9 Astounding Blue Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are becoming a huge trend these days. A lot of people want to get tattooed in order to express themselves and their beliefs. Black tattoos are hugely preferable, but blue tattoos are gaining popularity as well. Because blue is such a soothing color to the eyes.

Simple and Beautiful Blue Tattoo Designs:

If you want something in blue ink, then here we have got nine blue tattoo designs to choose from. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Personalized Rose Blue Style Tattoo:

blue tattoo designs

This blue rose tattoo gives a beautiful look on the wearer’s arm. This style of rose tattoos is perfect for both boys and girls too. This design indicates an impression of a strong and vibrant personality.

2. Mandala Blue Tattoo:

Mandala Blue Tattoo

Now illustrations like this blue tattoo are gaining popularity among tattoo designs. Mandala designs need a lot of intricate work though, so make sure you get a good and expert tattooist for this design.

3. Single Feather Pattern Blue Tattoo:

Single Feather Pattern Blue Tattoo

This one light blue tattoo design looks dreamy and pleasant and also it has a spiritual significance. Altogether the tattoo looks very attractive and neat. It is suitable for both men and women. Girls prefer this style of simple but catchy blue tattoo design.

4. Snowflake Blue Tattoo:

Snowflake Blue Tattoo

This plain yet pretty blue tattoo sleeve is again one of the ideal choices as a tattoo design in blue ink. It is easy to design as well, unless you want more lines and depth to the tattoo. It has several meanings like a delicate and unique personality.

5. Blue Moon Creative Tattoo:

Blue Moon Creative Tattoo

This stunning blue moon tattoo is surely what any tattoo lover would want to etch on their body. The dark blue color looks beautiful as well as an eye catcher too. The tattooed can get creative with the designs and the phases of the moon pattern.

6. Dream Catcher Unique Blue Tattoo:

Dream Catcher Unique Blue Tattoo

Now dream catchers have a charismatic underlying beauty and there is no denying. This blue tattoo sleeve looks like a beautiful piece of art on the wearer’s body. The tattooist can come up with his creative flare for a stunning dream catcher tattoo.

7. Feel Bird Blue Tattoo:

Feel Bird Blue Tattoo

The above blue bird tattoo looks intriguing and has an acknowledged meaning like a sign of freedom and strength. You can go for mythical birds or simple bird tattoo designs. Your tattoo will show your strength; this design indicates you are a free bird.

8. Pattern Butterfly Blue Tattoo:

Pattern Butterfly Blue Tattoo

This blue butterfly tattoo is a great design, isn’t it? Such designs look extremely feminine and adorable. If you are planning to get something girly then this could be the one, also it gives a message of a very bubbly personality.

9. Single Lotus Design Blue Tattoo:

Single Lotus Design Blue Tattoo

This one makes a beautiful design for the blue flower tattoo. A lotus has cultural and symbolizes heritage too. Again, the flower for the tattoo is up to you to decide. You can opt for tribal art too. Get some unique design in lotus style of pattern.

In market Black tattoos are popular and are there to stay. But if you want something creative and different, you can go with blue tattoo designs; they are equally attractive and pleasing. Blue indicates trust, loyalty and confidence. Grab some new or old blue tattoo patterns for your favorite part of the body like arms. Try some temporary designs, when you will get confidence, then go with permanent design in blue tattoo varieties.