15 Best Guitar Tattoo Designs with Meanings For Girls & Guys

Guitars typically belong to the world of music. Thus, guitar tattoo designs are more often than not just a representation of an individual’s undying love for music. Sometimes people get guitar tattoos to pay homage to some musician or guitarist who has died. For example many people still have guitar tattoos to express their sorrow at the death of Elvis Presley! Traditionally there are two kinds of guitars – the acoustic guitar and the electric guitar. The electric guitar is available in several different shapes and colors. The typical acoustic guitar looks the same, though it has variations in colour and size. The acoustic guitar is an instrument for folk, country or classical music while the electric guitar finds use in the rock world of music.

People get either of the two in their tattoo. Along with a guitar, people include several other embellishments to it which mean as much if not more. They add flowers, skulls, hearts, music symbols and so on. All these supplementary designs not only make the tattoo look more attractive but it also lends a more acute sense of meaning to the tattoo.

Different Types of Guitar Tattoo Designs:

Guitar is said to be the most favourite musical instrument for the youth today. The guitar tattoos are getting trendy with its various different designs.

1. Guitar Head Tattoo on Below the Neck:


This is one of the several master pieces which is quite popular among the girls who love to hear and play guitar. This kind of guitar tattoos for girls gives a classic look to the wearer. It not only shows the love and dedication of the wearer bit also gives a fashion statement to the viewers. Such tattoos when drawn by professionals give a Midas touch to the tattoo. The beautiful Vine borders made surrounding the head of the guitar give it a glance of the 60’s generation.

2. The Burning Guitar Tattoo Design on Arm:


This kind of Guitar tattoo designs are getting trendy among the bikers who love music. The guitar is given a burning effect by showing flames coming out of it. This colorful tattoo looks wonderful with the red flames. The various colored guitar can be inked on the shoulder, wrist, back and waist. Boys also get it inked near to their chest. This tattoo also expresses one’s love and passion towards music and specially the guitar music. This tattoo is favorable among the youth in colleges.

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3. A Guitar with Wings Tattoo:

Guitar Tattoo Designs with Meanings 2

Many people believe that music is their best friend, their soul mate, their chance at redemption. Music is everything to some people. For these people music is like their guardian angel sent to earth just for their deliverance. Thus, a guitar with wings is oddly, not fanciful for them. It is in fact a precise picture of their feelings!For some, angel wings with music also shows the love of their loved ones for music. This tattoo can also be a dedication to some music lover who played guitar and passed away.

4. Dedication Tattoo with Guitar:


This kind of Guitar tattoo designs can also be named as the dedication tattoo design or gift. Such guitar tattoos for girls are highly carried on the hands or back. The floral design beside the guitar in gray coloured shades gives it a wonderful look. The tattoo also shows the love towards your father. Such tattoos can also be inked For fathers who love playing guitar and to memorize those moments they shared playing guitar.

5. Guitar with Musical Notations and Words:

Guitar Tattoo Designs with Meanings 1

A guitar with music notations and words is one of the most typical designs. It looks good and the words you choose help make the meaning of your tattoo clearer. You can choose to get a strip of bar music twirled around your guitar or just add the symbols and words around it in a haphazard manner.Some people get few lines of a song or famous lines from poems of great posts inked around the guitar. The various different kind of fonts used give it a marvelous effect.

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6. Skull Playing  Guitar Tattoo on Right Hand:

Guitar Tattoo Designs with Meanings 6

A guitar with a skull is a typically Goth look. It looks cool and doesn’t hold any special meaning other than expressing one’s extreme love for rock music. A skull playing guitar simply looks a cool idea. This also shows that even after death the person wearing such tattoo would stay connected to music.

7. Guitar and Flowers Tattoo for Girls:

Guitar Tattoo Designs with Meanings 7

Guitar tattoos are opted for by both girls and boys. However girls tend to make their tattoo more unique by adding other embellishments to it which the boys don’t bother with. Flowers are one such example. Floral patterns around the guitar make the tattoo more pretty and feminine. It makes it oddly romantic.

8. Full Back Guitar Tattoo:

Guitar Tattoo Designs with Meanings 8

This kind of a tattoo is very different form the typical design you get on your arms or legs. You can get this along your entire back. It makes your neck and spine the neck of the guitar with its base ending at your lower back. Basically it makes your back look like a cool guitar.

9. A Gibson Guitar Head Tattoo:

Guitar Tattoo Designs with Meanings 9

Gibson is one of the most famous brands for guitars. Guitarists often get cool Gibson guitars tattooed on their forearms. Such tattoo are carried by the guitar lovers who love to carry a guitar of a specific brand only.

10. Rock Star Skeleton with Guitar Tattoo:


This tattoo looks really cool when worn on the back or arm. This kind of guitar tattoos for guys has become trendier among the rock stars. A skeleton symbolizes dead person. And guitar represents music and love. So this tattoo can be carried as a tribute to someone who loved music, especially guitar. This kind of tattoo also shows the deep love of the wearer towards music. This tattoo shows his own affection towards music or guitar.

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11. Guitar Tribal Tattoo on Back for Men:

Guitar tattoos are often opted for by rock stars too. for them it symbolizes their love for music but it is also an addition to their rock look. Tribal guitar tattoos are excellent choices for them. This kind of Guitar tattoos are made out of geometric shapes which give them a unique touch. The blue and black combination gives it a wonderful effect.

12. Celtic Guitar Tattoo Design:


Guitar tattoo designs are highly inspired by the tribal guitar tattoo designs. This tattoo is formed with various Celtic tattoo shapes. The curvy designs five it a marvelous look. This kind of tattoos give a wonderful effect if drawn with colorful ink, but are highly inked in dark black color. They are generally inked on the wrist, hand, shoulder and leg. Girls carry such tattoo on their waist to give it a romantic look.

13. A Guitar Tree of Life Tattoo:

Best Guitar Tattoo Designs with Meanings 5

A guitar tree is a unique idea! It symbolizes how deeply rooted a person’s soul is in his music. It shows that once music starts growing on you there is no getting rid of it and more than all this, it looks extremely cool! Such tattoo is also carried out by singers whose families have given more singers to the audience every generation.

14. A Simple Black Guitar Silhouette Tattoo on Ankle:

Best Guitar Tattoo Designs with Meanings 4

Sometimes people opt for guitar tattoos even though they don’t play. These people choose the guitar tattoo to just symbolize their love for listening to guitar music. A simple black guitar silhouette is perfect for them. They can make it small or large. Girls often get these on the inside of their wrist or on their ankle. It looks not dark but surprisingly cute.

15. Colourful Guitar Tattoo Design:


This is one of the most beautiful tattoos which give an effect of the old postal color painting we did in schools. The guitar in the tattoo is simply inked with a black border while the colorful paint is inked as if postal colors were used to color it. Below the guitar is a small message which may be the norm of the wearer for his/her life. Such tattoos can be inked on arms, back area and waist to give it a new touch. The words written in a cursive manner adds to the beauty of the tattoo.

The guitar tattoo designs are not only famous among the music lovers, but also those who want small and simple tattoos get it inked on the neck, behind the ears, on fingers, wrists or ankle. You can derive with the best guitar tattoo designs once you have made a choice where and how big you want to get it done. The tribal guitar tattoos have become the key attraction to the tattoo lovers. When given a geometric shape, they give a wonderful effect to the viewer. So move on and show your love towards music by getting one such beautiful tattoo.