9 Awesome Brush Back Hairstyles for Men with Images

9 Awesome Brush Back Hairstyles for Men with Images

Brushed back haircuts and styles are very unique and need to be maintained. Their pillars are their sleek and smooth look. Therefore, maintenance is utmost necessary, be it low or high, and you will always need to keep your hair clean and free from dust and dirt. Brush back hairstyle looks great mostly on formal and casual outings but still can be used on a daily basis.

Best Brush Back Hairstyles for Men with Images:

Following are some of the most popular 9 Brushed Back Hairstyles ones you should check out

1. Slick Back Fade:

Slick Back Fade

This is a very popular brushed back hairstyle. This fade type includes tapered sides and back as well, giving it the 21st-century treatment of the classic look. Great for long hairs, and also the outfit will also matter when you want to show off this look. Get this brush back haircut style today.

2. Modern Slick Back Hair:

Modern Slick Back Hair

This looks will totally brush for slicked back hair type-style. This puts a lot of texture and plenty of volume on top to give that sleek look. Also, it is recommended to use much less of the product as required, as the hair can be more finger friendly as well, when stroking it.

3. Combed Back:

Combed Back

If you are looking for men’s brushed back hairstyles, then you might like this. This is a more simple and effective version of the brushed or slicked back. Requires a little bit of product to look that nice and clean. Coming to your hair gives it a very smooth finish as well. The hair should also show off its volume and not fall flat for this style to work.

4. Slick Back with Low Fade:

Slick Back with Low Fade

This is a very unique type of men’s brushed back hair with less fade. Fading just above the ears, this look is great for people who want to show off without going too much overboard. This looks also gives a perfect balance too and doesn’t look bad. Just a perfect look.

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5. Slick Back Short Hair:

Slick Back Short Hair

This is one nice looking men’s hair brushed back type haircut. You don’t need medium or long hair to pull this style. You can do with short hairs too. This style will include the use of products to make your hair do that perfect shape. Since you will be having short hair, you’ll only need a small amount.

6. Slick Back Receding Hairline:

Slick Back Receding Hairline

This is the great option for those looking for short brushed back hairstyles to hide their receding lines on their forehead. This will give you a sleek and stylish look, without having to cover it up. This will also make you look confident as well.

7. Slicked Back Bob:

Slicked Back Bob

This brushed back hairstyle male type is great for men who want to show off their hair. The hair will be slicked back with a comb, for that shiny, smooth finish. Also, at the back, there will be the presence of bobs, that will also look great and increase the beauty factor. Awesome for casual and formal occasions.

8. Slick Back Disconnected Undercut:

Slick Back Disconnected Undercut

If you want a short hair brushed back type look, try out this haircut. This disconnected undercut style will make you look very sharp and edgy. This is also a great haircut to show off, as the sides are shaved and the top part has slicked hair. Definitely, a fantastic choice for someone who likes to do fashion.

9. Slick Back with Drop Fade:

Slick Back with Drop Fade

This is one of the best looking brushed back short hairstyles you will ever find. This brushed look appears very sleek and stunning. Coupled with this there is the drop fade feature, which curves around the ear and is truly a modern day take on fading. Indeed looks fantastic.

From this list of all the best looking brush back hairstyles, we can see how well each one of them looks. Each one of them has their different identity and their beauty levels as well. So, if you ever wanted a brushed back hairstyle, look no further and choose one out of all these nine, and end your boring haircut.

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