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9 Adorable Bisha Mistry’s Mehndi Designs with Images

Bisha Mistry is a renowned and qualified mehendi artist and has a zeal for her art thus leading to creativity. Whether one wants a traditional or contemporary design, she is good at suggesting the designs based on the occasions. Bisha Mistry Mehndi designs are different in the usual traditional design. Bisha’s inspiring designs speaks about her creative talent.

bisha mistry's mehndi designs

Bisha mistry also uses gemstones, rhinestones and jewels to her designs to give a elegant look for the brides.

Bisha Mistry Mehndi Designs With Images:

9 Awesome Bisha Mistry Mehandi Designs for all types of Occasions.

1. Beautiful White Henna Designs:

Bisha Mistry's mehndi designs1

This white mehndi art will make you mesmerize. Glitters has been used for enhancing look, however, this is metallic henna. This Mehandi is at the back of the hand and will suit for adolescent girls. This can even be used for wedding for the bride who wants to be unique.

2. Flower Mehandi Design For Hands:

Bisha Mistry's mehndi designs2

This floral mehendi design is unprecedented. It is a floral design given with silver shades and the fingers are left empty to highlight the palm and wrist design. This design can be used for tremendous parties. The intricacy of the design proves how passionate and dedicated she is about her work.

3. Peacock Mehendi Design For Full Hands:

Bisha Mistry's mehndi designs3

The depiction of a peacock makes it so flaunting with the long neck given with mango design on the side and filled with cross lines and dots. The wrist is designed with mango and leaf design and highlighted with shades. This is a traditional design and be applied by everyone. Her adroitness is amazing.

4. Circular Mehandi Designs For Both Hands:

Bisha Mistry's mehndi designs4

This simple circular Mehandi design is perfect for both the palm and back of the hands. Fingers are given with spiral strokes and the tips are filled with mehandi to give a rich look. Between the palm and fingers the three dots are given as a flower to emphasize the design. It is a simple design and will be good for kids.

5. Glitter and Colored Mehandi Designs:

Bisha Mistry's mehndi designs5

This flawless colored mehandi design looks more elegant on the hands. This is one of the unique Bisha Mistry Mehndi Design. It is designed with a very rare combination of gold, pink and blue. Blue stones are places on the gapes and pink glitter is filled on the edges. Gold glitter is used to highlight the complete design.

6. Black and White Color Mehendi Design:

Bisha Mistry's mehndi designs6

This stunning Arabic design is given with a combination of black and white, which starts from tip of the finger and is stretched till the arm. The floral strokes with a spiral line design are looking simple yet elegant. The gaps are accentuated with white glitter in between the design. This is one of the magnificent Mehndi by Bisha Mistry.

7. Beautiful Mehndi Design:

Bisha Mistry's mehndi designs7

This is a marvelous floral Mehendi design for any contemporary bride. The base design consists of some floral motifs, paisley patterns, and small leafy and mango patterns. Shade has been accorded inside the flowers for a captivating look for this type of simple mehndi designs.

8. Modern Mehendi Designs:

Bisha Mistry's mehndi designs8

This is a latest and trending design which is beyond imagination. This mehandi design is very simple, bold and elegant. It is designed only with spirals and the tips and edges are highlighted to give a stunning look. The same pattern design is used from starting to tip of the middle finger the other fingers are left empty to make the design look more simple and outstanding.

9. Bridal Mehndi Design For Wedding:

Bisha Mistry's mehndi designs9

This design is quite different from other bridal mehendi designs. The palm is given with few mango shapes and outline is highlighted the wrist of the hand is designed with a spiral and web spider design with leaving a gap between the design to give an absolute elegant look. The fingers are given with small leafs and round design.

Whether it is contemporary, traditional designs or a completely different style, Bisha Mistry can provide the best ideas and designs based on occasion. This henna artist is adding an edge to her creativity by adding gemstones and jewelries. All the designs can be used based on the occasions and choice. It will make everyone looks more stunning with their traditional outfits.

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