9 Best Kawaii Nail Art Designs With Pictures

Have you yet come across the term “kawaii”? This is a Japanese word which means “cute” or “adorable”. The term is especially famous when it comes to nail arts. Of course we all love cute looking nails, don’t we? You can create cute nails with the help of various nail deco materials like small bows, Pikachu nail Decos, Rhine stones, white cement flowers, famous, etc. Anything which looks really cute on your nails, you can call it Kawaii nail art or Kawaii nails.

Japanese Kawaii Nail Art Designs:

Here are our top 9 picks for Kawaii nail art designs. Hope you will love it just as much as we love these!

1. Kawaii Pikachu Nails:

kawaii nail art

The Pikachu nail art design is a very famous design for nail art when it comes to kawaii nail art designs. The above nail art that you see can be created using a lot of nail art deco materials like Pikachu heads, water decals, rhinestones, pearl jewels, caviar beads, etc. It will be time consuming but all worth it when it comes to this beautiful nail art.

2. Kawaii Bow, Rhinestones and Stars Nails:

Kawaii bow, rhinestones and stars nails

As the name indicated, this nail art is very simple and easy to do if you can get your hands on some cute plastic nail art deco bows, stars and some rhinestones in different colours like blue, yellow and pink. You will love the outcome.

3. Free Hand Kawaii Nail Art:

Kawaii free hand nail art

If you are good at freehand painting then you can easily give this nail art a try using your brushes and colours of your choice. Use toothpick or dotting tools for the eyes. It’s very kawaii or so to say cute. Give it a try!

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4. Kawaii Stars and Pearls Nail Art:

Kawaii stars and pearls nail art

If you like the idea of decorating your nails with deco stars and pearls then you can create this kind of a cute look too without much of a trouble. So kawaii nail art doesn’t have to be very difficult as the name sounds. Go out there, get some nail Decos and give this nail art a try!

5. Easy To Do Free Kawaii Nail Art:

This is another Pikachu design nail art but created very simply and easily with the use of dotting tools and nails art brush on a white surface using black colour.

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 6. Fimo Kawaii Nail Art:

Kawaii Fimo nails art

Fimo clay nail art materials or Fimo canes are available in various designs. You can get hold of some floral, teddy, bows and star design Fimo for this nail art.

 7. Kawaii Sponge Bob’s Square Pants Nail Art:

Kawaii sponge bob_s square pants nail art

Sponge bob’s square pants is a very famous cute looking cartoon series. You can easily put up with this nail art if you have nice hands in drawing free hand designs. You will need quite a few colours, nail art brush and your dotting tools. Have fun drawing this design.

8. Kawaii Deco Nails with Hearts, Ice creams, Bows and Rhinestones:

Kawaii deco nails with hearts, ice creams , bows and rhinestones

This type of a design may look very complex but if you can get hold of proper deco materials in shapes of star, ice creams, bows and some additional rhinestones then you can easily create this kind of a pattern by fixing the deco materials over a base paint.

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9. Kawaii Hello Kitty Halloween Nails:

Halloween times may see us dressing in scary clothes or scary makeup. Even then you can make this Halloween occasion a fun occasion by wearing a nail art which is scary but very cute looking at the same time. Give this nail art a try with cute hello kitty Deco’s and scary pumpkin faces. A additionally use candy bar trick or treat Deco’s and stars for that night feel because people usually go out collecting candies during the night at Halloween.

Did you have fun reading this article? Give a few nail arts a try!

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