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20s Flapper Hairstyles with Finger Waves

20s Flapper Hairstyles with Finger Waves

Hair stylists claim that it is even easier to style short strands into finger waves than longer ones. Indeed, why not experiment with this style if we are in the mood of going back to basics and sport the signature dos of the glamorous ’20s and ’30s?

Being both a practical and extremely stylish hair dressing technique, waves were considered must have accessories to perk up a plain look. You don’t have to be a styling guru to create these fabulous details in your hair, instead proceed according to the instructions and you’ll have the hairdo in no time.

Those who engage into sporting a similar hairstyle might be keen to find out the endless designs that their strands can be worn in from the prominent and ultra-polished waves to the less geometric and tousled finger waves. The trick is to find the appropriate type for a certain event, be it a wedding or only a simple and relaxed cocktail party.

20s Flapper Hairstyles with Finger Waves 20s Flapper Hairstyles with Finger Waves

All you have to do is follow the principles bellow:

After you’ve cleansed your hair with the proper beauty products, wave your hair wet. Before you proceed to the next step make sure all the liquid excess from the strands is eliminated. This is the vital condition to avoid causing any damage to your hair. Then apply the hair styling product gel or mousse to the strands that would be curled at first.

This is essential in order to maintain the long-lasting effect of the hairstyle. Use the proper product for your hair type and texture. Separate your hair into sections, depending on the style you want to create. Whether it’s only a one sided finger wave, isolate the rest of the strands. Going step by step will guarantee the spectacular look.

20s Flapper Hairstyles with Finger Waves 20s Flapper Hairstyles with Finger Waves

The first section should be at least 2 inches far from the crown area. Grab the bobby pins or other securing tools and first of all use your fingers to form a wavy pattern. Place it preferably parallel to the upper parting and over the hair strand. Secure this tiny wave with a bobby pin, then slowly pull your fingers off the tress. Keep handling all the strands with the same method until you have covered all your head or the area which you want to wear the finger waves on.

Finally, it is advisable to place a hairnet to cover your hair, still if you don’t have one you can leave your locks bare and dry them profoundly until you’ll feel that all the waves are ready.

Finally, remove all the pins and hairnet and carefully slide your fingers over the finger waves or use a gentle brush to comb the hair in the natural direction of the styled strands. Enjoy your 20s flapper hairstyle with great confidence.

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