25 Latest Indian Bridal Hairstyles for All Wedding Occasions

With the wedding date fast approaching, we understand the trauma that every bride goes through! From makeup to outfit, everything has to be perfect, to the dot. Especially, your hair must be done in the right way to complement your designer outfit. Before you decide to go with the conventional “Poola Jadas”, we recommend you to try these amazing Indian Bridal Hairstyles!

Indian Bridal Hairstyles Main

From a whimsical floral bun to a dramatic fishtail braid, these hairstyles cater to all your unique fashion needs and special occasions. So, go ahead and shortlist your favourite idea to look like the best Indian Bride ever!

25 Traditional North and South Indian Bridal Hairstyles in 2020:

It’s a new beginning of your life, and you must start it with a bang! Create lasting memories by amping up your fashion game with these 25 popular South Indian and north Indian bridal hairstyles ideas.

1. The Classic Fishtail Bride:

The Classic Fishtail Bride

A fishtail bride is easily one of the most sought after south Indian bridal hairstyles. Although there are many versions to try, this basic model offers a simple and elegant look. You can choose to keep it refined by adding some hair accessories or tuck in a few fresh flowers on the side. Just comb your hair neatly and bind it with a clip or band. Separate it into two sections to form the braid.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Suits all face shapes, especially if you have long, silky hair.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Traditional Silk Sarees with gold temple jewellery.
  • Suitable Occasions: Bridal ceremony, Pre-wedding Rituals.

2. Andal Kondai Bridal Bun:

Andal Kondai Bridal Bun

The Andal Kondai is a traditional Indian bridal hairstyle sported by the Iyenger Brides of the Tamilnadu state. It is believed that on the auspicious day of the wedding, the bride takes the form of “Andal” or Bhoodevi and the groom of Lord Vishnu. This unique hairdo comprises of a done on one side of her partitioned hair and adorned with flowers and gold ornaments. So, if you want to the quintessential Tamil bride, this style might just take you back to your roots!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Any bride can try this hairstyle. If you don’t have long hair, hair extensions and pre-made buns can be used.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Old-styleIyenger style 9 Yard Sarees.
  • Suitable Occasions: This braid is reserved for the wedding day.

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3. Twisted Knot Low Bun:

Twisted Knot Low Bun

The Twisted Knotsare probably the most versatile updos among the Indian bridal bun hairstyles. Unlike the regular buns, using the “twist” technique lifts your roots for a good volume. To create this, just section your hair into 3-4 parts from the crown. Twist each area into a knot and secure it with a bobby pin. You can add a flower or a statement accessory to bring in the Bridal vibe!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: The Bun style looks amazing on round and rectangular face shapes.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Lace Sarees, Flowy Lehengas and Strapless Gowns.
  • Suitable Occasions: Buns are great for cocktail parties, Receptions and Social Gatherings.

4. Dutch Fishtail Braid:

Dutch Fishtail Braid

This fancy bridal hairstyle is sure to earn you tons of compliments on your D-day! It also offers a refreshing change from the regular three-partition braid. All you need to do is to start off with the Dutch style from the sides and continue as a fish braid all the way down. Now loosen the strands to create fullness. Flowers and ornaments add a decorative look to this gorgeous hairdo!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Suits all types of face shapes.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Sarees and Lehengas. For a twist, you can also try it with your 9-yard drape!
  • Suitable Occasions: Wedding Day, Sangeeth, Mehendi Functions.

5. The Bun and the Braid Style:

The Bun and the Braid Style

If you love the bun and the braid, why not try them both at once? This creative hairstyle is one of its kind, with the unique combination of two techniques. The hair is partitioned into two sections at the crown area. The upper part is made into a twisted bun and secured tightly. The remaining hair is made into a braid and adorned with the “Jadakuppelu”. Instead of leaving it plain, you can accessorize it with the crescent-shaped ornaments for that old-school touch!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Suits round and chubby brides.
  • Best Outfits to Try: A rich Kanjeevaram silk saree is the perfect match for this style.
  • Suitable Occasions: Wedding Day and Bridal Ceremony.

6. Christian Bridal Beach Curls:

Christian Bridal Beach Curls

If you are into contemporary fashion, then this sensual hairstyle is sure to impress you! Inspired by the beach waves, these curly locks are just what you need to woo your man. Make sure you condition your hair before you use a long curling iron. If you are willing to take the risk and go that extra mile, add some coloured hair extension and a lovely Christian veil accessory.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: This style is better for women with big foreheads to cover it up.
  • Best Outfits to Try: A gorgeous White Christian wedding gown.
  • Suitable Occasions: You can try this style for reception and ring ceremony!

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7. Classic Sock Bun with Gajra:

Classic Sock Bun with Gajra

The quintessential sock bun can never go out of style! It is very easy to make and transforms you from a bubbly girl into a matured woman. Plus, it saves you plenty of time for blowdrying and styling, as all you need to is- Wash your hair and Roll! Cover it up with a bun mesh and add a lovely Gajra around it. Using a floral bobby pin at the centre gives you that tiny, little sparkle!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Buns look amazing on round and square girls (Dulhan).
  • Best Outfits to Try: Go for silk sarees like Banarasi and KanchiPattu.
  • Suitable Occasions: Marriage and Bridal Ceremony.

8. The South Style Golden Jada:

The South Style Golden Jada

Speaking of luxury, this braid outdoes everything else, with its lavish golden “Jada”. The antique style ornament is handcrafted with Kempus to match the outfit of the bride. You can customize these designs and even the length based on your requirements. Instead of leaving it on its own, generously deck up the upper part with rolls of flowers in different colours.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Buns look amazing on round and square faces.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Go for silk sarees like Banarasi and KanchiPattu.
  • Suitable Occasions: Wedding Party and Bridal Ceremony.

9. The Bubble Braid with Flowers:

The Bubble Braid with Flowers

Bubble braids might look complicated, but trust us! They are by far one of the easiest among Indian wedding hairstyles for long hair. The hairdo gets its name from the “bubble” like sections in your hair to achieve an exaggerated look. So, if you have thin hair, this style adds volume without extensions. Just plan for the number of bubbles you want and use elastic bands to space them out perfectly. Tuck in some pastel-coloured flowers to look like a Princess!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: This style looks lovely on women with small faces.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Choose simple sarees and Ghagrasto highlight the braid.
  • Suitable Occasions: Try this on your bridal day or Mehndi event.

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10. Princess Jasmine Fishtail Braid:

Princess Jasmine Fishtail Braid

Pamper your inner princess to this amazing Indian bridal hairstyle! This easy style is a blend of bubble and fishtail braids to create this enchanting look. The fluffed up sections are intricately woven and fastened with invisible bands. Floral pins are randomly tucked in an irresistible prettiness. So, if you want that “Wow” moment on your special day, you simply cannot miss out on this!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Women with round and oval shapes can try this one!
  • Best Outfits to Try: Silk sarees, Designer Lehengas and even Cocktail gowns can be worn with this hairstyle.
  • Suitable Occasions: Wear this on your reception and bridal ceremony and don’t forget to take some rear shots!

11. The Floral Jada Billa:

The Floral Jada Billa

In states like Andhra, Telangana and Karnataka, the bridal braids are usually decorated with Ornaments called the “Jadabilla”. Traditionally these are made with gold and are replaced by cheaper and prettier floral alternatives. Depending on the colour of your saree, you can get the size, colors and type of flowers customised. We are totally sold for this idea!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Suits any south Indian bride, irrespective of the face shape!
  • Best Outfits to Try: Heavy Kaneejvaram Silk Sarees or Pattu Half Sarees.
  • Suitable Occasions: Wedding Day, Pre-wedding rituals, Bridal Ceremonies.

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12. Heavy Rose Bridal Bun:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 12

Remember Anushka Sharma’s floral Rose bun for her wedding in Italy? She broke the internet with her choice of hairdo. You can replicate the idea by trying out this amazing bun. Just stock up on some fresh roses, along with some delicate white star flowers to give it a magical touch. Wearing those neckpieces in reverse is a quirky way to immortalize this beauty!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: The bun style suits any woman. However, work on the front area depending on the face shape.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Silk and Georgette Sarees, Pastel Lehengas are nice.
  • Suitable Occasions: Reception, Engagement and Wedding Days.

13. Front Puff Hairstyle for Bun:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 14

No matter how lovely your bun looks, it’s important to invest time in doing the front side properly. Instead of going for a boring centre-partition or plain backcombing, you can try out this puffy hairdo. The idea is to create more volume and bounciness to your hair. Use reverse combing techniques to lift up the strands, followed by a messy Dutch braid. Once this step is complete, you can tie up the rest of the hair into a beautiful bun and adorn it with flowers. As a finishing touch, add a statement Maangtika!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Best for round faces. Even women with big foreheads can try this out.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Breezy Organza and Netted Sarees, Light Colored Lehengas are apt.
  • Suitable Occasions: Reception, Mehendi and Sangeeth nights.

14. The Dutch Bridal Bun:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 13

If you always wanted to try something new, this updo is just for you! The mesmerizing version of the classic dutch bun gives us major hair goals. It may look impossible to replicate, but with the right tools and a hair spray, you can get it done in a jiffy. Also, check out how this bride replaced conventional flowers with purple buds! She looks too beautiful to be real, doesn’t she?

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Best for Oval and Square faces to highlight their features.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Light colored silk or flowing sarees are good.
  • Suitable Occasions: Reception and formal wedding ceremony.

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15. Easy Braided Bun:

Easy Braided Bun

Braided buns are all-time favourite hairstyles for young brides. They look elegant and can be made in less than an hour. Here is one such cool idea to bring out the royalty in you. Divide the hair into three sections, starting from the top of your crown. Using a root lift clip, puff up the second section of your hair and start braiding. Now roll it into a bun. Repeat the same with the hair on your Napel and blend it with the top bun. You can use a semi-braid on the front side and accentuate it with gold bobby pins. Tuck in some exotic flowers at the base to look charming!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Try this if you have an oval or a long face.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Silk Sarees and Lehengas are best.
  • Suitable Occasions: This style looks great for a formal reception.

16. The Reverse Fishtail Braid:

The Reverse Fishtail Braid

The reverse fishtail braid is one of the most fun and interesting Indian bridal hairstyles. As the name suggests, it uses an “inward” technique of fishtail to create this amazing look. So, even if you have very thin and limp hair, this style can give it a fuller appearance. To create a spring-like texture, you can make smaller braids and link them up like this. A big flower or some baby breath floral elements can elevate its beauty to a whole new level.

  • Preferred Face Shapes: This style looks amazing on round and square faces.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Best with trendy Ghagras and half sarees.
  • Suitable Occasions: Try it on your Mehendi day or Bridal ceremony.

17. Crisscross Messy Bun Style:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 17

If you have medium length hair which cannot support a traditional bun, then try this Kerala bridal hairstyle! The crisscross bun is a great way to amp your look and give it a modern touch. To get that fluffy look, just use a volumizing spray and start making the sections. Tie them up into a bun and for a change, use a feather hairpin. Use the same technique to create a layered effect on the crown. We are drooling over this hairdo!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: This bun looks amazing on round and heart face shapes.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Suits Christian Wedding Gowns, Cocktail Dress and Lehengas.
  • Suitable Occasions: Wedding Day, Reception and Night Receptions.

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18. Braided Rose Hair with Loose Curls:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 18

This hairstyle is nothing short of a dream! This lovely Spring wedding hairstyle can make every head turn towards yours! The upper part of your hair features three Rose braids sitting prettily on the top. Loose curls flow from each of these flowers to create the illusion of a waterfall gushing out of this blooming garden. Kudos to the concept, creativity and execution! Don’t miss out on the georgeous floral elements to make even better!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: This style suits women with round, chubby and broad faces.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Wear it with a dreamy lehenga Dupatta set or a skirt and crop top.
  • Suitable Occasions: Mehendi parties, Reception and Friends Get-Togethers.

19. Curly Bridal Bun:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 25

Curly bun hairstyles are back and with a bang! They give a right volume to your hair and suits almost any hair type. You need not worry about frizz or undefined curls on your D-day. Just twist your locks and set them in place using a spray. Doing that in a zigzag way is the trick to getting a billowing look. Slip in flower on the side to finish it!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Go for it if you have natural curls with a round face.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Suits Sarees and Lehenga Cholis.
  • Suitable Occasions: Try this style for your reception!

20. The Cornrows Floral Braided Bun:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 20

The Cornrows style of African women inspires this creative braided bun! Instead of keeping it very tight and to-the-roots, the braid is given more volume and lift. A set of 4 to 5 such braids are combined into a beautiful braid and adorned with the prettiest flowers in town. You can even accessorize it with a golden Maatha Patti to look both ethnic and modern at the same time!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Looks amazing on round and square face shapes.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Try it on an embroidered Bridal Lehenga!
  • Suitable Occasions: Wedding Day, Reception and Bridal Shower.

21. Half French Braid with Flowers:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 22

If you have short hair, but you still want to follow the braid trend, this one can be a great option! It features three sections of French plait gathered on the upper section of the hair. The ends are straightened and touched with honey brown highlights. A bunch of multi-coloured flowers turns your mane into an abstract art piece!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: This style goes well with any face shape!
  • Best Outfits to Try: Half Saree, Sarees and Simple Lehengas.
  • Suitable Occasions: Mehendi events, Receptions and Casual Get-Togethers.

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22. Embellished Donut Bun:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 21

Transform an everyday Donut bun into a celebrity updo by accessorizing it well! Investing on good hair ornaments like this bun clip and Matha Patti amps your fashion game! The heavy bun can be achieved by using multiple hair extensions and a supportive elastic band! Once done, the retro heroine in you is revealed to the crowd. But, be prepared to have a “neck wreck”, as this style can be a little too heavy on your head!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Donut buns look lovely on women on round and heart face shapes.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Go for a Banarasi or a heavy silk saree!
  • Suitable Occasions: Undoubtedly for your wedding day!

23. Beach waves with Bubble Braid:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 23

This style is a sure-shot way to steal the show and hog the limelight! It features the eternal bubble braid in the center section. The rest of the hair is curled to make these luscious beach waves, which are hard to resist! Adding dainty little floral accessories on the braid and a lovely headpiece on the top brings out the true feminine beauty in you!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: Suits women with Round, heart and pear face shapes.
  • Best Outfits to Try: Cocktail Dresses and Pastel Colored Lehengas are suitable.
  • Suitable Occasions: Reception and Wedding Dinner.

24. Elegant French Twist Bun:

Elegant French Twist Bun

A French bun can never fail to impress! It makes you look sleek and chic without spending a lot of time in styling! Twist your hair and tuck in the loose ends. Secure them with a couple of bobby pins and finish it with a lovely Mogragajra! This classic Indian bridal hairstyle is ideal for all formal events, in which you want to stay stylish, yet comfortable!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: French buns look amazing on women with oval and long faces!
  • Best Outfits to Try: Silk and Bridal wear sarees are best.
  • Suitable Occasions: Evening Receptions, Pre Wedding Events.

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25. Loose Braid with Floral Wreath:

Indian Bridal Hairstyles 19

Loose braids are an increasingly popular hairstyle trend with modern Indian brides. This effortless hairdo takes no more than a few minutes to make. So, even at rush-times, you can rely on this braid. Try either a fishtail or dutch style to add a contemporary touch to your hair. Here’s where it makes all the difference for you! Instead of tucking in flowers like old times, try a floral wreath for decoration! Once ready, sit back and enjoy all the attention you receive!

  • Preferred Face Shapes: This style is ideal for women for Oval or Long faces!
  • Best Outfits to Try: Pick a multi-colour Lehenga, Sharara or a Croptop set.
  • Suitable Occasions: Perfect hairdo for a Mehendi Party.

Those are some of the best Indian bridal hairstyles for you to take inspiration from! If you are unsure on how to proceed with them, just watch a tutorial on Youtube or even better, hire a stylist! Using the right tools and hair products can retain the style for a couple of hours. So, you get plenty of time to capture its beauty and flaunt it among your family and friends!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. Should my hair be washed before trying out Bridal hairstyles?

Ans: Any professional hairstyle must not be done on oily or wet hair. So, experts recommend washing it at least a day before and keeping it dry. Avoid using products that can weigh your hair down. Instead, the stylist must analyze the hair during a trial run and bring his own set of products. For example, a thin hair needs a volumizing spray, while a curly hair needs frizz control and defining cream!

Q2. Is it an expensive affair to hire a hairstylist?

Ans: Not really! Most local hairstylist offers affordable packages, which include makeup and hair. They can even help you in saree draping. If you wish to look perfect on your wedding day, then we highly recommend you to hire one. Be sure to find out their cost and availability on that day. Also, get a trial run done at least a week before to know if the style suits you well!

Q3. Should I leave my hair for a beach wedding?

Ans: Beaches are fun, but not for your hair! They are high humidity zones, which makes your hair frizzy and dry. So, you can try a half braid or a messy bun. Try leaving the side locks open and curl them to retain the beach wave theme! Use anti-humidity products to keep your hair in place and at the end, tuck in some delicate flowers to give a diva touch!