10 Signs You Will Cheat

10 Signs You Will Cheat

10 Signs You Will Cheat

You might think that you’d never cheat, but sometimes relationship troubles take you in that direction. No matter how bad things are going, you still have a choice, but it might be wiser to stay clear of any temptations when you’re noticing a few red flags.

If you’ve started seeing the signs you will cheat, it’s time to make your relationship a priority and avoid trips away from your partner or visits to singles clubs with your single friends. Here are the clearest signs that you might be giving into temptation.

1. You’re Fantasizing About It

Most of the time, fantasies are harmless, but when you’re starting to think about how sex would be with a coworker or a stranger you met online, there’s trouble ahead. Don’t worry if you just have celebrity fantasies, but when they’re getting closer and closer to reality, you might actually do it if the opportunity comes up.

2. You’re Happier on Your Own Than with Your Guy

If you start feeling better when you’re away from your partner, you’re dealing with one of the biggest signs you will cheat. Things clearly aren’t working well at home, and that means you might be ready to give into temptation. Work things out with your partner and get to the root of the problem before you do something you might regret.

10 Signs You Will Cheat

3. You Think He’s Cheating

One of the biggest reasons why people cheat is thinking that their partner is already cheating so it doesn’t count. Even if you’re angry with your guy, don’t consider cheating the right way to get revenge. Two wrongs don’t make a right, and you’ll probably end up regretting it, whether or not your man cheated on you first.

4. You’re Not Forthcoming About Being “Taken”

Even if you don’t have a wedding ring yet, when you’re in a serious relationship, that thing should be clear to those around. If you like flirting and you only tell guys you’re in a relationship when they directly ask you about it, that’s one of the signs you will cheat whether it’s sooner or later.

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5. You’re Comparing Other Men to Your Partner

When you find yourself thinking about how other guys would treat you, and it’s always better than your current partner, there’s a high risk that you’ll end up cheating. Stop fantasizing about hot strangers, starting at them, or imagining how good the sex would be or what an awesome breakfast they’d make you. That kind of fantasy is a recipe for disaster when it comes to your relationship.

6. You’re Already Cheating… Emotionally

One of the most obvious signs you will cheat or at least that it’s going to be hard to resist is the fact that you already have someone you’re getting close to. It doesn’t have to include actual talk about getting together, but if a coworker or friend is becoming more and more important in your life, and you start sharing secrets and building intimacy, you might end up cheating on your guy.

7. Your Sex Life Isn’t Satisfactory

If you entered a long term monogamous relationship knowing that you’re sexually incompatible, that’s on you. However, sex drives fluctuate, and when you’re not getting what you need at home, you’re more likely to cheat. Focus that energy into fixing your sexual issues with your partner instead of cheating.

10 Signs You Will Cheat

8. Your Man Is Neglecting You

When you’re feeling neglected and starting to resent your partner, that’s one of the most obvious signs you will cheat. Issues that affect the emotional connection with your guy are always a warning sign that something is wrong, and they can push you to do something you might regret.

9. You Love Attention and Compliments

If you’re craving attention from every guy you meet, you’re probably not getting it at home. That’s a normal issue in any relationship, since the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever. It’s up to you to communicate to your partner that you’re not feeling appreciated.

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10. You’ve Only Been with Your Current Partner

If he’s your first and only, you’re more likely to crave new experiences. One of the biggest signs you will cheat is when you’re regretting not experimenting more before settling down. Talk it out with your partner before making any rash decisions that affect both of you.

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