15 Meaningful Samurai Tattoo Designs For Men

The samurai are a class of highly disciplined and well trained warriors excelling in the martial arts. They are one of the best legions of soldiers the world ever saw. Besides swordsmanship and fighting skills, the samurai were also made extremely sensitive human beings by giving them a thorough education in arts and poetry. Thus the Samurai were a combination of the best of the warrior and the artist. Over the years the samurai’s image has been glorified by the media, whether it be in books or movies. Today we are here to talk about samurai tattoo designs which will help to show love and affection towards them.

samurai tattoo

The Samurais are none other than the ancient Japanese warriors who dedicated their lives for the protection of the natives. They symbolize respect, nobility, courage, masculinity, power etc. This samurai tattoo design for men are not only carried by the Japanese but are now even becoming famous in other Asian countries as well as England and America. So get one of the trendy samurai on your body and feel proud and give respect and honor to the Japanese warriors who gave up their lives.

Warrior Of Chinese And Japanese Samurai Tattoo Designs:

Today samurai’s are a principle part of the tattoo world. The strength and prowess symbolized by them is unparalleled. Here are the 15 best samurai tattoo designs along with pictures and meanings for both men and women.

1. Full Back Samurai On Horse Tattoo:

Samurai on a Horse tattoo

This kind of samurai warrior tattoos is more likely to be carried out by the soldiers on the front line. The horse here symbolizes the speed and power while the samurai with a sword indicates the beginning of a war. This samurai tattoo picture also shows the strength of the warrior to achieve victory and defeat the evil. The dark color used in the tattoo gives a marvelous effect with the grey shadings. This samurai tattoo is mainly made on the back to give a proper vision.

2. The Skull Samurai With An Eagle Tattoo:

Samurai with an Eagle

This samurai tattoo picture includes an eagle and a samurai with a skull head as well as skulls around it. The eagle is a symbol of victory, and a skull represents death. Thus this tattoo represents victory after death. This tattoo gives a small glance of the world after death. This tattoo also shows the victory of good over evil. The slight navy blue shade gives more effect to the picture showing hell. It also pays respect to the warriors who lost their lives for the natives.

3. Samurai Tattoo With Sun And Fuji Mountain:

Samurai Tattoo with Sun And Fuji Mountain

Just as the Samurai represents pride and honor, the sun and the Fuji Mountain are the two pious elements of the Japanese culture. Hence, this Japanese Samurai tattoo is considered to be a sacred piece of art. The sun peeping out from the Fuji Mountain adds a unique attraction to this tattoo. The color combination used in the tattoo also attracts the colored tattoo lovers. This tattoo has not only won the hearts of the Japanese, but is also viewed worldwide.

4. The Traditional Japanese Samurai Kanji Tattoo On Arm:

Samurai Kanji Arm Tattoo

This type of kanji samurai tattoo carries more proud with them. The Kanji characters carry one word which describes what the samurai tattoo indicates. They both together represent their principles and hence, they are more meaningful. The kanji characters indicate the characteristics of the samurai such as pride, honor, strength, respect etc. The above samurai with sword and kanji character is one of them. The color combination takes the tattoo to another level.

5. Defending Samurai Tattoo:

Defending Samurai Tattoo

This masterpiece also attracts the non-Japanese people towards it. This samurai tattoo here symbolizes defending and indicates atmosphere at that time. This tattoo gets a clear vision on the sleeves or back. The various color combinations used that will make this tattoo very attractive. A samurai with a skull face symbolizes the strength and power of a samurai to fight against evil. Hence, this samurai tattoo represents the actual reason why they are counted as pious.

6. Artistic Red Samurai Full Body Tattoo:

A Samurai with a Red Face tattoo

A samurai soldier with a face bursting in red reveals anger or boiling rage. It’s no doubt a scary image and does well in warding off unwanted stares. The red face of the samurai tattoo indicates anger. This tattoo is carried out by the people who get angry very easily. The grey shade on the side of the tattoo indicates highly angry samurai. This samurai also has a tribal king look in it. The back is perfect place for flaunt this type of samurai tattoo designs.

7. A Samurai Face Tattoo With Sword Hands And Blood:

A Samurai face with sword Hands and Blood

A bowed samurai face dripping in blood with his sword hands reveals the defeat that a samurai faces when he realizes just how much of humankind it has destroyed with its prowess. It is a chilling image and makes for an excellent tattoo. This tattoo also symbolizes the victory of a warrior after getting badly injured in blood. The shades used in the tattoo make it livelier. This tattoo is mainly carried out by the soldiers and the militants.

8. A Japanese Dragon And Samurai Tattoo:

Dragon and Samurai Tattoo

A Japanese dragon with a samurai warrior is an excellent tattoo design. It aggravates the strength of the message that the tattoo portrays. This is one of the best combination of both dragon and samurai tattoos idea that indicates courage and strength, and the samurai warrior indicated the same. Thus this masterpiece is a beautiful combination of fierce war and victory achieved in it.

9. Samurai Warrior Tattoos With Kanji Wording:

Samurai Warrior with Kanji Wording

A samurai warrior with a message in the Japanese form of writing, that is, the kanji, is an excellent image to lay eyes on. The tattoo looks best upon your biceps. The detailing of the warrior makes the tattoo complicated albeit more exquisite. It’s as excellent an image as any painting of the samurai ever will be.

10. Samurai Skull Tattoo Design With Helmet:

A Skull Samurai Tattoo

This is a unique blend of funkiness with the serious history of samurais. A skull in typical samurai attire looks cool and gets the message of might and power across too! The skull indicates death and danger. Hence, this tattoo means a dangerous war winner. The beautiful sun in red gives a marvelous effect to the tattoo. This type of  skull with samurai tattoos represent the courage and warrior ship.

11. Half Sleeve Samurai Tattoo Designs For Men:

Half Sleeve Samurai Tattoo

A samurai soldier in action presents a heart stopping picture. Imagine such an image upon your biceps. You can add dust flying in the wind or blood or other such embellishments top the warrior. This design shows the samurai at its best and reveals all its skill and excellence. It is thus an excellent choice if you are looking for a tattoo that speaks up for you.

12. Samurai In Kanji Lettering Tattoo In The Back:

Samurai in Kanji Lettering

‘Kanji’ is the name given to the lettering used by the Japanese to communicate. An excellent samurai tattoo is to get the kanji symbol for samurai as your tattoo. It looks mysterious and enigmatic since most people staring at it can’t figure out what it stands for. But at the same time it gives you the courage you had hoped it would lend you.

13. A Group Of Samurai Tattoos On Leg:

Samurai Tattoos

This samurai warriors tattoo is gaining popularity as it shows various warriors at a time during the war condition. The various gestures made on the faces of the samurais indicate the difficult situations faced by them during the war. It is also seen as a portrait of the various famous warriors of the Japanese culture. The use of different colors makes it more attractive to be carried out.

14. Samurai Face Tattoo Design:

Samurai Face Tattoo

A tattoo with just the samurai face is also sufficient to express the courage and violence that a samurai portrays. The expression of the face is the key element and must be chosen intelligently. The expression is what makes the entire tattoo speak. So you may choose an aggressive one, if you are going for a violent look, or get a peaceful look if you wish to portray the wisdom of the samurai.

15. Samurai Warrior Face Tattoo Design With Brilliant Eyes:

Samurai face with Brilliant Eyes

This design’s entire beauty lies in the beauty of the eyes that you see through mask. The design is a simple samurai, dressed in its Armour with just his or her eyes peeking out the opening in its helmet. The emotion in the eyes expresses all that the samurai was meant to. This is one of the best samurai tattoos for ever who love to flaunt daring tattoos.

The above mentioned tattoos are the famous tattoos in the category of Samurai tattoo designs. These samurai tattoos are widely carried out by the teens, militants and soldiers to express their strength.