20 Simple Homemade Beauty Tips For Dull Skin On Face

Dull skin is a skin problem which arises due to inappropriate care of skin and also because of unhealthy consumption of food. Using harsh cosmetics on a regular basis causes problem, as they have chemical components which make you look pretty for a while but leave a deadly mark, or become an irritant later. This ultimately makes the skin damaged or dull.

dull skin

How Get Rid Of Dull Skin:

Have you face any time dull skin problem? Do worry about that here we submit 20 best and simple home remedies and other natural beauty tips for dull skin, Which will definitely surprise you with desirable results with in short time of period.

1. Cleansing Of Skin:

Face clean

Cleansing is the first and the most important step to make your dull skin cure. Cleansing makes your face glow and also removes the impurities and oil from your face. Do it twice daily in the initial stages. Cleanse your skin gently as that would give you a soothing effect and make you feel relaxed. For drying, gently tab the towel.

2. Moisturizers:


It is advisable to all pretty ladies to not use much of cosmetics to cure dullness, as the chemical components harm the skin all the more. One moisturizer is all that you need to make your skin breath. You still need to choose very carefully and try consulting a dermatologist.

3. Milk:

Milk more

Milk is a useful remedy for cleansing and acts like an oil. If you gently wash your face with milk it will give you a beautiful glow which would last long. Try doing that once in every alternative day to make your dullness disappear.

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4. Honey:

Honey diff

Honey acts as a great moisturizer. Apply raw honey directly on the face and keeping for about an hour will give you a soothing and smooth skin after the wash. Honey will also make your skin glow naturally and quickly.

5. Consuming Food:

consuming food

The food you consume always has an effect on your body. You should try and consume more of salmon fish, flax seeds, cabbage, walnuts, etc. These are fatty acids that are very healthy to make the dull skin cure and change into clear and fair skin because it boosts collagen and increases formation of cells.

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6. Ingredients To Clear Dark Spots:

Clear Dark Spots

Dull skin brings in a lot of dark spots on the face. You can use wheat flour, turmeric powder and lemon juice and mix them as a paste and apply on the face till it dries up. Lemon juice helps in clearing dark spots and turmeric has always been the best remedy for brightening oily skin.

7. Almonds:

Almond diff

Almond paste is very effective to treat dull skin. Firstly you have to soak a few almonds in a container and leave it overnight. The next morning peel the outer brown layer of the almonds and then paste them along with two tablespoons of milk. Apply this on your face and let it dry for half an hour.

8. Environmental Factors:

Environmental Factors

The sun rays are very harmful for the dull skin. Regular usage of sunscreens is must for all dull skinned women and they even should avoid direct sunlight especially from the time of 10 am to 2 pm. It is important to known the SPF number which would suit your skin, so try consulting a doctor on that note.

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9. Exercise:


Exercises always releases toxic and make your skin glow. You will look good and feel good after gym or yoga. Exercise creates more energy and doesn’t deplete it. Exercises also let you have better sleep. Sleep is very necessary for everyone; a regular undisturbed sleep helps prevent skin dullness as well.

10. Water Intake:

Water Intake

A proper intake of 8 glasses of water every day is very beneficial to retain the glow of skin. Water reduces toxin from the body and also renews the tissue. This is one of the simplest and the most important skin care. Water keeps the skin clean and less disease prone, it also helps to fight fatigue.

11. Eating Fruits:

Simple Homemade Beauty Tips for Dull Skin-Eating Fruits

Yes, eating fruits really help in getting the dryness off your face. There are some fruits such as apples, pomegranates, etc which assist in stimulating the blood flow to the face, thus making it shine pretty brighter and can easily help you get in shape as well. Eating fruits can be said to be one of the best ways to get a fair skin by reducing the dryness effectively. This is one of the simplest and effective homemade tips for dull skin which can help to get fair skin permanently.

12. The Oil Cleansing Home Therapy:


Getting rid of excess oil from your skin can help you get a better skin often. If you’re tired of your dull face skin, then you should try the following remedy. First, take some olive oil and mix it with sufficient amount of coconut oil. Then, slowly massage it on your face and keep it as it is for not less than 5mins. Now, take a washcloth already soaked in lukewarm water and apply that on your face to squeeze the oil out. This is one of he best home remedies for dull skin and has worked effectively for a lot of women all over the world.

13. Avoid Excess Face Cleansers:

Simple Homemade Beauty Tips for Dull Skin-Avoid Excess Face Cleansers

One can easily make face cleansers at home. The natural and self-made ones are a lot better than the artificial ones available in the stores. If you apply too much artificially made face cleansers then that can reduce the moisturizing feature of the face and make it dry. So, it is better to avoid the artificial face cleansers when you’re trying to fight the dryness factor of your skin. This can be said to be one of the best tips for dull skin and works for both men as well as women.

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14. Natural Exfoliating Scrub At Home:


Preparing such a scrub is not a hectic task at all. One can easily prepare this creamy exfoliating scrub. All you require is honey and curd. Take one tbsp of curd along with the same amount of honey and mix it till it forms a paste. Apply it on the face and neck to reduce dryness effectively. Scrubbing this material on the face also relaxes the skin and makes it soft and smooth from the core. If you wanna know how to treat dry skin, there you have it. This is the best home remedy for dull skin.

15. The Banana Face Pack:

Simple Homemade Beauty Tips for Dull Skin-Banana FACE PACK

Do you know how to get rid of dull skin by using banana face mask? Banana face pack is so far one of the perfect home remedies for reducing dryness off the skin. All you need to do is mash a fully ripe banana along with 1tbsp of honey and mix it well. Massage you face and neck with this material and it will reduce the dryness. This is so far one of the easiest and best tips for dull skin.

16.  Avocado Face Pack:

Simple Homemade Beauty Tips for Dull Skin-Avocado face PACK

Another amazing natural exfoliator is avocado. This wonderful fruit has tons of benefits. It keeps the body well, both internally and externally. Take some avocado pulp and mix it with some honey and rose water. Prepare that mixture well and apply it on the face (you can use it on the neck as well). Leave it for not less than 15mins and then wash it off with the help of lukewarm water.

17. Sugar:

Simple Homemade Beauty Tips for Dull Skin-Sugar

Now we have sugar, which is one of the best elements to reduce the dryness of the skin and moisturizes and smoothens the skin as well. It can exfoliate the skin well. All you have to do is dissolve at least 3tsp of sugar with milk (warm) and apply it on your face. One can also use it on other body parts such as hands, neck, etc. It will reduce the dryness and thus sugar can be claimed to be one of the best remedies for dull skin.

18. Tamarind Pulp:

Simple Homemade Beauty Tips for Dull Skin-Tamarind PULP

Tamarind pulp assists in getting rid of dry skin and keeps the face smooth and shiny at all times. It comes with beneficial fibers, vitamins, and antioxidants which are good for reducing the skin’s dryness.

19. Tomato:

Simple Homemade Beauty Tips for Dull Skin-tomato paste

Tomato, when mixed with peach, gives out a brilliant mixture which helps in getting rid of dry skin. You can make this paste even more effective by keeping it on the face for not less than 20mins. It will surely irritate the skin, but will prove to be extremely good for the skin as well. You will have to suffer a bit for looking good.

20. Malai Mix:

Simple Homemade Beauty Tips for Dull Skin-Malai Mix

This can help in removing the tan layer which has settled on your skin because of the harmful rays of the skin. Once you apply this malai mix, that layer will be removed and you will feel great from the inside of the skin. It will make the skin feel fresh and give it a long-lasting glow. This is one of the best experts tips for dry skin.

Above were some of the best home treatments for treating dull skin. The best ways to reduce dullness of the skin is to make the skin healthy from the inside and applying all means to keep dullness away by keeping it fair and moisturized at almost all times.

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