18 Research-Based Turmeric Milk Benefits For Skin, Hair & Health

The turmeric milk is popularly known as haldi doodh in Hindi. Even, one can call it the golden milk. It is bright yellow in colour which is based on the making of plant-based milk. The essence of turmeric is poured into the milk. The history of turmeric is derived from India only. It generally belongs to the ginger family and known since Indian civilization. Later on, it marked its presence in China. Now, it is widely available all over the world. The turmeric milk benefits are to be defined in a number of sequences.

Turmeric Milk Benefits

Turmeric milk is proved to be very beneficial for your proper growth, mindset, mood, skin, hair, etc. Overall, one can enjoy all of the nutritious property gaining benefits of drinking haldi milk. The biological name of turmeric is Curcuma Longa. It is popularly known as haldi doodh in Hindi. Some of the other languages derive the same name.

What Is Turmeric Milk?

  • The turmeric milk or haldi doodh is basically the addition of two super ingredient providers, milk and turmeric.
  • The benefits of drinking turmeric milk are proved to provide top healing power to enhance health and skin. It is very beneficial for kids and adults.

Is Turmeric Milk Good For Health?

When talking about the health benefits of turmeric milk, there will be a number of benefits mentioned. The drinking benefits of turmeric milk are said to enhance brain functions, improve mood, protection against heart diseases, reduce obesity, lower cholesterol level, lowering of the sugar level, cancer reduction, antifungal properties, and much more. Thus, haldi doodh is beneficial for both skin and health.

Importance Of Turmeric Milk:

The drinking turmeric milk benefits have profoundly provided all the essential assets for the body. Turmeric milk is a beneficial product of milk and turmeric. It can help you relive from all the heart-related problems. And also, it is efficient for both adults and kids. Our body generally looks for proper ingredients in the proper mixture. Haldi doodh is said to be enhanced with all such properties. One can get all the needed resources in a single product. Some may define its importance depending on nature. It can be sour in taste but at the same very fruitful for the health.

Turmeric Milk Nutrition Facts:

As per turmeric milk nutrition facts, 100 ml of turmeric milk contains:

  • Calories about 100.8 g which consume total fat of 2.8 g, 0.0 g of cholesterol, 182 mg of sodium, 232 mg of potassium, 20.3 g of total carbohydrates, 16.1 g of sugars, and 1.2 g of protein.
  • Talking about the different vitamins: Vitamin A constitute about 10.1%, vitamin B-12 is 0%, Vitamin B6 is 2.2%, Vitamin D is 25%, Vitamin C is 1.5%, Vitamin E is 50%, Calcium is 46.8%, Copper is 2.8%, Manganese is 24.2%, phosphorous is 2.7%, zinc is 0.8%, iron is 11.5%.

Thus, overall haldi doodh is complete in various fixtures of vitamins and calories facts. One can get the proper context of all the essential nutrients for the body. This can be given to kids of any age as nutrients needed for proper growth is involved in turmeric milk. So, get the best benefits from turmeric milk.

Evidence-Based Benefits Of Haldi Milk:

Here we enlisted 18 science proven benefits of drinking haldi milk for skin, hair and health. Let’s have a look into them.

benefits of haldi milk

Health Benefits Of Turmeric Milk:

Let’s have a look into the 15 best health benefits of turmeric milk.

1. Heals Respiratory Illness:

The turmeric milk and its advantages are many to be defined. The most basic benefit lies in the healing of respiratory illness. The haldi doodh is antimicrobial which can fight against viral infections. These viral infections are generally responsible for improper illness. The spice i.e. turmeric can heat up the body and provide relief from sinuses and lung congestion. Even, one can cure bronchitis and asthma by drinking turmeric milk benefits. So, one can get separated from such illness easily.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • One can drink turmeric milk daily after breakfast.

2. Prevents Cancer:

The benefits of drinking turmeric milk also include the prevention of cancer. Yes, haldi doodh can also help us in curing cancer. The same cure can be facilitated with the drinking of raw turmeric milk. Raw milk is also beneficial. It can prevent the expansion of cancer cells in the body and the damage of DNA is also prevented. Some of the side-effects of chemotherapy can be reduced during the expansion cycle. So, overall the cancer patient is advised to drink turmeric milk daily.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • Raw turmeric milk is advised to be drunk at breakfast.

3. Anti Inflammatory Nature:

Turmeric milk benefits are quite sensitive to be known. The anti-inflammatory nature of milk can prevent arthritis. The problem of stomach ulcers can also be prevented through the same nature. In ayurvedic medicine, turmeric milk is known to be ‘Natural aspirin’ as it can help you in pain, swelling, and headaches. So, the haldi doodh is acting as an all-rounder which is capable of providing a number of benefits. One can feel relax from arthritis by having nutritious turmeric milk.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • The turmeric milk is to be taken with almonds.

4. Cough and Cold Prevention:

The turmeric milk for a cough is considered as one of the best remedies for a cough and cold. The milk mixed with turmeric contains antibacterial and antiviral properties. The haldi milk benefits for cold are essential to be noted. The instant relief in terms of a sore throat coughs, and cold can be provided. The stubborn cold can be beaten down easily. One can drink turmeric milk for top benefits. The turmeric milk for cold is beneficial for good health. So, cough and cold can be prevented during severe winters.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • One can avail all the benefits of drinking turmeric milk.

5. Turmeric Milk For Joints:

The advantages of turmeric milk are also meant for joint. The cure for arthritis is known to be treated by haldi doodh. The swelling of joints due to rheumatoid arthritis can be treated by the turmeric milk. The flexibility in joints and muscles is also obtained due to the effective benefits of drinking haldi doodh. The flexibility will also provide relief from the daily pain and flexible nature of joints. So, milk for joints can be an effective choice for getting top-class benefits.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • The haldi doodh is taken with nuts and almonds in breakfast.

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6. Reduce Pains and Aches:

The drinking turmeric milk benefits include providing relief from pains and aches. The back pain is the severe problem noticed in old age people. The pain can be severe in joints, muscles, back, neck, etc. So, haldi doodh can be an appropriate choice for getting complete relief from lasting pain. Turmeric milk is known to provide relief due to its anti-inflammatory property. The overall strength of the spine and joints can be enhanced in the body. So, drink it for a useful purpose.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • One can drink haldi doodh at night after having dinner.

7. Rich In Antioxidants:

Some may ask how to make haldi milk then the simple way is to add turmeric into hot milk. It will be now acting as an excellent source of antioxidants. It can fight free radicals and cure many ailments. These ailments can be varied from kids to adults. So, it becomes necessary to take turmeric milk daily. The antioxidant properties are good to be used for a relieving purpose. Get the best benefits from useful haldi doodh.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • The hot haldi doodh is to be taken twice a day, one at lunch and another at dinner.

8. Purifier Of Blood:

The purification of the blood is very necessary and important to be done. And turmeric milk is an excellent source of blood purifier for the body. The turmeric milk benefits are also provided in Ayurvedic tradition. It has the capability to boost blood circulation and revitalize the blood in the body. Also, it can clean the lymphatic system and act as a blood thinner. Turmeric milk nutrition facts are also known to provide a number of benefits. So, the blood purification process can be easily provided by turmeric milk.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • Drink haldi doodh before going to the gym.

9. Liver Detox:

The turmeric milk is acting as a liver detox. This means it can detoxify the liver and purify it. The liver maintains many problems of the body and its purification is necessary to be performed. So, turmeric milk is turned out to be very productive. It can boost the functionality of the liver. The cleansing of the lymphatic system is also provided by the same. So, one can get the same benefit easily. The detox of the liver is very important and should be checked regularly.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • Drink 200 ml of turmeric milk daily during breakfast.

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10. Improve Bone Health:

Turmeric milk is also useful for bone health as it provides calcium in the strong mixture. The milk prevents the loss of bone and the turmeric makes it capable of drinking. The benefits of drinking turmeric milk are vast to be experienced. The bones are maintained at an early age so the haldi doodh is important for kids. These kids need to get a proper amount of calcium and turmeric milk can really provide worth of it. So, bone health is properly maintained by the milk of turmeric.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • The turmeric milk can be given to kids in breakfast itself.

11. Good For Digestion:

The haldidoodh is also very useful for digestion. The benefits of drinking haldi doodh can provide a powerful nature of antiseptic to promote intestinal health. At the same time, haldi doodh helps in treating colitis and stomach ulcers. This would really help in better digestion and prevent diarrhoea, ulcers, indigestion. The curcumin in turmeric provides anti-inflammatory properties. It is for treating bowel diseases. So, haldi doodh can prevent digestion to a great level for people suffering from problems.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • The haldi doodh can be included in lunch for people suffering from digestive problems.

12. Menstrual Cramps:

The turmeric milk benefits are known after how to make turmeric milk. It is easy to process by mixing up the two contents. The presence of curcumin in turmeric milk provides wonders due to antispasmodic nature. It can easily ease menstrual cramps and help women. Also, it is generally recommended for pregnant women. This would facilitate easy delivery, improved lactation, postpartum recovery, and faster contraction of veins. Thus, the benefits of haldi doodh provide a number of relief factors for women also.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • Women are advised to take haldi doodh twice a day during their pregnancy.

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13. Reduce Skin Redness and Rashes:

The turmeric milk for skin is also proved to be beneficial. Cleopatra can bathe in turmeric milk for supple and soft skin. Glowing skin can be obtained from turmeric milk. The presence of curcumin in turmeric provides total protection of skin from inflammation. Also, if we combine piperine with curcumin then an increment in bioavailability can be obtained. Thus, overall the haldi doodh is providing a complete take over skin problems. The rashes can be controlled and redness of the skin can be prevented.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • Turmeric milk can be applied to the affected area.

14. Aid In Weight Loss:

The turmeric milk for weight loss is also calculated for reducing obesity. The dietary fat can be broken down by the haldi doodh. It can very useful for controlling the overall weight of your body. The curcumin in turmeric can be a better choice for the weight management system. Generally, kids are getting their fat increased, so it is necessary to provide control over the fat. As per studies, the benefits of turmeric milk for weight loss have proved to be effective for people of any age.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • One can take haldi doodh after having dinner daily.

15. Treat Insomnia:

The drinking turmeric milk benefits are vast and keep on increasing. One of the best benefits prevents you from insomnia. The turmeric milk can produce tryptophan, an amino acid which can readily provide you with blissful sleep. The curcumin can also retain memory in people suffering from sleep-deprivation. So, this is also known as an added benefit of haldi doodh. Insomnia is one of the common problems noticed in old aged people and youngsters. So, turmeric milk is recommended for such insomnia.

How To Consume Turmeric Milk:

  • The youngsters can drink turmeric milk before going to sleep.

Benefits Of Turmeric Milk For Skin:

Here we enlisted the top 3 benefits of turmeric milk for skin. Let’s have a look into them.

turmeric milk benefits

16. Instant Skin Glow:

The turmeric milk for skin provides a variety of beauty benefits. The first one is the instant glow of the skin. If anyone is going for a fest or party, then the beauty of the face can be enhanced by using turmeric milk. It can help you in getting off redness from the skin. The instant glow can be obtained due to the presence of anti-microbial properties of the turmeric milk. A youthful glow can be obtained easily by the haldi doodh.

How To Apply Turmeric Milk:

  • One can apply the haldi doodh onto the skin for at least 15 minutes.

17. Removal Of Dark Spots:

The benefits of turmeric milk also included the removal of dark spots. These dark spots can be due to irregular patches of sun marks. But the haldi doodh can also provide you with relief from the same problem. The dark spots are a severe problem for girls. They just can’t expect a simple dark spot on their body. So, the removal of the dark spots seems to be necessary nowadays. The turmeric milk is involved in providing such kind of relief.

How To Apply Turmeric Milk:

  • One can apply the haldi doodh over dark spots for 10 minutes daily.

18. Boosting Of Skin Health:

The skin does have some sensitive pigments which are to be protected from ultraviolet rays of the sun. So, turmeric milk for skin brings you some astonishing benefits by which you can boost up your skin health. It provides complete relaxation for the oily skin as it is very sensitive to sun rays. One can easily go out on a sunny day while applying or drinking turmeric milk. The pigments are protected well by it. So, it can be a good choice for both male and female.

How To Apply Turmeric Milk:

  • One can drink turmeric milk before going out for a walk.

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Turmeric Milk Side Effects:

  • The turmeric milk side-effects can be for liver, eyes, face, blood, inflammation, etc. The turmeric milk disadvantages are seen only when you are taking an excess of haldi doodh in your diet.
  • Something excess can really produce severe problems. It can dangerous for high blood pressure in the body. Even, the eyes can lose a small vision by accumulating high curcumin. Inflammation can be affected.
  • The liver is an important part of the body which can be affected by high intake of turmeric milk. So, the haldi doodh should be drunk in the proper amount or it would create some unwanted problems.

Turmeric milk has proved to be fruitful for every choice. The main reason for the benefits of turmeric milk is the presence of the two most needed ingredients provider: turmeric and milk. These two can really produce effective results for both health and skin.

The benefits of drinking haldi doodh are seen for liver, blood flow, inflammation, weight loss, skin health, cancer, digestion, redness of the skin, and much more. So, one can have turmeric milk at any age because it doesn’t affect the people of different age. For proper bone health, it is recommended for kids. Even, both men and women can feel comfortable by drinking turmeric milk.