15 Best Home Remedies For Frizzy Hair

Frizzy hair can be a really issue at times especially in summer when it is warm and sticky. Fizzy hair can be caused by several reasons and can be of natural origin as well but not to worry there is a way of solving almost any problem no matter how difficult the issue. Frizzy hair can be caused as mentioned earlier by several reasons which include over straightening, blow drying, excessive exposure to dust and pollution, weather change and so on. Frizzy hair is the process by which your hair loses its nutrition causing it to become rough or coarse at the touch. This issue if left to be continued can pose to be detrimental to your hair in the long run.

home remedies for frizzy hair

Dry or frizzy hair always means that there is lack of nourishment and moisture. Giving it some love can definitely solve this problem but it is important to know what kind of products you need to use and how you should take care of your hair on a daily basis. Most women visit the parlour every week to deal with it but it is surely not affordable for everyone. On the other hand if you rely too much on fancy products, your hair quality might actually worsen. So it is best to follow something that is easy, simple and natural; just like the suggestions given by this article.

Natural Home Remedies For Frizzy Hair:

How to control frizzy hair by using home remedies in effective manner? Below you will get the answer for that. Given below are a few natural and very effective home remedies by which you can easily treat frizzy hair.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

The acidity found in apple cider vinegar is absolutely amazing for your hair. They give the texture of your hair some healthy shine and also remove all kinds of frizziness.  After you have finished shampooing your hair, pour a small bowl full of apple cider vinegar on your hair. Let it sit for about 30 seconds and then you can rinse it off again. Use cool water in order to get the best results of it.

2. Avocado Hair Mask:

Another way to get rid of dull and frizzy hair is by applying some solid avocado mask. It is effective, inexpensive and a very natural way to solve your daily hair problem. All you have to do is smash an avocado and add some curd to it. Now make a fine paste out of it. Apply on your hair and let it stay for half n hour. Wash thoroughly and use this mask twice a week in order to prevent damage and dryness.

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3. Vitamin E Oil And Coconut Oil:

Mixing some coconut oil and pure vitamin e oil can do wonders to your frizzy hair. Use two tablespoons of vitamin e oil and four tablespoons of coconut oil. Mix it well and warm the oil properly. Now you need to massage the warm oil on your scalp. Make sure the oil isn’t too hot. You don’t want to burn your hair scalp. Wash your hair after 40 minutes. This massage will nourish your roots and give it a smooth, slender and attractive look. It is definitely a winner.

4. Mayonnaise for Frizzy Hair:

Take one fourth cup of mayonnaise, a little bit of pure almond and one to two eggs in a bowl. Mix it well. Now coat every single section of your hair with this paste. Cover it with a plastic bag. Keep for half n hour and rinse it off with vinegar. Now you can do your shampoo and conditioning. At the end, wash your hair with cold water thoroughly again so that there is no smell or residue of the paste left behind. Do this mayonnaise treatment two to three times a week to get the best out of it.

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5. Bananas To Control Frizzy Hair:

Banana mask is very simple to follow home remedy for frizzy hair. Bananas are just the fruit you need to say goodbye to roughness. It makes a good hair conditioner and has been tried and tested by many. All you have to do is smash a banana, remove its peel and add some almond oil to it. Now apply it well on your hair and let it stay for a period of thirty minutes. Rinse it with cold water thoroughly and then follow the same process of shampoo and conditioning. Your hair will be tangle free after this.

6. Honey And Yogurt:

Are you looking for a simple solution to all the dryness and frizziness you feel in your hair every day? Well, you must know that honey and yogurt are such natural and brilliant elements that daily usage of them will give your hair a whole new look. After you have done your shampoo and conditioning, add some honey to your bucket, fill it up with water and pour it all over your hair. You can also try some additional such as a mixture of honey and yogurt to make your hair fresh, soft, smooth and beautiful.

7. Beer:

Flat beer is one of the most popular effective home remedies for frizzy hair. Beer is quite a popular drink found mostly in bars and clubs. But who knew that such an infamous liquid can also be used for your hair? Yes, you heard right! Beer is an ideal way to take care of your hair problems. Don’t just drink it but wash your hair with it after your bath. You will feel refreshed and alive. Regular usage will certainly remove dryness.

8. Carbonated Water:

Carbonated Water for frizzy hair

The simplest way to say goodbye to frizzy hair is by washing it with carbonated water. After you have conditioned your hair, rinse with this. It will remove all dryness because of the low pH level it contains. They are very effective and if you follow this tip carefully, you will be surprised seeing how smooth and beautiful your hair will become within a few months time.

9. Almond Oil And Eggs:

To use almond oil and eggs for your hair, you will need to blend one egg with some almond oil. Keep mixing until it has become a fine paste. Apply this mixture on your hair and scalp and let it stay for 40 minutes. Rinse your hair with some cold and clean water. Keep washing till the smell goes. After this you should use a good shampoo and conditioner as a finishing touch. Your hair will become glamorous and beautiful only within a few weeks.

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10. Raw Egg and Olive Oil:

Take a raw egg and a tablespoon of olive oil. Egg yolks are known for their moisturizing and beneficial properties. They contain enzymes that kill harmful bacteria and remove excess oil and dirt. On the other hand, olive oil gives more moisture and shine to your hair. You need to apply the mixture of these two and apply on your hair one hour before you shampoo and condition. Rinse the mixture carefully and keep washing until the smell disappears.

11. Avocado And Olive Oil Extracts:

Avocado and Olive Oil Extracts

Both avocado and olive oil have the necessary nutrition you need to keep your hair fresh and healthy. By applying these two oils on a semi regular basis and going about your day you will be able to shed the cloak of fizzy hair in no time so that in the long run you get to maintain a soft silky coat of hair that you would only dream off during your frizzy hair period making it one of the best home remedies for frizzy hair.

12. Professional Hair Care Products:

Professional Hair Care Products for frizzy hair

Prior to popular belief professional hair care products can be of great help to your hair especially during frizzy spells as long as the products do not contain alcohol. These hair care products work faster than any other solution and can add a kick to your home remedies for frizzy hair allowing for a much quicker solution to your frizzy hair problem. These products are available at almost every certified store and are easy to get your hands on.

13. Air Drying Is Better Than Blow Drying:

Air Drying Is Better Than Blow Drying

After a bath try and stay away from the blow dryer. Though a blow dryer dries your hair quickly it also evaporates all the nutrients you gained during your bath and makes you hair rough and frizzy. By air drying your hair you are allowing your scalp to soak in all the nutrients allowing for stronger roots and well conditioned and hydrated hair. This is a great home remedy for frizzy hair and not only is it easy but gives fast and noticeable results as well.

14. Avoid Hair Products With Content:

Avoid Hair Products more alchole

Though professional products are good for the hair it is best if you stay away from products that are rich in alcohol content as they burn the ends of your hair in the long run causing rough and frizzy hair that needs double the attention to fix. Alcohol free products have been created in order to stand as great home remedies for frizzy hair treatment.

15. Protection Is Necessary:

protect your hair is Necessary

The seasons of summer and winter are the most important times during which the hair becomes frizzy so it is always better to keep your hair protected with accessories and products during these times in order to prevent any build up of frizzy hair. Protection adds up to be one of the most important natural remedies for frizzy hair.

This article talks about some of the best ways by which a person can better fight frizzy hair before it goes out of hand. Though there are a number of medical means by which a person can better deal with frizzy hair with the use of alcohol free products, there is a number of home remedies as well which are equally effective if not better.