Does Sunscreen Expire?

Does Sunscreen Expire?

Every sunscreen product – lotion or spray – has an expiration date that is usually marked on the label. The sunscreen expiration date clearly marks the time prior to which you can safely use it. If the sunscreen expiration date is not marked on the container you should know that it does expire and loses its original strength after three years. So check for the date when your sunscreen lotion was manufactured.

Sunscreen Expiration Date

When purchasing a sunscreen lotion or a spray, you must always check for its expiration date. Most sunscreen manufacturers produce lotions and sun protection sprays that have a three year “lifespan”, but this usually means keeping the sunscreen container in ideal humidity and temperature conditions. So, if you shop for sunscreen lotions and sprays, make sure they don’t expire in the next 6 to 12 months, even though you may or may not be using it next summer.

Sunscreen Expiration and Efficiency

Sunscreen products contain organic and chemical ingredients that help protecting your skin from ultraviolet radiation. Some of those ingredients have an expiration date of their own, meaning – even though the label says you’re not holding an expired sunscreen – the active ingredients may no longer be effective. This means that using the sunscreen lotion you found in your bathroom board from last year might not be a safe choice, and you could end up with burns. Exposure to high temperatures or humidity causes sunscreen to lose its efficiency.

Does Sunscreen Expire?

Does Sunscreen Expire?

You might have already guessed the answer: “Yes, it does!” Moreover, an expired sunscreen doesn’t necessarily mean that the product has reached its expiration date. Sunscreen expiration could also imply that the sunscreen container hasn’t been stored in a cool and humidity-free place and that the ingredients in the sunscreen formula are no longer active and no longer ensure optimal protection.

If you buy a sunscreen lotion or sun protection spray and you plan to use it next summer as well, then you need to make sure you store it in the best conditions possible, away from humidity and high temperatures.

There’s nothing worse and most damaging to your skin than applying an expired sunscreen or one that is no longer providing you with the best protection. If you’re not sure about the sunscreen expiration date, you can always make inquiries with the manufacturer. Make sure you apply enough sunscreen when spending time out in the sun, correctly and regularly for maximum protection.

Does Sunscreen Expire?

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