6 Simple Tips to Fix Hair Disasters

6 Simple Tips to Fix Hair Disasters

6 Simple Tips to Fix Hair Disasters

The list of hair disasters we often do to locks is almost infinite. Those who are addicted to experimenting with homemade hair trimming and coloring can tell us a lot about the unfortunate results of various beauty sessions.

However, there’s no need to shy away of sculpting adventures, just make sure you keep these 6 simple tips to fix hair disasters at hand.

1. Choppy Bangs Disaster

Don’t panic if you’ve trimmed your fringe and happened to cut it too short. There’s a stylish and quick fix for your beauty disaster. Brush your bangs to the side and use a cute bobby pin to secure the locks. In order to keep locks in the perfect spot, apply a tiny amount of styling cream with an oily texture. This formula will soften the locks and makes styling way more easy. Finish up styling your bangs with a blow dryer to seal the effect of the styling cream.

6 Simple Tips to Fix Hair Disasters

2. Dry Hair Disaster

Lifeless locks can ruin your look, especially if you over-use the blow dryer and other heated appliances. In order to solve this beauty disaster, it is highly recommended to apply a leave-in-conditioner on your tresses.

Leave at least 5 minutes for the formula to penetrate into the depth of your hair follicles. Keep in mind the fact that the crown section dries the fastest. Therefore, start the drying process with the lower strands and leave the delicate areas for the end. This secret will help you keep frizz at bay.

3. Oily Hair Disaster

Greasy locks scream for a lifesaving beauty fix. In order to preserve the revitalized condition of your tresses all you have to do is use a conditioner.

The secret to success is in the way you’ll apply this common hair care product. Work your way up on the strands and make sure you massage the conditioner into the locks uniformly. If your hair is extremely greasy, skip applying any conditioner on the roots. An extra tip would be also to keep away of frizz serums and hot-oil treatments along with combined shampoos.

4. Super-Fine and Limp Hair Disaster

In order to bring out the most of your super-fine strands it is important to pay special attention to styling. Besides using volumizing products, it is also important to keep in mind the fact that it is highly recommended to towel-dry tresses first and then start the blow-drying process. Furthermore, you can also boost the volume of your locks by tying your strands in loose braids or a bun before going to bed. Apply a tiny amount of mousse on your hair beforehand and notice the dazzling result of your beauty session in the morning.

5. Overprocessed Hair Disaster

The solution to this hair disaster is super-simple if you’re ready to take up the fight against deterioration. Hair gurus recommend the use of organic coconut oil, yogurt and egg masks to restore the flawless condition of your tresses. Massage the hair pack into your locks to take full advantage of the revitalizing effect of natural recipes. In addition to this beauty ritual you must also apply a tiny amount of olive oil on your dry and frizzy strands. Do this at least twice a week to repair the harsh damages.

6. Blonde Hair Gone Green Disaster

Blonde hair is extremely vulnerable. Therefore, it is a must to pay attention to your shade. Excessive exposure to the rays of the sun along with chlorinated water can do great damages to your hair color. Once the disaster happened, you can use ketchup to restore the fabulous shade of your tresses. Massage ketchup into your hair and leave it on for 25-30 minutes, finally rinse it off with tepid water. The red pigments will neutralize the green ones.

6 Simple Tips to Fix Hair Disasters

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