Monica Bellucci Beauty Tips and Fitness Secrets

Monica Belluci is very successful supermodel turned actor. Dior is a very famous brand that she has endorsed. No one can deny the fact that she is a diva of Hollywood and a model that every model looks up to. She can be sensuous and maintain elegance at the same time which makes her different from the rest. She has an incomparable beauty which is growing as her age increases. We’ll now see how she takes care of her evergreen beauty.

monica bellucci beauty tips

Monica Bellucci Beauty Tips:

Naturally Pretty:


Every model or actor always needs the help of makeup to make them look perfect and beautiful, but on the contrary Monica Bellucci is one star who tries to keep her aloof from excess makeup which makes people look very ‘plastic’. She quotes that beauty is meaningless if it’s not inhabited.

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The lady prefers to be with minimum amount of makeup, even if she is going for events. She enjoys putting Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Finish Creamy Foundation as base. The foundation is very light and a little makeup over that is all that she needs.

Hair Care:


The actress shampoos her hair twice a week and not more than that. She feels that the chemical components which are present in the shampoos could be harmful if they are used unnecessarily. She usually diluted the shampoo with water before putting it on her hair so that the amount of alkaline reduces. She also prefers to air-dry her hair rather than blow dry which is harmful and leads to breakage.

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Eye Makeup:


Monica Bellucci concentrates more on her eye makeup than on her face. She likes to use natural shades for her eyes and her favorites are brown and grey for the eyes. She likes to put mascara and that is usually black. She feels that her mascara completes her makeup and she always prefers using the Dolce & Gabbana Intense Eye Mascara.

Lip Makeup:


Simplicity is her key to style and her beauty but when it comes to lip makeup, she like be a little experimental. Monica Bellucci loves to experiment with different lip colors. She keeps on trying new colors but her favorite is a juicy red lipstick. She uses red because she feels that makes her more attractive.

Skin Care:


By the age of 40, women usually start looking for doctor’s help through surgeries to maintain their young skin and not make it look old and dull. Monica Bellucci is one remarkable actress who did not go into surgeries and instead she was happy and she was enjoying the change in skin. People should always let changes take place as days pass by. Youthfulness is not permanent but simplicity and natural beauty is everlasting. She actually proves what natural beauty really means.

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Diet Secrets:


Monica Bellucci is not a pencil-thin woman who seems to be on crash diets. She loves to eat but she has definitely maintained herself all through. She, like most European beauties goes in for portion control diets. She eats what she wants to but she keeps a fine line and doesn’t overdo unhealthy diet. She also keeps regular consumption of water an integral part of her diet.

Fitness Secrets:


As the supermodel is not very keen on maintaining painful diets and she eats what she feels like, she tends to balance that up with putting a little extra effort on fitness. Swimming is an exercise which is enjoys the most and she makes it a point to swim at least for 4 days a week and for 45 minutes, each time. She also does regular yoga and meditation for maintaining her body and for peace of mind.

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