9 Awesome Orange Tattoo Designs

The Orange colour is known for its brightness and an enthusiastic feel brought out through its radiating hue. The color orange and the fruit color combines well, which makes it a typical summer color. This vibrant color when inked as a tattoo then it’s going to be a treat to our eyes!!!

Cute and Attractive Orange Tattoo Designs:

For the intuitive folks here are top 9 Orange tattoo designs which can provoke you’ll to have a tattoo right away.

1. Orange Piece Tattoo Design:

orange tattoo designs

For those who like small and bright tattoo designs which can ink onto the wrist or onto the ankle, this single Piece orange tattoo design is suggested. The minute details of the orange piece can be seen very clearly.

2. Orange Branch Tattoo Design:

Orange Branch Tattoo Design

To make a medium to large size tattoo before hitting a beach party then this tattoo which is designed with a single full orange fruit with a hanging tree branch makes is the best deal. The hanging branches are coloured with green, which gives the contrast to the tattoo design.

3. Half-Orange with Green Leaves Tattoo Design:

Half Orange with Green Leaves Tattoo Design

This type of tattoo falls under the artistic way of designing a tattoo with utmost accuracy given to the design. The design portraits a half sliced orange with attached green leaves. Half orange tattoo suits well on the ankle or arm tattoo for both girls and boys.

4. Clockwork Orange Tattoo Design:

Clockwork Orange Tattoo Design

The older way of using key clocks is inked as a clockwork tattoo design which is done by using orange fruit as the base with a metal key arrangement seen at the centre. The interior of the clock design is indeed a time-consuming work. So respect the artwork!

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5. Orange & Black Butterfly 3D Tattoo Design:

Orange & Black Butterfly 3D Tattoo Design

Butterflies which are different colors, one such interesting color combination could be the black and orange tattoo. This bright coloured 3D tattoo suits well not only as a summer wear tattoo but also as a style statement.

6. Octopus Orange Tattoo Design:

Octopus Orange Tattoo Design

This eight legs sea water animal comes is a favourite animal tattoo design during the summer party season. The art in which the sea animal legs are inked is the key behind an attractive tattoo design.

7. Orange Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Design:

Orange Hibiscus Flower Tattoo Design

Hibiscus flower which is the best type of Orange tattoo design with a bright orange color ink to add beauty to wonderfully dressed girls. This is a typical girly design which girls to like having it around the back of the shoulder.

8. Orange Feather Tattoo Design:

Orange Feather Tattoo Design

Feathers are not just meant to colored white, to give a different look from its usual color, the bright orange colour is given to an elegant inked shoulder tattoo design. The most commonly worn tattoo design is replicated of the phoenix feather.

9. Beachwear Orange Tattoo Design:

Beachwear Orange Tattoo Design

As it goes without any questions orange is a typical summer and tropical fruit which is not only cherished by relishing them, but also penning the shape and color as a tattoo design. The tattoo is given a wahoo look by the wordings inked around the tattoo design.

Going for a bright color tattoo design always has an added factor by showing casing to people without saying that you have a tattoo done. This bright orange color tattoo suits well during a beach or summer swimming pool party due to its cool and vibrant look.