15 Unique Friendship Tattoo Designs for You & Your Bestie

Mark, your tribe, brand each other with the same symbols and let the friendship be as long-lived as yourself – yes, all this can only be done using unique friendship tattoos. A tattoo is more than just a design for beautification of the body. A tattoo is a thought, a memory, a feeling or emotion all translated through permanent designs on the skin. Celebrate friendship using creative friendship tattoos. They can be done in various formats like flowers, disjointed flowers, disjointed stars or hearts, or even writings. The various positions where these are usually done are the wrists, the arms, the feet or the ankles or also the fingers. We have collated the best and most cherished tattoo trends for you to try with your friends in this article. Get creative, get inspired!

friendship tattoo designs

Latest Friendship Tattoos Designs with Images:

We all have that one friend who is super special. Getting inked by dedicating your tattoo to them can be an enriching experience, and you can use these tattoos that represent friendship! Below are the top 15 types of friendship tattoos designs you should try out.

1. Tribal Friendship Tattoos:

Tribal Friendship Tattoo designs

Tribal designs beautifully incorporate nature, and the stunning forms of tribal designs look very good in monotone, especially black. This type of tattoo should look amazing on both light and dark skin tones, making it a universal choice no matter what the skin colour of both of you. Tribal tattoos are awesome friendship tattoos because, despite the fact that they are bold and thus the natural choice for guys, they work superbly as boy-girl friendship tattoos also.

  • Body Placement: calves, shoulder, back(anywhere) arm, waist.
  • Colour: black.
  • Size: small, medium or large.
  • Skin Tone: would look good on all skin tones.
  • Best Suitable for: girls, women, men, boys everyone can carry this design.

2. Friendship Flower Tattoo:

Friendship Flower Tattoo designs

Flowers are the best way to say you care, even in tattoos! Especially popular as female friendship tattoos, floral tattoos are anything from elaborate and coloured/ watercoloured staple flowers to line drawings and small, minimal renderings of wildflowers and even herbs. The variety in this segment is bewildering, and the versatile design can never fail to impress. Combine the design with a little roman or cryptic text or a date that’s special to you, and lo! You have a great tattoo, both of you.

  • Body Placement: legs, arms, back, elbow cook, neck, chest, upper arm.
  • Colour: black usually but also fine with a little colour.
  • Size: should be small.
  • Skin Tone: looks beautiful on most skins but shows well on light tones.
  • Best Suitable for: girls, women.

3. Disney Friendship Tattoos:

Disney Friendship Tattoos

Considered the perfect tattoos that represent friendship, Disney can be considered ideal friendship tattoos for girls. Be it princess’s matching crowns or getting the silhouette of a favourite Disney princess or even Mickey’s head or Minnie’s bow – girls are crazy for a Disney tattoo for the sheer nostalgia of good childhood days, the joy of revisiting childhood and celebrating friendship that old.

  • Body Placement: wrist, arm (just below shoulder) and nape of the neck on the back.
  • Colour: colourful would look better, but monochrome is okay too.
  • Size: medium or big.
  • Skin Tone: would look good on all skin tones.
  • Best Suitable for: girls and younger boys.

4. Friendship Key Tattoo Designs:

Friendship Key Tattoo Designs

The key to your heart is your friend, and the same goes for them too, then why not get inked with a beautiful and meaningful symbol of friendship, like the key? Beautifully ornamented key designs look amazing on any age, any gender friends and since it has profound depth, it always looks classy. Go for a monotone key tattoo design, and you can also get the form filled with initials of you and your best buddy, or maybe the full names of you two, to give it more background. Another idea could be a bunch of keys in different shapes and sizes tied together with a ribbon incorporated in a design. You can even get small friendship tattoos including the key design.

  • Body Placement: wrist, chest, upper arm.
  • Colour: colourful and monochrome both.
  • Size: medium or big.
  • Skin Tone: would do well on all the skin colours.
  • Best Suitable for: everyone.

5. Infinity Friendship Tattoos:

Infinity Friendship Tattoos

With a huge scope of customization easily possible in the basic infinity design, this is an ideal, most non-complex and universally appreciated design for friends. You can add small shapes within the infinity mark get initials incorporated or get the double infinity too. This looks good both in colour or monochrome. Infinity friendship tattoos are an excellent choice for childhood friends because it symbolises the timelessness of the much-cherished bond between close friends from childhood. These tattoos look better in a smaller size as compared to very large ones.

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  • Body Placement: wrist, fingers, feet, nape of the neck, inner arm.
  • Colour: monochrome black!
  • Size: tiny, small or at max medium.
  • Skin Tone: would look good on all skin tones.
  • Best Suitable for: everyone and anyone.

6. Friendship Arrow Tattoo Designs:

Arrows Friendship Tattoo Designs

Crossed arrows are a Native American symbol of deep friendship. This is how arrow tattoos have recently become a very popular choice when it comes to friendship tattoos for guys, but similarly even girl-boy friendship can choose this versatile design. If choosing a big pattern, select arrows with a lot of embellishments and place it on the upper back, wrist or sides (under the arms). If picking a dainty one, pick simple line drawings with a crossed arrow and place it on the upper arms. These tattoos look very gender-neutral and yet very classy.

  • Body Placement: back, waist, sides, arms, shoulder backside, a centre of the chest.
  • Colour: monochrome but if colour is needed, only minimal.
  • Size: medium or big.
  • Skin Tone: would look lovely on all skin tones.
  • Best Suitable for: more for boys and men.

7. Matching Friendship Tattoo Designs:

unique friendship tattoos

Since the heart is a universal symbol for love, these are hearts which have been done in a very stylish way in a disjointed geometric format, can speak all your love! These in very small size (need to hide? Just apply a dot of foundation!) This is a design which has “girly” written all over it, and so hearts are ideal friendship tattoos for girls. Heart tattoos have a delicate feel to them, so they are also well suited to sisters or cousins who are good friends too!

  • Body Placement: wrists, forearms.
  • Colour: black or even ink of choice.
  • Size: should be small or at max, a medium size.
  • Skin Tone: would look good on all skin tones depending upon the colour used.
  • Best Suitable for: girls, women.

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8. Small Hearts Friendship Symbol Tattoos Design:

cute friendship tattoos

Like said already, the design is a very girly but also quite versatile, so you can get small hearts without disjointed format like in the design before this and these are done in very small size. Looking for cute friendship tattoos? Here is the answer! Imagine how amazing this finger tattoo will look with a watercolour splash filling or even plain red fill! You guys can also place this tiny heart behind the ear or on your waist or near the ankle for a sexy yet cute look. Flaunt your small friendship tattoos in style together!

  • Body Placement: fingers, wrist joint, ankle, behind the ear, nape of the neck.
  • Colour: black or any ink of choice, even filling of watercolour effect would look great.
  • Size: should be small.
  • Skin Tone: would look good on all skin tones depending upon the colour used.
  • Best Suitable for: girls, women.

9. Written Font Friendship Tattoos Design:

These types of written font designs can be done in a disjointed format. Get some portion of a design on one person’s hand and the rest of it on the other person’s hand. Make it go big enough to read. Else there is no point of this tattoo. Go for a bold monochrome rather than colourful, and then it will look good on any gender and any skin tone! You must have seen pics of friendship tattoos all over the internet and have wondered what to write – well, just think of what is relevant to both of you and go for a phrase that makes sense.

  • Body Placement: upper arms, forearms, calves, waist, lower back.
  • Colour: black would be better.
  • Size: a medium-size at least, or big. It should be legible.
  • Skin Tone: would look good on all skin tones but better on fairer tones.
  • Best Suitable for: men, boys, girls.

10. Friendship Matching Tattoos On Wrist:

These are wrist friendship tattoo hearts. If there is a group of friends, then all of them can get similar hearts done on their wrists as a mark of their group. Keep them plain so that both genders can use it, and if it’s just girls, go for pink splashes of colour! It looks cool on the shoulder blade or calves (back side of legs) too! When discussing friendship tattoo ideas, this must be in your list for sure.

  • Body Placement: wrists, forearms, neck, shoulder, calves.
  • Colour: black or with a black outline at least, a filling can be done.
  • Size: any size but small look better.
  • Skin Tone: would look good on all skin tones.
  • Best Suitable for: all genders.

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11. Star Friendship Tattoos Designs:

These are the similar star tattoo designs that have been done on the feet in the same format as all these three people’s feet. You and your friends can also get similar types of designs done. These can also be done in any colours. This is one of the famous friendship tattoos designs for women. But stars are such a versatile natural design; it also looks spectacular on guys’ bodies, especially on the thumb crook or on the biceps. If you are looking for tattoos that represent friendship and it’s difficult to find consensus, the most easily pleasing design is that of stars! Stars mean a lot of scope of creativity for all skin tones and genders.

  • Body Placement: thumb crook, bicep, feet, collar bone, lower back.
  • Colour: black or colourful.
  • Size: medium size, or if the overall size needs to be more, take a cluster of stars instead of one big one.
  • Skin Tone: any skin tone.
  • Best Suitable for: all genders.

12. Black Ink Dinosaur Friendship Tattoo Design:

These are the perfect friendship tattoos for guys. These are black ink dinosaur designs that have been done in the same format for both the friends. This is the excellent friendship tattoos for men and guys because what spells fun and strength than dinosaurs!? Go for geometric renditions of dino shapes if you want to be slightly experimental. Keep it monochrome to suit the mood and design. This should look good on all the shades of the skin of guys. You can also combine dinosaur silhouettes with mountain, rock or rivers symbols.

  • Body Placement: back, bicep, mid back, thigh, ankle.
  • Colour: black.
  • Size: small or medium.
  • Skin Tone: would look good on all skins if it is black.
  • Best Suitable for: boys and men.

13. DD Friendship Tattoos Design:

These side body friendship tattoos. These are some arrows that have been done in ancient type. You can also get these types of stylish designs done easily. These can also have some other colours or other associated designs. Since it is lettering, there is a wide spectrum of design changes which can be done. These initials can be encased in shapes or filled with swirls or colour swathes even. Lettering can be done from a variety of calligraphy options. If you want unique friendship tattoos, this is the way to go! Share them on social media and flaunt the look!

  • Body Placement: sides, core, lower back.
  • Colour: black.
  • Size: medium.
  • Skin Tone: all skin tones.
  • Best Suitable for: girls, women, boys.

14. Sister Font Friendship Tattoos:

Fonts mean a specific style in which words are written. Creative and flowy fonts make for an elegant tattoo design, and look marvellous! These are sister font designs. Share them on any skin tone; the words stand out only if they are monochrome and well-filled. You can maybe go for splashes or elements of colour around the main word/phrase, but they should not dominate over the actual word. The word Sorell as means sister in Italian. You can also get similar designs done with your sisters if you like these formats. It is one of the famous friendship tattoos designs for sisters. Celebrate the cute bond with matching tattoos!

  • Body Placement: wrists, forearms.
  • Colour: black or even ink of choice.
  • Size: should be small or at max, a medium size.
  • Skin tone: would look good on all skin tones depending upon the colour used.
  • Best Suitable for: girls, women.

15. Cute Best Friend Tattoo Designs:

These are traditional disjointed friendship flower tattoos. These are done in such format that these look quite stylish. You can also get similar disjointed formats done with your friend. These can be done in colours. You can also get other designs done with these. These are fashionable and very contemporary too, and they don’t bore you at all, no matter what age you are. Very close to mandala designs in look, they act as ideal friendship foot tattoos, but can also be placed on other body areas like waist, arms and back. The neutral form makes it an excellent choice for both genders. Place them in big sizes for more intricate patterns to stand out well.

  • Body Placement: feet, shoulder, upper back, thigh.
  • Colour: black or with filling.
  • Size: medium or large.
  • Skin Tone: for fairer skin tones.
  • Best Suitable for: girls, women.

Additional Tips About Friendship Tattoo Designs:

  • This is a small section which will help you to get the perfect tattoo without any problems once you have it:
  • Never scratch the tattoo while it’s healing. This can damage the design, and you might need a refill. Help it improve by washing up gently and applying cream later.
  • Get something small if it is your first tattoo. If you are sure of the feel and experience of the process, go for eventual big designs.
  • Always pick a design which is timeless and means something significant to you.
  • Pick a recommended artist and check his work before you get the tattoo done.

By nature, we humans love what is rare, exotic and different from the usual. It pops up in our eyes, leaving a deep subconscious impact. Tattoos are a great way of expressing feelings because of the effort and the pain which culminates into the beauty of the tattoo. Be it friendship tattoos for guys or female friendship tattoos or even boy-girl friendship tattoos; they have a unique appeal. Get inked with your best friend and flaunt your friendship with swag!