5 Best Floral Fragrances for Men

5 Best Floral Fragrances for Men

While floral fragrances are usually designed for women, some fashion-forward fashion houses have experimented with floral notes to create special scents for men. Check out the most renowned 5 best floral fragrances for men, designed especially to suit the modern and stylish.

Best Floral Fragrances for Men: Fleur du Male

Created by Francis Kurkdjian and launched in 2020, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fleur du Male is a simple and daring aromatic fragrance for men. Mixing fewer notes than most perfumes, this scent is suited for the confident man that enjoys soft florals. With a top note of petitgrain, Fleur du Male opens up to a heart of neroli, while the base has strong notes of basil and chamomile.

5 Best Floral Fragrances for Men5 Best Floral Fragrances for Men


Best Floral Perfumes for Men: Kenzo Power

One of the most popular scents for men that features plenty of floral notes, Kenzo Power was designed by Olivier Polge and launched in 2020. Combining woods and spices, Kenzo Power still manages to shine as one of the best floral scents for men with top notes of spices, followed by bergamot and cardamom. The base includes amber and woodsy notes, but Kenzo Power has an undeniable floral charm.

Floral Scents for Men: Paco Rabanne Tenere


With plenty of floral notes, Paco Rabanne Tenere is technically an aromatic fougere fragrance for men, created by Pierre Wargnye in 1988. Its top notes consist of rosemary, lavender, green notes, cassia, grapefruit, bergamot and lemon, followed by a heart of honey, artemisia, carnation, cinnamon, tarragon, orris root, jasmine, lily-of-the-valley, anise and rose. To keep it masculine, base notes include leather, amber, patchouli, musk, vetiver and cedar.

5 Best Floral Fragrances for Men5 Best Floral Fragrances for Men


Best Floral Perfumes for Men: Clive Christian No. 1 Perfume

The luxury of Clive Christian No. 1 for men is accentuated with top notes that include nutmeg and lime, followed by a strong floral selection of middle notes with ylang-ylang, rose, iris and helotrope, along with lily of the valley. The base mixes musk, amber, sandalwood and tonka bean for a masculine finish.

5 Best Floral Fragrances for Men

Men’s Floral Fragrance: Versace Dreamer

Created in 1996, the romantic Dreamer by Versace mixes sweet top notes of Clary sage, Lavender and Mandarin. Considered a top choice amongst the best floral fragrances for men, it has middle notes of rose, geranium and tobacco and a more masculine finish with a base of cedar and tonka bean for a charming floral scent for men.

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