most followed big beard styles as of 2020. In this style too, you must let your beard to grow to its maximum length and breadth without trimming only maintaining properly, neatly and cleanly. Once it is maxed out, now you must finally trim it but except the edges. The edges must be maintained in the natural wild shape without trimming, therefore this beard is named as Razor edge style beard.

3. Short Full Beard:

Short Full Beard

It is not a hard and fast rule that full beard styles must have long grown beards only as a style statement. Even short full beards can look equally stylish and masculine. In this style of full beards, you have to let your beard grow at a medium-long length which can be sufficient enough for you to trim into a shorter version without any unevenness in it. This beard too is associated with a mustache but that too must be properly trimmed to complement your beard.

4. Braided Long Beard:

The most unique style of beards is a braided long beard. However, for this style, you need a really long beard and smooth beard hair. If your beard hair is all messed up and rough then braids style is not possible. Usually, this style suits men having long hair, therefore this can be called as one of the long hair and beard styles.

5. Well Groomed Medium Long Beard:

Well Groomed Medium Long Beard

Unlike the fully maxed out long hair beard styles, this style focuses more on constantly focusing on maintaining a well-groomed beard of medium length. All you have to do is let your beard grow up to a month or two but along with the growth you must also keep giving it proper shape and maintain it with quality grooming products.

6. Dutch or Old Dutch Beard:

Dutch or Old Dutch Beard

In traditional times, you would rarely see a Dutch man with a long beard, as they were not allowed to grow big beards. But over a period of time; Dutch men started to grow a beard which would spread horizontally as well as vertically. But they would never grow a mustache with a beard. As a result, this has now become the trademark Dutch look and therefore the beard is called the Dutch beard.

7. Viking / Warrior Beard:

Viking / Warrior Beard

This style has a resemblance of the braided beard style. In this style, the beard starts as normal while it is further tied into two braids to give an appearance like a Viking or an ancient warrior. This is thus one of the long hairs with beard styles.

8. Extra Long White Full Beard:

Extra Long White Full Beard

Full beards always look awesome, but they can look even better if grown into an extra-long form. Longer the beard hair, fuller wills the appearance be and if you comb it innovatively, then it can create an amazing look. In this beard style, the funkiness of the beard can be taken a little higher by giving it a sheer white colour and accompanying it with mustache to spice things up. This style is most suitable for elderly men with a natural white beard. You can thus sometimes see elderly men have long hair and beard which are both white and beard is extra-long.

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9. The Boss Beard:

The Boss Beard

You can achieve The Boss style beard by beginning with fading sideburns which grow into a full beard. You have to trim the outside parts of the burns of your beard. This is the simplest style of long beards and yet it seeks maximum attention.

10. Extra Long Goatee:

Extra Long Goatee

The extra-long goatee is an amazing style and seeks attention due to its unusual size. Although not every man can keep an extra-long goatee, those men who can should adopt this look by letting their goatee grow in length beyond its normal size which usually men keep. Once it outgrows the normal size, it should be trimmed a little for a uniform shape. This style suits better on men with longer face and grey or blonde hair. This can be therefore called as one of the beard styles for a long face.

11. Faded Beard:

Faded Beard

This style gets its name from its sideburns which fade smoothly. This beard style is comparatively shorter but gives an awesome thick look to your beard. You can grow this beard by allowing the sideburns to fade into your central beard, which must be in a square shape when you look front. You have to allow the beard to grow down your chin up to about 3 inch length. After that, trim it in a flat line towards its ends. You can enhance your look with a handlebar shapes mustache.

12. Garibaldi Beard:

Garibaldi Beard

This style is mostly similar to the Bandholz style of beard. You have to thus allow your beard to grow in length and girth without trimming up to 5 to 6 months. But in this style, the only difference is that you have to trim the beard in circular shape only and not any other shape at all irrespective of your face shape.

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13. Bush and Coif Beard:

Bush and Coif Beard

This is a rugged beard style. It looks much wilder as compared to most other beard styles. This beard style goes with a spikes haircut. You have to fade your sideburns into the central beard. You must let the beard grow at a medium size, and then shape it into a spherical end. But you must keep in mind not to trim the hair uniformly because the crux of this beard is uneven sparkling hair.

14. Long and Wavy Beard:

Long and Wavy Beard

If you are lucky enough and have a natural wavy hair in your beard, this is the perfect style for you. The beard length must be enough to touch the lower neck when straightly combed. You can spice up this beard style by giving it a different colour tone.

15. Two Tone Long Beard:

Two Tone Long Beard

In this style of long beard, the beard is coloured in two tones for an amazing contrasting look. Mostly this style is done in an extra-long goatee as shown in the picture above, while it can also be done in other long beards. The colours that can be used together are black and white, golden and white, orange and brown, etc.

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A man’s beard is one of the fundamental aspects in his looks for style as well as masculinity. You need to, therefore, give special attention to the style and maintenance of your beard. The styles of beard differ in terms of hair length, shape; colour, etc. wherein long beards are very popular nowadays. You can maintain various styles of long beards as per your preference.