15 Different Types of Diamond Bracelets for Men and Women

Bracelets are a fashion accessory for both men as well as women in today’s time. They have lately garnered attention for their new varied designs and different patterns. Bracelets are extremely popular among people of all age groups. They are the easiest available styling accessory. They don’t pinch pockets a lot and can be bought for reasonable and affordable prices except for few bracelets like gold, platinum, diamonds etc.


Diamond Bracelet Designs for Women and Men:

Adding charm to one’s personality, giving that overall confidence, good looking hands, style statement and fashion at its best, one diamond bracelet can just be the answer! Give those updated fashion looks to everyone by flaunting these gorgeous looking bracelets.

1. Simple Diamond Bracelets:


Nevertheless on the expensive side, a simple diamond bracelet can be a prized possession for any woman. They could have got it as a gift at some occasion or could have bought it with their first salary. A diamond bracelet always has memories attached to them. These bracelets can be just few diamonds placed on a golden chain or charm. They can be just elegant on the hand.

2. Diamond Bracelets In White Base:


Who can say no to diamonds? Be it men or women, diamonds are a prized possession. Diamond studded bracelets in white base can be a masterpiece in one’s jewellery trousseau. They might be on the expensive side but nevertheless they cannot be matched for their shine, cuts and brilliance to any other piece of jewellery. That perfect evening or party wear accessory is this.

3. Diamond Bracelets In A Box:


Bracelets in diamonds are the best gifting option for weddings and special function and occasions. These classy diamond bracelets in a box are just the perfect magic box waiting to be opened by a woman. This as a gift just floors anyone with the oodles of brilliance and shine reflected by these bracelets.

4. Chain Diamond Bracelets:


Plain chain bracelets can be for any regular occasional wear. And if the same are made of diamonds then the same looks even more beautiful. They can be for everyday wearing too. They can be just one diamond placed or few or many in the chain pattern. These look awesome for small kids, teenage girls, young working women etc. in their delicate wrists.

5. Silver Diamond Bracelets:


Just the way diamonds and gold are best of friends, even silver is included in the gang of friends. Diamond bracelets with sterling silver just look lovely for anyone wearing them. These can be for both men as well as women. They can have hearts, star, two hearts, or ones name inscribed with the diamonds placed strategically on them.

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6. Infinity Diamond Bracelets:


These fabulous looking bracelets can catch anyone’s attention. The sign infinity signifies being infinite and that there is no end. The infinite series and the infinite symbol is clearly the highlight of these bracelets. These gorgeous looking bracelets can be a thin bracelet with placement of diamonds or can be a thick one with many diamonds for that added lustre and spark.

7. Designer Diamond Bracelets:


These amazing bracelets look just heavenly. These are those kinds found straight from a fashion magazine or worn by a celebrity. The designer element gets amazingly reflected in the bracelets and have an associated brand image and value attached to them. These bracelets are usually spotted in all fashion circuits and top page 3 parties or high end lunch and dinners.

8. Pink Diamond Bracelet:


Pink is the favourite colour of girls. Pink sapphire bracelet with sterling silver with diamond accents look stunning with the pink colour, sterling silver and diamonds. They are class apart in diamond bracelets.

9. Rose Gold Diamond Bracelets:


Rose gold is an alloy of gold and copper used extensively for jewellery making. Rose gold jewellery is becoming very popular and is commonly used for rings, bracelets, and other expensive jewellery. Also known as red gold and pink gold depending on the copper content in it; these are for luxury and high end people as they are on the expensive side. They give that classy look to the overall personality of a person. These bracelets are for both men as well as women.

10. Evil Eye Diamond Bracelets:


Hanging or wearing an evil eye is a common thing in today’s times. Evil eye are there as key chains, rings, pendants etc., so why not on bracelets? Diamond bracelets with evil eyes are used to ward off glares from people believed to cause misfortune or ill luck. Rather than tying evil eye in a string or a thread, the same can be used in a bracelet. Diamond bracelets with evil eye can be for everyone.

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11. Tennis Diamond Bracelets:


Tennis bracelets are these thin, stylish pieces of wrist jewellery that has a symmetrical pattern of diamonds and are also known as diamond line bracelets. These are elegantly crafted and strategically placed diamond bracelets.

12. Sapphire And Diamond Bracelets:


Sapphire is a shiny, blue sparkling stone that signifies class and royalty. Blue stands for royalty. Sapphires with diamonds are a deadly combination. Brilliant blue sapphires with classic white sparking diamonds are perfect for that evening look with a gown to stand out amongst crowd.

13. Tri – Tone Diamond Cuff Bracelet:


As the name suggests, Tri tone diamond cuff bracelets have gold, rose gold and sterling silver as the base for diamonds. They are pretty because they are in a cuff pattern and the colour repeats with the beautifully placed diamonds. They are perfect for any western wear.

14. Tungsten Diamond Bracelets:


The bracelets with tungsten can be a hit for youngsters. They can experiment with different metals and designs. Tungsten is something unique as a metal for bracelets. Young men and women can wear the tungsten steel CZ Diamond bracelets for a style statement of their own. They can be of three distinct shades of tungsten viz. light coloured, dark coloured and a combination of dark and light. They can just be perfect for that subtle look.

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15. Tiger Diamond Bracelets:


Tigers are symbols of power, ferocity and pride. These exactly are apt qualities in men too as they want to be known as powerful, strong individuals. The powerful face of the tiger in the diamond bracelet also adds depth to a man’s personality sighting willpower and personal strength.

Everyone is very fashion conscious and wants to keep their style statement updated at all times. Diamond Bracelets are the coolest way to create one’s own style statement. Bracelets with unique styles, designs and looks give a new definition to one’s overall personality. They are excellent message givers while using any non-verbal modes of communications like hand gestures while talking, while shaking hands etc.